How do you rate your monitor?

How do you rate your monitor?



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I really like my Acer 20'' 1600x900 monitor (i use an HDMI connection). But I'd LOVE to have 2 more just like it. (but not willing to drop 300 bucks haha)



my 17In Digimate is pretty reliable but it's about as cheap a screen as you can get i bought it in 2005 and it's a basic TN Panel 500:1 contrast 1280x1024 and horendous blacks and washed out colours, VGA Only and very cheap build quality the stand tilts and is made of cheap plastic and it's already broken.
Speakers are OK Mind and it has a headphone socket and my 8800GTS doesn't have to work too hard to drive it so I suppose thats a plus point there. I'll be getting a new one soon hopefully or maybe just go back to my Samsung 27In HDTV if I can get it back from my family who're using it just now.

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Mine's okay I guess. It serves me well, don't have a desire for a bigger one nor the desktop space. I have a Samsung SyncMaster EX1920 19" monitor with resolution of 1440x900 and refresh rate of 75Hz via DVI.

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Nice that most people love their monitor, I love mine aswell. I've had it for about 2 years, a 22" LG LED monitor(E2250V I think the model is), it's 1080p and when in use it uses very little power(which is good because my parents are always saying about electric prices =/).

Shame it only has 1 HDMI port, it has a DVI and VGA port aswell(who uses this these days? haha =P), I have my PC connected by the DVI and I have to switch my ps3 and 360 in the HDMI.

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Asus VE278Q, 27" ... it's ok, not the greatest in any way but really cost efficient.


I have 2x ASUS ML249 24inch LED display i love them. Very thin low on heat and the color pops for games and photos.

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I'll say this. Regardless of how great your monitor is, once you go to dual monitors, you'll never go back to a single.

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Yup It gets even worse when ya have triple monitors

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?


Got a HP LP2475W and I love the screen, after calibration it has awesome colors.


Dell Ultrasharp U2711 9/10

Love it, but wished it could be raised a bit to get a better weaving angle.


Hanns.g HH281 Monitor, This time around I went with I took a chance on quantity instead of quality... I have no regrets the monitor is fine for gaming and browsing... and at 28" quite an upgrade on my old 19" Samsung.

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ASUS VW266H, great for gaming mainly cause of the 1920x1200 real estate.

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I have a Viewsonic 22" 1080p LCD. I cant remember the model, but it is very good.

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It may be a bit excessive for a monitor, but I have a 60" LG plasma 1080p TV that doubles as my monitor. As far as gaming, it's a whole new experience. Much different from my 20" I had before. Although that wasn't bad either. I love it, and couldn't ask for better atm.


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I have a nice 32" Vizio 1080p TV for my monitor, lots of imputs and great picture.

Although I must say I love the triple monitor setup you have Rod!! I saw one of your vids where you did a fps game using all three.. loved it!

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I have 1x LG W2286L FLATRON 22" LED 4:3 and it cost only 150$ high-def etc is pretty good also for working in the dark(auto brightness) so bang for buck this is 9/10! Absolutly kickass :) graphics card: HD 5770 by xfx... Hdmi connection... I'm good like this, and in my opinion having more monitors instead of one is waaay much better...

Play games have fun and sorry 4 my bad english ;)


I luv my good'ol ViewSonic VX2025wm 20.1" LCD that has been helping me do my design work, and my gaming for 6 yrs now. Will be really disappointed when it dies.

Anybody have the Dell UltraSharp U2410 or the U2711?

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I have 3 "Famous maker" (HP) 20" LCD Digital monitors, Resolution is great, running eyefinity on a ATI HIS HD5770 2 DVI + Displayport to DVI Active adapter, I actually found 3dgameman while picking this video card:

"Too many technologies to cover in detail in this video, but let me tell you the main ones"

These are great products for the price

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I have a 30" Dell and two Lg's 24 inch. 30" I use for gaming/work and the other two are my work screens. So i rate them 9/10. Making designs on a 1920x1080 is just to small. And 2560x1600 is perfect for my kind of work. I wished 24" had higher resolutions. But I'm happy with it all. Big expensive investment but worth it.

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Have a Iiyama ProLite E2473HDS-B1 love it:)
Fast responds time overall, great for gaming..cant get that on a IPS...same goes for the price :)
Has the usual draw backs of a TN-panel.
Bad viewing angels (how really needs them on a desktop) colors are oke...coming from a VA, it was a real downer at more ghosting though:D

100% kickass (For gamers)

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I rate mine a 5/10. It's in between okay and total crap. It's a 19" Sansui TV that's hooked up via a VGA cable to my laptop. It's not HD, not 1080p viable most likely, and you can just tell it's a cheap product by the lack of quality in the display. But it's a larger screen and it works. And for the time being that's enough for me :)

I will probably be buying a new monitor after I've built my next PC. I'm aiming for either a 24" or a 27" not sure which yet though.

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I got 120hz monitor that can support nvidia 3D vision, but I only use it for 120hz purpose. So far, I'm loving this monitor.

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Total crap, it only has VGA connection and a max resolution of 1366*768.

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I got two Samsung 2494HM 1920x1080... mehh, TN panels are quite shit nowadays, bad viewing angels and bad colors (especially blacks). But I like the designs though.


Samsung SyncMaster 730BF. Bought it like 5 years ago. It's crap comparing with todays standarts.