Is the keyboard on the way out?

Is the keyboard on the way out?



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Never in... I was going to say a million years but never mind haha =P

I hope not, or until weightless, holographic and low priced keyboard panels or something(like in minority report or matrix' zion control room) are available then I'm happy with plastic and led's for a keyboard =)

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neva! more and more might start using touchscreen for cellphones and such. i personally hate it cuz it always only works half, but ah well, but perhaps with those things a keyboard might one day be completely gone cuz more and more people will use touchscreen for it. id personally hate to see that happen cuz i hate touchscreen and those kinda things that help you make words more annoy the fuck out of me then that i find them usefull.

but for a comp keyboards will never dissapear.
mainly for one reason: for any FPS keyboard+mouse will always remain the best way to play.
of course for platformers or such gamepads work best, but for FPS: keyboard+mouse FTW

beside, try writing codes for a program with word guessing on, id like to see anyone trying to write code like that XD

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Yeah, I still use the home row adf jkl; thumb on the space bar, took the class in high school, not something I am ever going to forget,

I don't think the keyboard will be forgotten any time soon I think we still got a good 10 to 15 more years with the keyboard.

My problem is that I type waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more then I actually write something, hints why my penmanship is just barely readable heh and my signature is never even close to the last one I wrote.

I say 10 to 15 years but I don't think it'll ever go away, mainly cause I can't see how it'd get replace, even with the things you listed Rodney.

Also, I think soon or later all We'll have to do to pay for something or agree to something is by placing your thumb on some scanner of some sort or do something to that effect and I'm sure in some places a thumb print is as good as your signature heh.

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No way.

I work with computers in my job writing hundreds, if not thousands of lines of text or code each day.

I can't imagine trying to use a touch screen or pad to do that.

No, the keyboard is gonna stay particularly for those that use them for a living.

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Nah, because many people type faster than they talk. Besides, remember why the qwerty layout was invented.


Oh, btw... Your next poll could be about: "Will smart phones become a replacement for PC's and Laptops when it comes to surfing the web and/or using youtube etc"


you forgot to mention that smart phones with swipe or likewise still is slower than any keyboard for people who are average with using both.
My friends who love the new swipe on their Android phones say "oooh look at how quick this is" after which i ask them: "Is it faster than typing on your PC?"

There is no replacement for the speed of a keyboard yet. The keyboard replaces pen and paper very efficiently and i don't see how anything will replace the standard keyboard anytime soon in terms of speed and reliability. Speech recognition is not reliable enough, it gets things wrong all the time! And it's kinda hard to use speech recognition for things like "for (i=0;i

I too agree that for keyboards to be replaced we need a thought reader that interprets what we think and no matter what we think about (like, i want to edit something further up) it automatically changes it without error.
In other words, we would probably have to plug ourselves into the matrix to see any benefits over a standard keyboard.


The Future will have to pry my keyboard out of my cold, dead hands. Even my phone has a full keyboard.

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Until they perfect mind reading I don't see the keyboard going away anytime soon.

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My 'other' response is to the smart phones, and ONLY the smart phones. I can type quicker than I can think sometimes, and then I will get lost, but at least I know I can look back at what I had typed in the first place. ON the smart phones however, I think that the keyboard will become either obsolete or just an option- something like an 'extra' if you will.



Last time, i bam bam bam bam bam... I have to pay child support :( There goes all my budget for gaming PC.


I don't think the keyboard will ever go away and also with the app your talking about I hate them with a passion I love to sit down and type out my own words and text like that I hate the t9 crap they have on my phone and I don't think I ever will like those type of apps

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I think "maybe" keyboards are on their way out. I don't think it's going out for anyone alive at the moment, but for newer generations to come I do believe the keyboard will become more and more old-fashioned. I believe keyboards are here to stay with current users of desktop computers, but I believe that more and more, desktop computers won't be needed or wanted by the generations yet to be born.


Unless there's some new invention to replace the keyboard, it's not going anywhere. And by "new invention" I don't mean a gimmick that is based on the keyboard.
Voice recognition does come close, but it's not as versatile as a keyboard. Also, how am I supposed to search for uh... 3d game man videos while my girlfriend is within earshot?


The day my pc can read my mind will be the day I drop my keyboard, and when I say read my mind I dont just mean understand letters I want it tounderstand movement and where I want to look in video games, understand when I think about something it can reconise it and bring it up, so if I think of google it will make it pop up on the screen...

However that wont happen for a loooooooong time, they still dont fully understand how the brain works let alone be able to read controls off of it in detail, maybe 2050 we wil start to see advance versions of this, ok maybe 2029 if were lucky.


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Kedren Aderac
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No, I don't think so ... keyboard might go away when the technology is evolved into so high lvl, that it can read our minds. ^^ , otherwise there really is no better & accurate way than a keyboard + maybe voice recognition with it.

(Touchscreens are ergonomically a disaster ...)

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your very wrong on this.
of course NOT! i think the keyboard is very handy and can not be replaced by some gimmick, like voice controle....
I find a future without having a keyboard strange

who voted "yepper" i feel something with pitchforks and torches coming up :p

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Keyboards will always exist. For gaming of text editing maybe. But for work and other purposes a keyboard will always be handy. I myself use Dragon naturally speaking for text editing because it's way faster then typing. A keyboard is handy for code editing,.... Can't see with what they would replace it with. Maybe special touchscreens,....


How would I 'WASD'?

I can't use controllers, another reason I moved to PC. I'd hate to be told that the only choice is a controller.

Also, Rodney, in your video you said you're not a super-fast typist. However, I more-or-less am (in my humble opinion). But for business, I can't see a true successor to the keyboard, nor for us PC gamers.

People seem to forget that money is the focus of the world; and if businesses demand something, most of the time, other lifestyles will follow that trend.

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Never stopped using it and never will

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Keyboards in the future will just 4 keys


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My opinion - No way. I will never stop using a keyboard, I don't use phones or anything close to that to type and I don't use voice recognition either and I probably never will. Also, keyboards are used for gaming as well so for that reason, I don't think they're going anywhere.


What does everyone use a typewriter here or do you just plagiarize all your work? So you don't want to use language, let an ai synthesize for your communication with others, your choice you flacid mind penis robots, but at least some thing require your DIRECT input. No offense to you 3DGameman, undoubtedly on things like Smartphones are little hand held devices, they ergonomics of those little keypads wasn't really practical, so a program is well used on that. But you've been holding up a keyboard the whole time.

The only way it could go out of use is if the computer could basically do the input for us. I suppose that's what the app was doing, kinda, but I imagine just so you get your basic message across and not as sophisticated thought means of expression.

You mentioned not using paper of addition.. maybe because we do addition in our heads? When computers can transcribe exactly what comes out of our heads, then we won't need keyboards.

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IMO, the best type of input is a physical one, especially for games and what not. Touchscreens are expensive, less accurate, and don't have tactile feedback.

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With MANY gamers on the PC, I don't see many other truly viable options out there.
There are mini "gamer" keypads that can emulate the keyboard, but I think it will be around for a LONG time still before a keyboard is truly and completely on the way out.
Speach software may eventually replace the keyboard for document t, but I think just for gamers alone even, the keyboard is very efficient, moreso than game controllers like the XBOX360 or PS3.
That's my opinion anyways.

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Keyboard replacements for gaming include: gaming controllers of all types and tables have smaller tablet devices have accelerators. I still personally prefer keyboard and mouse when gaming though.

Rodney Reynolds,

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It depends. For FPS, keyboard and mouse is the way to go. If you're playing side scroller game, then game pad might be it for you.

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Nah! I prefer using keyboard over voice. Voice is too noisy.

Oh, and Rodney, how fast can you type in wpm? Me? I can type in average of 80 wpm.