How do you rate your Video Card?

How do you rate your Video Card?




I have my XFX HD4890 XXX OC Edition overclocked even further to the point where i can play BF3 maxed out on ultra on my 1280*1024 monitor with an average of 45FPS, I would say that's kick ass for a GPU I got for £55


100% kickass gigabyte gtx590 coupled with the i7 2600k i have no problems running anything on ultra at 120 fps. will add another one later and keep em for 3 years i think. love ur show , keep em coming , your fan from Romania , Terrabyte


GT 440

Totally budget =)


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I have 2 MSI GTX 460 HAWKS in SLI and they are AMAZING for the price, they equal a GTX 580 and were $200 cheaper, I have them OCed from 780 to 850 and during intense gaming ONLY hit 60c. Now if I had waited for the MSI GTX 560Ti HAWK OC I am sure I would have been even MORE impressed, MSI makes great cards.

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GTX275 still chugging along. Was definitely kickass when new, but now it's just a little better than average.

Waiting for prices to drop before buying a 100% kickass gpu. Hopefully soon. :)


I have a gts 250 for like 3 years... :(

Little BaBy JESUS
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My HD6970 = Kickass

Manic Mouse
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GTX 570. Kickass

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GTX470... XD


rocking the GTX295, kickass.
to bad it has no DX11 :(

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I am currently running a GTX 570HD and would that's pretty kickass.


HD radeon 6870 by sapphire!


msi gtx 580 lighting xtreme (3gb) its the first and best video card i ever bought

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got a evga GTX460 1gb now. its not bad, and most games play without problems on maxed out, but with extreme games like crysis or metro2033 or such it struggles to keep up.

and i knew it'd be the bottleneck of my comp, got my comp for xmas from my mums. but didnt wanna make my mums pay even 400 euro's more

but i knew it'd be the first part id have to replace, which im gonna do and will replace it with an MSI GTX580 lightning extreme 3GB, and perhaps add another one later after i replaced and added some other parts to my set-up

so yeah, id say, my current gtx460 is nice, but its pretty much budget

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I Have a MSI Twin Frozr II OC 560GTX Ti i rate it like KickAss


I'm currently using a XFX HD6850. It was a budget card for me and I think I've made a good choice. The card plays most of my games in high graphics!

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that the best 'budget' card out there imo
price/performance should also count in your rating

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Currently, my GTX 260 is over heating and causing my system to shut down, it can only run directX 10 and well I need to replace it or find a way to get better air flow, though still, I'd give it a better rating then my case, I had to drill holes in my case just to replace the fans in it.

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I voted other, I have a EVGA GTX 470, out of 10 I'd give it a 6 or 7.

It can play all my games at very nice settings smooth, it's just I need the fan speed at around 75% when playing some games like Metro, GTA IV and Crysis otherwise it'll cook =/

And at that fan speed it's quite noisy so yeah.

I got it about a year ago for a discount ready for DX11, shame not many developers have put that to good use, maybe Battlefield 3 will use it alot, hope so =)

"Maximum, Game".


I have ati 4650 512mb xD


i have the MSI R6950 2GB Power Edition OC
and its a 100% kickass imo
but it can't run crysis 2 at ultra settings @60fps every other game runs great
I think im going to buy a other one to run in Crossfireif i cant run BF3 good

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Finally got them (all 4 of them:p)
made it a little easier to remember now

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EVGA GTX 570 SC thats bottle necked by everything else on my computer haha


I have two 4870s in crossfire for the past 3 years and there's not a game they can't play at a good decent rate. Though as time goes on they will eventually really struggle. So I wouldn't say kickass but definately far from crap


I have the GTX 560 ti. I voted as budget, but I probably should vote for kickass, cause this baby can OC! Overclocked almost to 980mhz. Plays all my games on great settings.

Andreas Hofer
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I have the ASUS DirectCU2 6970 2GB video card at the moment. It could do with more video memory like on the V series workstation graphics cards. The fans could be a bit less noisy in 3D but overall I'm happy with the card.
Kickass rating.

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AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz APU: $139.99
XFX AMD Radeon HD 6670: $99.99

AMD A8-3850 + Radeon HD 6670 (single-slot FTW!!!) = Radeon HD 6690D2 = 100% KICKASS FOR ME! :D

But I'm not going to buy a new motherboard until Windows 8 comes out. My 780G motherboard sucked for right now, even though I'd rather be efficient in power consumption rather than have top-of-the-line performance.

PC: Tt Core V21; Kaveri APU, 16GB RAM, GTX 960, Arch Linux
Server: Rosewill Legacy V6-S, AMD Athlon 5350 APU, 8GB RAM, 90W DC-IN PSU, Ubuntu Server

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Running 2x5970 in Crossfire it was 100% kickass when I got them and they are still 100% kickass due to them only being beaten by GTX590 SLI or 6990 Crossfire. Even a singel 5970 is 100% kickass when it beats 580 in preformance (Only by a small amount but it still beats that card).

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New Rigg(Incomplete): Parts so far is not set in stone. Going to use an I7 2600k and maybe a MSI Big Bang Marshal, going to be my first fully watercooled system :)


HD 6870 sure rock my world . LMAO XD


KICKASS for GTX 480 SLI!!!!! :D (But it screams loudly though x.x)


trifire 6970 lets just say it ROCKS!


Gigabyte HD6870 Oveclock Windforce.

Mine is definitely KICK-ASS, not comparing with other more powerful available on the market, but considering that all my games run excellent FPS on high settings!

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100% Kickass 580s in SLI i cant complain at all


Definitely much better now that they (Nvidia) updated the driver. Unfortunately, that took 16 months, but now I can run two separate monitors at different resolution, and it has both HDMI, DVI.

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My GTX 480 SLI is 100% KICKASS


Two xfx dual fan HD 6870's in crossfire. Kickass. Not 100% because the only way for me to get more power is to replace them all together, I can't add any more :(


My laptop has Nvidia 330M wich is kinda OK, for a laptop atleast.
My old stationary PC has GeFore 6600(non-gt) wich is kinda crappy. But it runs the games I play at home :)


Nvidia GTS 250... In comparison to the video cards posted here, it's crap. but for the price and performance I rate it KICKASS since it can run all the games/software ect. I use at high settings.

In the end it depends on the user more than the card


EVGA GTX580 SuperClocked edition gotta 100% kickass. Went from a HD5770 to this bad boy.


Gigabyte GTX 580 SOC! 1000% kick-ass! Man, it' s the fastest single GPU graphics card on the planet!

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6850... Just a little better than Budget

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I voted my GTX 480 as kickass since it has been replaced. The coolers (that's right more than one) I have on it are definitely 100% kickass - the Thermalright Shaman with a Delta FFB1212EH and the Thermalright VRM-G2 with a Panaflo U1 80mm. Hopefully when Kepler comes around there will be a suitable adapter so I can continue to use these.

Oh yeah, my GTX 480 is a horrible overclocker so that hurts it a bit. With these aftermarket coolers I can bench at 915/1830/1000 or maybe a bit more but the max stable overclock is only around 800/1600/1000.

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I have a ATI Radeon HD 5770 by XFX and is just awesome: it works extremly good and doesn't cost too much i Choosed others 'cause it's not budget and it's not kickass... But it is still very good


AMD Radeon 6370M

Better than anything integrated, can run Crysis at med settings, but not what you call great. From my experiences with it, I find it is ok for a laptop as it is rare to see anything that can run Crysis for under a grand, let alone under $800.


Using a GeForce GTX 570 and rated it Kickass. It's running everything I throw at it fine if I hold back on a very few settings like Ubersampling in The Witcher 2.

I bought this card after I fried my old trusty 4870 (My own damn fault! Turned on the PSU with the card lying loose on the cabinet set with the 6 pin power plugged in *fries* then *cries*)

Kedren Aderac
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MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition ... I would say 100% Kickass.


Voted OTHER.

I have a 4890 Vapor-x by Sapphire. I mean, it's not kickass, and it's not budget. For me at least...
Think it's somewhere in between. For me - a 4850 is a budget one and everything below 4000 is crap.
100 % kickass are the 6xxx ati cards and 5xx nvidia ones

I completed Crysis 2 @ 1680x1050 max settings (incl. AA) with the game being like it was when launched. Fps was mostly at 35-40, at rare occasions 25 (like explosions), but never below that.


i have a 1GB 5870 ati hd radeon sapphire, its really good, kickass you might even say


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I have 6850 crossfire, which I would rate kickass. I'm saving for 6970 crossfire, which I would rate 100% "kickass" (that just doesn't sound right with my British accent)