Do you actually use gift cards?

Do you actually use gift cards?




you can use a haircut Rodney ... :)

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LMAO Rodney. "Probably" wouldnt use it? So you're saying there's a chance you might? haha

I always use a gift card regardless of to where its for. If i dont like the place i use it to buy someone else a gift.

A little trick i use when shopping online is searching on Google for promotion codes for stores. %90% of the time you find one and they still work. It will help you save at least $10 or 10% sometimes too.

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I am pretty good about spending gift cards, and I am very good at spending the entire dollar amount on the card.
I do agree, gift cards are a great way for these companies to make lots and lots of money, especially when the cards aren't spent at all. Another way they make piles of cash is when someone doesn't spend the entire amount on the card and it's either lost or just expires. The third way these cards make the green is by someone actually using the whole card, and that customer almost always spends even more money beyond the initial card value.
Gift cards are probably one of the greatest marketing tools of the 20th century.

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LOL Brazilian wax XD that gave me a nice laugh. The only gift cards worth getting are food/technology related imo. I do try and spend everything that I receive though, because it would be a waste of the person's money.

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I can't remember the last time I got a gift card, I think I got a $5 gift card in the mail to subway for some reason or no, I think I got it for my 23erd Bday card from my gramps and grams, I did end up using it but I hardly ever get or buy gift cards, actually, I don't think I have ever paid for a gift card.

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I use them, but I'd rather just get money. IMHO gift cards should give the buyer a deal. The only point I see in Gift Cards is to make sure they don't spend the money on drugs.

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I just got a £40 gift card for books. I don't read many books, but I'm going to try and make an effort to use it... big waste otherwise!


I never got any computer related gift cards. Except maybe a card I got to a store where I was supposed to buy a dishwasher, but realised it could not fit into my kitchen anywhere, so I bought a printer instead (much later).
Gift cards are an illusion of effort. The reason why you don't get any real product is because someone has been in doubt of what you need/want or were out of time.

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I think they're a waste, there's nothing like getting a gift card to a store you don't even use for your Birthday...and it's still bad even if it's for a place you like to visit because you feel practically obliged to buy from that store, like...a game might be cheaper in one store and more expensive in the store you have the gift card for but you end up buying it with the gift card because you're obliged to use it.

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I always give money because I find gift card's a waste of money like you mentioned. I received some gift cards but I never use them because the don't interest me.


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It all depends on the gift card.. If it is a gift card to a local store then I usally sell it to my brother so I can spend the money on something more usefull like new hardware for my rigg or a new rigg :)

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To me it seams nicer to give someone a gift card for their birthday/Christmas, although I would rather receive money then a gift car. I think giving money gives the person more options to spend it with but with gift cards it looks as if you put more effort into the gift.