Do we take technology for granted?

Do we take technology for granted?




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Everyone takes technology for granted, we all do, old and young; and always have done.

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I think as you stated in your video, youngsters take it for granted, since they don't know life without it.

I don't, because there was a period in my life where I was forced to use a horribly slow laptop. Then I appreciated the advanced in technology when I got my desktop. :)

Without the marvels of electrical engineering, technology would be null and void. There are all types of disciplines that helped develop technology into what it is today.

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I say, yes and no, cause, I was born around the time where color tvs where still kind of new ish, I'm 24, that probably still seems young and your probably right but I can remember computers becoming the new big thing, back when not every one had a computer,

Its funny that you said kids would just go outside and play with worms, cause, I do remember doing that actually, I'd make small mini very long rivers in my back yard, putting the yard hose on one end and wait on the other end, catching all the worms that washed down, I can remember my mother not liking that, cause I'd bring them into the house and well, I can remember I collected a lot every time I did that, or maybe I'm wrong and I was just an odd kid growing up, haha I don't know, kind of hard to try and remember that far back.

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I'm about your age Rodney and for me it's yes and no. I'm always amazed at what keeps coming out but at the same time because I've been interested in radio, television, electronics and other technologies since my early teens, I'm proud to say I've sometimes been able to predict the future, often well before it became a reality. It's wonderful to have the fundamental knowledge on how things work the way they do.

Like you I had a Commodore 64. I don't know about you but I only had a cassette - no floppy drive. I remember the old days 20 years ago and more when working with video cameras and VCRs, editing material in the analog domain which was a tedious process that led to loss in picture quality. I remember when getting information from around the world meant watching the TV news, reading books/encyclopedias or listening to shortwave radio. Nowadays with the internet and the severe cutbacks to shortwave, young people have no idea some used to listen to stations broadcasting around the world. They probably wouldn't even believe it if you told them, yet it started in the late 1920s.

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Yes and No.
I definitely take for granted the technological marvels of my daily life as I use them.(constantly)
However, I often sit on my chair and think about how amazing the things we use everyday really are.
On the subject of electronics, one basic thing is man harnessing and making electricity work for us. If there was no controlled electricity, our lives would be different in so many ways.

There are so many other things that we take for granted, like running water, indoor plumbing, modern sewer systems that magically carry away our waste and dirt, every day, so easily! Not even a century ago nobody took showers whenever they pleased. They sat around filthy and stinky for days and weeks at a time! They pooped in bowls and dumped it in the roadways. YUCK!

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I used to have a Commodore VIC-20, that was my first personal computer,
and it was so personal that had 3Kb of RAM, yeah u hear it well, 3 KiloBytes...!
I remember running ut of memory while typing a simple basic program.
Any smartphone at those days would be like terminator's brain chip.

What is the deal with guitar hero or rockband? Wouldnt be the same money to get a REAL guitar Rig?
Or a real drumset? and learn a real and decent skill?

Man...! back on those days we didnt have Youtube, google, or wikipedia, if u wanted to learn guitar as the big ones, u needed to go to the streets and get familiarized with ghetto places and friends, cause they knew all those kinky guitar tricks.... Today u can find Yngwie Mamlsteen in person teaching you how to play his most famous riffs and solos on youtube And for free...!

I built my own first guitar, cause the imported ones were insanely expensive, today china, korea, and malaysia guys makes them better and by a fraction of the price,
However today we are still sticked to that plastic 4 button air guitar joke??????

How come technology becomes more advanced and we get more dumb...?

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How come technology becomes more advanced and we get more dumb...?

Because just like with every other skill AND techniques especially things like self defence, if the skill or something isn't used it goes weak or even fades all together.

I 'woke up' a short while ago and now I use my PC(I built this a couple of years ago and I'm proud of it) and the internet etc about once a day for about 1 hour or less unlike almost all day some days =/

I'm exercising like I used to, started to go back out on my bike(peddle one) from time to time aswell and being honest, I've missed this happiness, a bit of advice if you want, wake up and leave all this crappy virtual stuff too many are just obsessed with.

Just being honest.

"Maximum, Game".

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It's just an endless amount of greed, when people see one thing, they think it's limitless and keep wanting more and more, just human nature.

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I just knew about this Louis CK Guy, he is hilarious....!

Well, I am from Peru and for me even the old Atari console was like 21th century technology, before that I had an old B&W Ping pong console (I think I still have that one) and electric trains. But my parents used to save those toys just for special ocasions, so I had a hell of a childhood riding bikes everykind of skates, we traveled a lot, camps in the beach were awesome, garage bands, unlimited sunsets, teen partys (those were alot better in the 80s) concerts, or just simple and plain hanging out with friends had a different flavor back in those golden days.

Now we discuss and complain because certain video cards doesn't render a specific video game too well.
Man...! For me the monochromatic green tanks from Atari Battlezone were a blowmind experience, or the physics interaction employed in asteroids or moonlander.... I still play asteroids in iGoogle widgets.

I used to work in the LDS administration offices for southamerica, 1988 or so, and we had an IBM S/38 mainframe with green screens, I remember going thru' a "PC World" magazine reading about the biggest and newest Hard drive of 1 GIGABYTE...! and was as a big as a briefcase, and in the same year we had hard drives as big as a washing machine of 700 MB, not even a gig, While the latest PS/2 personal computers from IBM had 1 Megabyte of Ram.

If we can go back to those days with a smartphone in our pocket they could use that processor and technology in the NASA or the pentagon..!

But who knows perhaps all these rumors about an electromagnetic wave comming from the sun in 2012 is partially true, then it will be interesting to see what happens. Kinda sick joke but Will be very sad to have my current eyefinity setup completely dead.

We better keep our chessboards handy...

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hah saying having no idea about history of technology is nonsense since you can read about it in books. but its true that we young ones cannot know what it was like before technology came in :P

but i do guess us young ppl take technology for granted xd


I would say that I do basicly take tech for granted most of the time because I'm fairly young but as I've grown older I've become more understanding of what yer folks tell you about how you apreciate where things came from and that you respect what you've got as you get older.

I have grown a great interest in all tech stuff and other things aswell that are considerd antique or old-hat today, I think many people are doing the same because you forget half the time that we wouldn't have the things we do today if it weren't for that older gear getting us started,we had to begin somewhere.

Also some older stuff is just plain interesting or obscure with many things you just dont see anymore in new gadgets and I think that we have a great problem ahead of ourselves if we abandon older tech because it can be invaluble for history and other things that future generations might never be able to look at.

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I think we do. I grew up hunting and eating what I killed. Not so much any more, but I would think many of those skills would become useful if some major event happened and technology became useless. With a gun, knife, and some basic supplies I could survive a while. The gun would mostly be fore defense. I'm sure plenty of my fellow country raised would be fine too.


I think we don't take it for granted enaugh! We have all this technology around us and we just don't use the full potentional of it... but thats my opinion. Cheers! =)


I would like to think that i don't take technology for granted. I am young and i did not grow up with much where as everyone in this country (America) has a cell phone and a laptop and allot of other neat technical stuff. I have my computer which all of my money goes into and all of my money is earned by working. I don't work for my family, i don't get anything for Christmas and I work to keep the internet up as well. even though i don't have that much i am able to fix anything electrical and my computer is built by me. but the answer to Do WE take technology for granted as a majority. Yes most of us do.


I was teaching in my middle school. The kids didn't even know what a VHS tape was. Sad.


haha try showin them a record deck or cassette, an 8-track or even a punchcard computer, they'd be feeling like they're in a foreign planet lol. Cheers


Where I live (Switzerland), under 7 million people there are 4.5 million cellphones, thereof over 2.5 million smartphones, three quarter of those are iPhones, seriously! Me myself, I don't want Apple Stuff in my house but if you go on a holiday camp or also at school (I'm 18), there are 95% iPhones, it's unbelievable! If you don't have one, you're an outsider.

And over 10% of the 12 million computers (remember we have 7 million inhabitants) out there are Macs, which is crazy too.

So, Apple dominates our country and the price tag of their stuff is incredibly high, an iMac costs 44% more than in the USA(for no reason), just because "They are ready to pay for it whatever it may cost, that's what Switzerland is!" is what Apple says.

Greetings from overseas :D

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44% more??????

i dont like Macs either, I hate being uniformed with the same gear, is like not having a chance for anything personalized....

I know windows sucks but at least we can choose to run it even on a PSP....!


Define "forgranted"... I dont understand when peple say this, how can we take forgranted something we have and lets face it will not go anytime soon, its like saying "we take tap warter forgranted", " we take living forgranted","we take air forgranted"... We take EVERYTHING forgranted, I mean generally yuou only appriciate something when you dont have it or crave it, after that it becomes normal, if I didnt take forgranted everything I owned all the time I would be concerned for my mental health...

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I'm 24 and there's been a lot of changes since I've been on this earth.

I can go back to around 1994 when I got my first console. It was the SEGA Mega Drive, and yeah it'd been out for a while but it was a huge deal for me and I tried to keep the games in mint condition as well as the console itself. I remember getting my first cell phone when I was around 11 back in '98 even if it was a brick back in those days (some UK/BT Celnet model).

Even when I got my first computer in 2003 after many years of stressing for one - for college. The computer I have today, I feel that I'm lucky to have.

Earlier this year, I got my first smart phone and even if it's just an entry level phone - it's like my baby. It makes things easier and opens many possibilities.

Then I look at my brother who's 12, most of the things I cherished are common place and he's been through more phones as well as other tech than a woman goes through tampons in their lifetimes because he either loses or breaks his stuff and doesn't seem to care.

It'd be ignorant to say that all people (young or old) take technology for granted but it feels that a lot do.

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Undoubtedly yes. Something as simple as turning the lights on when going to the bathroom or having a cool refrigerator or sitting here typing a comment. There are many many things that need to work in harmony for you to be able to do anything that involves electricity.

Even people who know that power to their house is going to be cut (maintenance etc) fall prey to the smallest of things like their alarm clock not going off in the morning like it always does or not being able to turn on the lights in the bathroom.
It's quite common to feel completely helpless the moment you don't have electricity but when it all comes down to it. There are alternative solutions to most of the problems we would face in a technology less society.

For instance, light is a luxury most of us can do without in our average life.
Electric stoves can be replaced by gas stoves. (Though getting the gas without using electricity is going to be nearly impossible)
It may sound like a scary thing for many but we would do just fine without phones and the internet. If anything it would bring people back together and would strengthen us as social beings.

That said, I doubt technology would just go away unless of course everything gets fried in a solar flare or other outer worldly event. Something really big and bad would have to happen for us to have to face the prospect of living without technology.

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I completely agree with anonymous. Maybe if all this wasn't so close to arm's reach it, we would appreciate it a bit more. Although there are a lot of young people out there with knowledge that far surpass many adults, which probably wouldn't be possible without today's technology.


I'm young, but even I understand that we take it for granted. It's quite similar to most non-tech teens bullying techies/geeks such as ourselves. They forget who brought them computers and all the many websites that most of them use, such as YouTube and Facebook.