Is 3D all that?

Is 3D all that?




If you (most likely) mean the "new" 3D devices (the illusion of depth via direct eye to eye projection); then perhaps. In any case the whole thing seems kind of a sale gimmick, and even reminds me a lot of the unfulfilled virtual reality promises of decades past. Decent material content would be my main concern.

Now, if it is the conventional 3D (the 2D medium projection of 3D rendering points); then definitely not. It wasn't that great to begin with. I mean; there hasn't been that many remarkable 3D games in recent times. Every "new" one seems to be a lame rehash of an old, already implemented idea. Just more pretty "eye candy"; but no real depth, gamewise.

So it sucks, either way...


Once standers are made, 3D will develop faster into something cheaper and more accessible.

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I have only seen 3D on my 3DS. I like it and I think it does add to the gameplay and graphics in general

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3D gaming? 2D is 2-axis (X and Y) and 3D is 3-axis, which is X, Y, and Z.

Perhaps you're referring to stereoscopic, like stereoscopic gaming, stereoscopic movies, and stereoscopic television?

My right eye alone can't do stereoscopic because my left eye is blind. "3D" is pretty much a buzzword for the entire movie/TV industry. Seeing two different images in just one eye instead of separate eyes defeats the purpose of stereoscopic imaging, right?

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The way 3d is currently implemented, meh! I would not spend extra $$$ on a tv that has 3d over a cheaper one with the same specs but no 3d. Wearing special glasses to watch tv doesn't attract me at all.

Want to get me excited over HD? Create a TV that mimics looking out my window without me needing to wear goofy glasses (I have my own special glasses & they don't do tv-3d).


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I bought the Nvidia Vision about a year ago and was playing it with a 9800gt. I now have 3 22" 1680x1050 120hz monitors with SLI GTX 460. Crysis 2, Left For Dead, Just Cause 2 and much more looks amazing in 3D. Just look at any samsung 3D Led monitor today, I saw a 3D monitor make an X-box 360 Black ops look like diamonds to my eyes compared to a regular HDTV. 3D has it's advantages, is it worth the investment, I'd say no. I wouldn't want to play 3D more than 45 minutes anyway. We don't know the health risks involved, but for a good 3D blueray or game, definitely AMAZING.

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Yes with stereoscopic units but no without them. Wearing those glasses is just not comfortable enough.
As for gaming I really do not see the point. I'd rather have fully 3d games that require physical interaction with projected visual contend all around you.
Also there is a downside to 3d in general, framerate. This may not be an issue for TV sets but on my PC I want more than 30 fps without having to couple 2 expensive Dual-GPU GPUs for some decent performance on 2440x1536.

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I seems nice, when you have a lot of money to blow off. I was at a Best Buy and they had some booth with a 3DTV playing movies on it with a pair of glasses. It looked really fancy and all, but that stuff probably has a fancy price tag too. I could probably only give a real opinion if I tried it, PC or Console.


3D gaming would be great if: The screen size was respectable, larger than 24", and could use passive technology, like found in the LG tv series. I do enjoy watching tv in 3d with the 2D-3D feature on the LG, and this could be utilized in gaming. The best use of 3D that I have seen was not throwing something at the user, but giving the user the impression of depth of field.


3d in gaming or movies is great, only if it is well programmed into each product, example minecraft and crysis 3 have great 3d but something like BF:BC2 has really cheap looking 3d, same with movies avatar has great 3d the something like sanctum has horrible 3d

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I like it alot, it just adds alot of depth to films and games when it's used well. It isn't for everyone though and if it really does give people headaches - and they're not just saying it to complain as too many people these days do - then it must need more tweaking to get it good for all.

I'm looking forward to getting a nice little 3D setup when the price is right.

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YES! it makes a huge difference it gives me a headache, makes me puke(likely because of the headache)
the only experience Ive had is with the 3DS and that 3D effect is crap, you need to hold it in one spot or it won't work!.
I think 3D is a gimmick, but a lot of TV manufacturer are investing heavily in 3D there is a future for it i think, if i can enjoy it without a headache and it becomes affordable, sign me in

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nope, it doesnt do it for me, i dont like it at all.
just like in movies it doesnt add anything since it looks pretty cruddy and fail.

and i totally dont see a future for 3d vision since...
1 you need a special 3d screen which is totally expensive
2 the effects look plain and fake and it doesnt add anything at all imo, i just prefer normal gaming or movies.
3 i dont see anyone sitting in front of their screen with one of those ridiculous glasses on, i totally know i wouldnt lol. just imagine someone coming in and asks you something and you turn around and the person bursts out in laughter cuz you look like a total idiot XD

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Well i think the future is with head tracking, there is a tv out there which is able to track 5 heads at once;) it was shown at the IFA 2011


I'm too damn poor to afford 3d stuff or even a decent gaming rig.


I can't help myself... We have had 3D since Quake I, however i know (now) that you are talking about 3D as seen in the theaters and as far as i am concerned... It doesn't add much.
It's because in your mind you can see all the little "tricks" they play on you and you have to forcefully adjust to this pseudo 3D to be able to watch a movie and enjoy it. I definitely don't want that when gaming because it will just make it harder for no reason and the effect isn't that great.

The future lies in having two screens, one for each eye, in a VERY lightweight package. Some people are concerned with the weight of their headsets... Imagine their grief with a headset AND two screens on their head.
Maybe if the headpiece (speakers, microphone and monitors) is filled with helium and thus effectively weighs nothing at all that problem could be solved.

Still... Until we have 2 high resolution screens, one for each eye, 3D isn't going to be anything more than a gimmick and completely counterproductive in gaming.

One of these days...... One of these days...

Having a headpiece like that also means you no longer need a desktop monitor because that can be projected on your eyes directly should you so desire. The other option is to have a 3D operating system ala Jurrasic Park where the girl browses the "unix file system".


They tried in in the past but it didn't make a breakthrough. Remember Jaws 3D ^^. We have a 3D TV.It's fun for a couple of times to watch a 3D movie. Most of the time I get a serious headache. My recommendation is that you better wait until the technology is better. Go see a 3D movie and then make a decision if you want it or not.


I haven't watched any 3d movies since the technology got a reboot, nor have I played any 3d games; At least not in the way humans perceive 3d images anyways. I can't judge on this one, by only basing it on technology that had been around since the fifties so I'm going other.


Ironic that 3DGAMEMAN does not like 3D

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3D is ok for fun purpose, but it's not good for serious, competitive online gaming. However, I really do like 120hz monitor, I often used that over 3D.

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NO! 3D don't work for me i don't like to sit with glasses on it's painfull for my eyes I dunno why and I don't f... care. Try few times and never again.

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I haven't seen 3D on a normal size screen (normal being smaller than the movie theater screens) since the 80's (rememebr them cheap 3D movies?). I want to see it on a lets say 55 inch TV to see what it's like. I hear it's awesome, and gaming is cool, but that's hear say. My next TV will be 3D, but this isn't about 3D TV, so I have to say it doesn't excite me at all. I'll have to make a trip to best buy or somewhere to see how this new 3D is. After all I was impressed with the LED TVs, but that was before I got my plasma.
One of these days you'll be able to order something, reach into your monitor and get it that day.
Ok, maybe I'm dreaming there, but how cool would that be?

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I was born nearly blind in my right eye, but have near 20/20 vision in my left eye, so 3D stuff has never really worked well for me, I tried a demo of the Nintendo 3DS,and after about 7/8 mins of Pilot Wings with the 3D turned on, which i could only partly make out, it started to give me a headache, and that was without the crappy 3D glasses. So until they make holodecks like Star Trek that everyone can use, I will say 3D, is an overpriced BS gimmick that needs to die, and die hard, just like all the other times in the past they have tried to push it on us.

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3D sucks. I wont buy anything just for the 3D.

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I have never really liked 3D becouse it feels so forced, especially in movies, and it could never find it in to my hardcore gaming life where every fps matters and quick response is a must wich 3D have hamperd in my experiance. For singelplayer games and for more relaxed gaming it might work but for me it has to many limits on the hardware front where 3D becomes something negative. Also the 3D glases dont go well with headsets.

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It's just one step closer to holodecks, baby!