Steve Jobs has passed, will Apple succeed?

Steve Jobs has passed, will Apple succeed?



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one can only dream they would finally die off now....

would totally make my day if they did though, always hated their expensive junk

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People talks about visionary? What visionary? If you talk about their incredible anti-consumer politic, yes, he was a visionary. Rest in peace, but the truth is that if it wasn't for their politic, today's iPhone would be not only new on the inside and the competition would be also better.
I don't understand hypocrite people jumping on people's d*** when they die. I saw people saying that Jobs has invented mouse, keyboard, every possible pc peripherals ecc.
People talk about Apple like Job was the only man who found the company and like he was the only brain. There is Wozniak, who i believe has more merit, but he isn't dead, so no people jumping around.

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When he left the first time, they started to fall pretty fast. He then came back a few years later and the "i" branding started. Then blew up with the iPod. If not for Jobs and his vision, they would have failed long ago. So, we will see. I just think that as Jobs fades, so will Apple's focus on what made them a success. Many companies with a strong leader have gone bust after the leader left.

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Bah, thought I was logged in, posted as Anon..

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I think by this point, Apple has found its groove on what makes their products successful, Steve just kind of led them on the right path. He's likely the sole reason of Apples success story but by now they've gotten to the point where they know what works and what doesn't. As far as invisioning the future and what will need to be done to see innovation, that's a mystery for any company. Would they be better off having Steve around when the time came? Maybe, but at the moment I think its pretty obvious what people want it's just a matter of technology coming out fast enough to keep up with the demand.

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They will succeed only if they stay the course and be as steadfast in not becoming another "me too" company.

This is why apple is the company it is today - because Steve stayed the course, innovated at every turn and refused to let somebody else lead the tech industry. Apple products are the number one choice for the non-techie users. As much as this may shock everyone here, there a lot more non-technical users out there than technogeeks. Because of that there is a huge market for companies that can cater to them.

This is Steve Jobs' legacy. It is up to the executives at apple to determine if they are going to continue to be innovators or allow Apple to fall under 'me too' obscurity.


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No hard feelings and I don't intend to invoke my feelings and emotions, but I'm unsurprised that Steve Jobs passed away. But I can say "live long in heaven and prosper."

The reason for my statement is because I already have a computer with Windows and Linux and having a Mac is redundant for me, like doing 3D modeling with Blender, making textures with GIMP (I took a peak at GIMP 2.7.3 which under development and I like what I'm seeing in single-windowed mode and it's a step in the right direction in terms of productivity, which is logically my opinion), and any other tools that I need to do work in Windows and Linux. Plus, I have a monitor that I can use and it is a 50" plasma at 1920x1080. It is impossible, however, to move the menu bar down for an easy reach. 30" won't be a problem at 1280x720 but I don't have extra desk space for a secondary computer. I can use a MacBook, but I'd rather have an LCD screen close to me, even if I use Mac's built-in magnifier. As for iMacs, I really like the fact that the look of the Mac is so well-engineered. It just puts a smile in my face when using a Mac while I was at Tallahassee Community College in graphics design class involving Adobe Illustrator (Inkscape), Photoshop (GIMP), and InDesign (alternatives marked in paranthesis, but Inkscape is in no comparison to Illustrator, which I can't afford, plus I don't know about alternatives for InDesign), but it does not mean I'll buy it immediately just to have it.

When it comes to mobile devices, having a walled garden approach to making me only download applications from the application store and having to pay $99 just to publish my own application just does not suit me, including not being able to customize to suit my preferences, except for the wallpaper and that's about it. I'd pretty much prefer a desktop/mini-desktop experience regardless of the form factor.

However, I think the future of Apple and Mr. Cook is in good hands. It is important to try and give Tim Cook a chance in making Apple succeed. We may never know if Apple will go downhill or not.

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they all ready are, he made the company big and successful. as long as there is an "i" in front of it, it will sell(some how).Apple is an accept brand for mobile devices and it will remain that way no matter who is steering the boat imo, its not like there products will be worse from this point on...time will tell


It's probable that they can continue to improve exsisting products, but a lot of them have reached their developmental endpoints and improvements to exsisting product lines are only going to be small, i.e. slightly bigger memories,better cameras and more capable displays, but that's about it for phones, pads and ipods.
It's the new product lines where they will loose Job's intuition for good products.
They may be waylaid by media "experts" telling the new management what to make, it's clear the media guys really have no idea what a product is and may try to push Apple into TV's, Digital Radios and sound systems,a place I don't think Apple needs to go.
Pricing of Music and movies is still too high, someone needs to push the rights holders into lowering prices and increasing the amount of product sold, Bluray/DVD has destroyed their own market by pricing the product too high CD's are toast again caused by high pricing.
Apple's got plenty of problems in Australia they are coming under attack for it's discriminatory pricing why should we pay so much for Itunes downloads when pricing is much lower in the U.S.
Their PC's are overpriced and even their best units can't match my homebuilt machine which cost under US $2000. Apples operating systems are no where near as productive as Windows 7,and Apple's support is poor.

Jobs is a true genius and will be sorely missed, had vision for peoples wants and was able to turn them into great consumer products, but he lost his way a bit with computer products and became a niche player when he was the originator of the idea of the PC in the first place, the mouse was one of his great inventions(he picked up on the concept at Zerox but the trackball was his idea). Gates was one of the original developers of Apple software and he learned from Apple to never sell intellectual property like operating systems.


It's not about apple's success in the future, it's about his contribution to the world.


in short run apple will continue its success.
how ever, in the lack of such visionary as jobs,
i'm not so confident about the long term and future.


Nintendo's founder died in the '40s. Life goes on.

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I was shocked that it happend this quickly. The company will still go on but with a great loss of a great visionary mind who brought Apple to the status of today.

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I have no idea ;/

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The guy was genius, the question is: Will Apple be sstill succesfull? Yeah , but for how long?

Companies are not forever, who knows perhaps there is a future of nano computers built-in our contact lens running somekind of android that interacts with our blinks and our field of view and that uses part of our brains as storage with a Brain OS. A world where MAC or Windows wont have a chance to survive, I know there is a bunch of brilliant minds wokring in these companies already but u will always need a crazy bastard on top.

The google guys are our only hope now.!

PD: If he is in heaven now he might be thinking: Wow this is a hughe iStore....!

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They will be just fine

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His life was sequence of awesome ideas, now we kinda beneffit from his achievements, even our different platforms were inspired by his vision, rahter is windows, linux or android, they all were born becuase the guy had an idea worth to imitate. I think our current style of information and media life will be his legacy for many years to come. iRIP

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As a PC Gamer, I find myself making fun of apple for its sheep consumer-base of starbucks drinking bimbos. But this is still really sad, I wish the best for his family to cope with their loss.

Apple will still do well without him. It's already made too big of an impact without him to simply die off.

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Yes i believe that Apple will continue to succeed, Steve might have found the company and come up with product ideas but he was not the one that truly developed them.

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Maybe we can finally get an Mac OS for the PC. :)

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He leaves behind four kids and a wife, very sad. RIP Steve, you'll go down in history as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.

Rodney Reynolds,


Its my understanding that Jobs didn't have much to do with the product development, he was just a business man. And in the end a suit is just a suit and there's a bunch of business suits to replace him.