How do you rate your keyboard?

How do you rate your keyboard?




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To begin with, I HAAATE all black keybords and now i write on a old Key Tronic ergoforce keybord that love. Only bad thing with this is that it's old so the buttons don't any lights.

My dream keybord should be almost white, got keys that you press far down as on my about 10 year old Key Tronic (since e really really hate that shitty laptop-feeling many of todays keybords give you) and have blue lights to show what key it is.


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I love my keyboard. Its not a gaming keyboard or anything and actually cost around £6 online, but it's a Mac style keyboard with numeric pad...feels a lot better to me personally for typing and gaming on than the one I had prior (which is in storage) - Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.

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Deck Legend. Without a doubt the best keyboard out there.


All carring Logitech rubber rubbish keyboards???!!

I'm a competitive PC gamer and I own a mechanical Steelseries 7G (cherry blacks) keyboard.
But even if ure not into gaming a mechanical keyboard is a MUST.
Defenetly recomend it over any rubber dome rubbish keyboards.

btw. there's NO real 'gaming' keyboard if it aint mechanical, period.

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Razer Tarantula
... great but using the PC in a dark makes you wish for backlit keyboard so changing it to Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition after 28/10/11


ihave an Active PA-KB Keyboard that i bought of a familey friend it has laptop style keys and is wireless came with a mouse but i use a logitech g9 it used to be a nice keyboard but now with keys missing and me making typos because now i have to push the spacebar down hard its a pain its fine for games tho cos i use a Wolfking Warrior key pad lols but i need another keyboard badly

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Logitech G11 - rated "It's ok". This applies to any Logitech keyboard. They're all standard keyboards, and then they go and add programmable keys, software that's not unique (but still good), and sometimes an LCD screen or make it wireless. It's USB only which is bad, and has no mechanical switches. They're all overpriced. Luckily I got it for free. My next keyboard will be the Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid, with Cherry MX Black switches.


Bought mine for $6 and I love it, works great! ;)

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Being im using a DELL OEM keyboard, it sucks lol. Would like to get my hands on a mechanical keyboard eventually : /

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I love my keyboard, I hope it never brakes, I say that because its kind of old but it fits me perfectly, its a Microsoft keyboard that splits in the middle and angles the keys a bit, I can't remember what those kinds of keyboards are called but its what I got, I've had to replace it once, thankfully I was able to get another one, I tried another keyboard like it but you nearly had to have hammers for fingers to get the keys to work.

So I love my keyboard.

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Logitech G15 here too, the orange lit one with only 6 G keys for macros... love it!

I had a Merc Z-board keyboard, pretty neat led colored lights, but the board had no dedicated DELETE key. WTF were they thinking? This one had to go away.


I recently replaced my old acer keyboard with a Logitech G110, It's great, love it.


@ First post. I bought a Logitech G110 in June. Thing thing is masterful. Upon further reflection, I feel as though spending the $90 for it wasn't really beneficial to as I'm not a huge macro user, but that does not reduce the worth of this keyboard in the slightest. Just because I don't use some features, it doesn't mean other people won't find the value in having them. The coolest part has to be the somewhat limited backlight LED system. It only does shades from Red to Blue across the entire keyboard, but you can set up scripts for it to cycle across each shade between absolute red and absolute blue. It looks so cool.

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i pick other cus my KB is..... ready guys ? ..... POS 1998 hp KB


For the first time in almost 10 years I have to vehemently disagree with you.

Multilingual keyboards suck and English keyboards rule?!?

Maybe if you are heavily limited to knowing ONE easy/simple to master language, but for the rest of the planet that has to deal with two of more languages without their weak brains exploding in the process, multilingual keyboards are a must.
Nufff said.


Mine is 100% total junk, i can wait to change it!

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Das keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical

N-key rollover. Push as many keys at the same time as you want, none are missed.
Gen-U-ine Cherry "brown" mechanical key switches - no rubber domes
Clicky, light-touch but you feel when your keystroke registers.
Costly, but worth every penny

As close as you are gonna get to the classic IBM Model M mechanical keyboards (considered the all-time best keyboards made) that connects with USB and has the "windows" keys.


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I actually prefer the really old keyboards. I'm talking pre-windows 95.
They have several advantages over the newer kind.

They're slightly larger than the standard keyboards, making it easier to use for both gaming and writing. That and I've got big hands.
They have a separate plug in, so I don't have to use one of my precious USB ports.
They don't have all those extra short cut buttons, which I never use anyway, making the keybodard more tidy.


G110 Logitech, awesome keyboard


Mines a Cyborg, pretty futuristic looking with a touch sensitive pannel, it cost about $70 which is pretty good value considering its quality (like the aluminum W,A,S,D and arrow keys).

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I have a G19. I like the back-lighting and the G keys. But the Logitech software is pretty woeful half the time so I can't anyways take full advantage of the LCD screen.

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Razer Lycosa Mirror - Great, i would give 8.5 out of 10

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Logitech G19, LOVE IT!!!

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Loving my Logitech G15. The LCD screen to display the date and time as well as the back-lit keys are very useful.


Logitech G15v2 FTW!!

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I have the orange Logitech G15 at home, I think it is really good.

I have a Razer Arctosa at work which is pretty nice as well, but the G15 is better.

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i have logitech illuminated Keyboard love it!

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

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Other. I don't love it but I don't think it is only okay. I like it. It's a Dynex multimedia keyboard I got on sale for 7.99. Originally 18 dollars.


Love my keyboard. A Leopold FC500RR with Cherry MX Red switches :)


i have logitech deluxe 250 keyboard and it's KICKASS


You know what would be really really smart????

To have an backlit or regular gaming keyboard with a built-in android horizontal dock, that way you gain a full color HD lcd screen and a touchpad without spending a dime, of course u will need specific applications to run that with ur PC, but right now im using andromouse via bluetooth with a cheap chinese android.

Possibilities are endless, u would have cpu load, temp, and specs, or just a nice additional screen for your web cam or youtube or whatever, or use use it as a calculator, u might use the touchscreen to manage ur PC if u are too far from ur desk ur just to let ur right arm to rest a while, or winamp info, or BBC news feeds, u might answer ur calls via bluetooth, or just to have a cool glowing device on ur desk.

Gosh I need a patent for this idea...!


and even better if u could actually switch the keyboard either to the PC or to the phone... Cause Im not used to that flippin android virtual keyboard.


Had my Logitech G15 for a couple of years. First one I returned because the lights died, second one returned because the media buttons stopped working. The third one I am still using is about three years old, still love it :)


Logitech G19. Much much function`s.I really like it, can watch movies-pictures on it ,got RDS live Ticker,Performance Monitor,a Clock, i can watch webcam on it,,Teamspeak Overwatch,Countdown funktion,marcos,can switch to all kind of colors you want and you can create Profile´s for every Game on it.
Its very helpfull with the Monitor in the Keyboard for Sideinformation and so on... Really cool Idea this Keyboard imo.

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Filco Majestouch here - The version with Cherry MX Blue switches - Can't find another keyboard that I like more! I do a lot of programming and thus a lot of typing so I need a keyboard that allows me to type quickly and accurately - The Majestouch does this perfectly!


Logitech G15. Love it :D. Never really saw the point to wireless keyboards unless you're using it for a media center or just have a weird desktop arrangement.


I just have the good old Microsoft Reclusa with blue backlit

Love the macro keys features, the leatherish palm rest, and the jog wheels and in terms of design and looks I think its the best ever made.

It is too sad they discontinued this item and have no support or spare parts.
After a few years of usage keys are starting to loose their printed letters and no way to get replacements.

I definitely envy those keyboards with fancy arrays of led keys, like WASD and stuff, but Just hate all other designs I think the reclusa and the Razer has the best designs of the backlited ones. Dont want a keyboard that looks like an Imperial destroyer, just a stylish and sleek design with backlit and a decent driver.

Thinking on Modding my reclusa to give it a few more years of life


Love my Saitek Cyborg!


i love my Razer Anansi


Steelseries 7G. I love it


Have been using a model-M from -90 for some years now and I'm currently modding it for the second time(just paint).

I would rate it as a 9/10 just because the sound can be an annoyance for family members at times, nothing that bothers me thou.

Buckling spring and the curved form of the keyboard makes it an absolute fingergasm for both games and long typing sessions.


I have a Logitech G15 keyboard, I voted "It's ok". The reason I didn't "love it" is multimedia keys around the display. They really suck. I have a Logitech G11 too which has a really nice volume control, but lack the display which I use for ventrilo so I can see who talks while playing.
I hate: "Windows button", "caps lock" (Useless)
I like: "insert", "home" and "end" buttons which some keyboard fu ck around with.

I would like to propose a poll asking if you use your "home" and "end" keys. I think I read somewhere someone talking about removing it from the keyboards. That would be a disaster to me and other programmers.

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My Sidewinder X6 it's ok...


Unicomp SpaceSaver (Black, Buckling Spring). Expensive and I had to import from US, but worth every penny!

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I have a Rosewill RK-9000 Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches that I just bought and I'm loving it!

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Logitech 5500 MX desktop set : Love it.

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I have a Logitech G15 the orange one and i LOVE it! (=


I'm using a sidewinder x4. It's okay. Wish it was mechanical.