Real world divorce rate match in-game divorce rate?

Real world divorce rate match in-game divorce rate?



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I married my best friends. Been together for just over five years so far and we are still crazy about each other. I think that's the key to a good marriage. That and learn to give space when needed. I get my "nerd time" and have my guy trips. She goes out with the girls and does, what ever they do. lol But we make time to be together. If you don't want to be together, why get married in the first place?

Myles from L.A.
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I think RL divorce rates are going to keep increasing. I see couples out together and one(or both) people are on some kind of electronic device, tuning out their real life spouse. I believe this sort of rude behavior is just the tip of the iceberg.
I believe internet relationships will become more and more common, and real life divorce just won't seem like a big deal. Sad as I am to say it.

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No idea
i don`t have girl friend nor wife etc etc and i might be like this for ever! :s

T_T should i leave the gaming world ?

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I know people that got married because they played the same video games.. sounds silly, but that's the age we live in. Hopefully they don't get divorced when they start playing new games..

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yeah that really does sound silly...nothing to do with love eh xD

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didnt even know ingame marriages excisted haha :)

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My wife is a real off-line person, really, no flipin facebook, msn, nor hi5, not even land lines, and I am planning to keep her that way.

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Her mind is free then, good for her :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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I Only can play after the 10:00pm... XD
My Wife Choose the Hour...
"And i Agree with that"... XD

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Real marriages will always last longer I think. Gaming marriages are just stupid. You only know the person from ingame. Like those World of Warcraft marriages. But who knows ??? I got married on the 28Th of July this year. Me and my wife are gamers, but we never met in a game (Lanparty). But we already have an 8 year relationship so... Rock Solid with in the future some kids. (Not virtual kids :P)

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