Boost WiFi Signal Using a Beer Can?

Boost WiFi Signal Using a Beer Can?




I have two routers set up in my home. I've just connected one of the LAN ports of the first router to the other one. Works for me :D


It just refelcts the signal, sure its good but if you want to get a signal in the direction you sacrificed to get a higher signal you get problems with reception...

Also having double or more signal strength coming out of that one point makes it a health risk, its like being zapped with twice the ammount of microwaves you would usually get after testing in labs and deisging the signal to be as a safe as possible and so its great for causing cancer too :P

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I've heard of the aluminum foil trick so this is just an example of that.

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I've done the tinfoil, and cardboard trick with a longer antenna attached to an old Trednet 54mbps G router, I installed at my aunt's house next door to me, and it worked somewhat better, then just the small stock antenna, or the extended antenna alone, as long as I had the cardboard in the direction I needed the signal. gave me 3 bars of signal, and 24/36mbps speed for about a month, till I could get the cable company out to install my own internet. I've not tried this one, but some say the Pringles/coffee(big old school steel ones) can trick works as well, but only in the direction you point it. Also I would try the beer/soda can trick for ya Rod, but the Netgear routers me and my aunt have now, both have internal antennas, and are 108mbps MIMO super G routers, which work great most of the time.

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Does it have to be a beer can LOL

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It gives you a reason to buy and drink a beer.

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You are pretty much making an omni antenna directional. Reason it works is because aluminium bounces radio waves rather then absorb them like other metals tend too. So, you focus outgoing radio in one direction and the incoming radio waves are focused onto the existing antenna.


Lifehacker recently made a article about it so i guess it works,


I have full signal all around the house so i don't have to do anything ;D


My parents back in the days bought an aluminum antenna and it was light, kinda expensive and it was great. So yeah, I believe this would work too, because I've seen real-life tests that really work. But of course you won't get a significant boost, only a little.

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I read about it some time ago. Funny, but I really don't believe that it will give a good boost. Maybe a little.

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I might have to do a Q&A video on this, to see if it works or not. LOL

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That sounds like a good idea


Aluminum...won't it just electrically shield the signal?