Do you finish video games?

Do you finish video games?



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I finish them most of the time. If I'm not really enjoying the game then most likely I won't finish it

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I've been playing mostly mmo games the past couple years, but yes i do finish the majority of games i buy. Example: the halo series, COD, BF2, BF3, ect. But recently i've been playing a lot of WoW, LoL, FF14, and Skyrim. So not a lot of time for anything else


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i´ve tried to finish Call of Juarez the Cartel(Download only to try)and i´ve even didnt complete the third chapter cause it was disapointing and i deleted it and didnt bought it.

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hmm, i often have this tendency that i HAVE to finish a game just to show i can.
but it happens often that i dont, but thats mostly with downloaded games which i downloaded just to try.

but if i buy a game, i just have to finish it, unless its real real real bad or just to extremely hard to finish.
ive even finished games which i thought were total shit just cuz i had to finish them to prove myself i could, lol.

from time to time i also like to pick up a game which i never played out in the past and try to play it out cuz i enjoy the feeling of being able to say i played it out.
and often if a game was fun enough i also wanna play it out a second time on hardest possible setting, just so i can tell my friends i was able to finish it on ultra-hard :P im just like that XD

and some old games are so much fun you keep wanting to play them out over and over again

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Unless the game is complete rubbish, definitely, games are not as cool and nice as they used to be though.

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I have finished a lot of games, but there are games that just dont interest me enough to play through the whole story line. For example, Mafia II was beautiful in the graphics department, but I am not a big fan of mafia style games or 3rd persons. Got about 25% through, and just found something else that interested me.


most of the time, that s***y L.A noire I gave up on after the 15 repeated sotryline mission and redicliously big empty map,

Most games I try and complete all the way, I still havent completed san andreas, that game is just SO F****NG HUGE!

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I finished san andreas after like 320 hours. Some games are too long and others are too short. For me I try to beat the main story line and after that I end it. No point in collecting achievements, I want to have fun, not frustration to beat a game 100%.

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yeah if i buy it (no matter how bad) i finish but if its like a flash game i tend to just skip to the next one


I mostly finish video games, except for MMOs or Gran Turismo. Just takes too damn long to complete.


I think a better follow question is:
Do you finish video games 100% (eg All Achievements/Collectables)?
I seldom attempt 100% after finishing the main storyline. =)


Not very often, these days.

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Only the Good Ones... XD


I always finish them, I just am reluctant to get around to doing it. Say I'm on the last level of a game I love, I'll drop it for a few months, play some other games, then when I get back to it I'll beat it.

Now if it's a crappy game I'll do my best to finish it, but if I just can't pull myself around to doing it I drop it completely never to pick it up again like with Arx Fatalis; Do note that I got to the end of the game but found the control scheme so frustrating I just couldn't put up with it anymore because you have to be extremely precise with the symbols on pc.

Andreas Hofer
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I do but some games, even when patched, are so buggy you can't finish them but I always try to find a way. Some games are worth being played again and again to find the perfect way to finish them.

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I don't play a lot but when I do I make sure I finish

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I finish games, but how quickly and how much time spent though depends on immersed into the game I am.

For example games like Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect 1/2, Assassin's Creed series, Batman: Arkham Asylum - I couldn't get away from those games and played them non-stop before finishing them in around 2 days.

Other games like say Call of Duty, GTA series and a few others take time because while I may like them - they're casual games for me so take a lot longer.

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I Always finish video games. But sometimes that can get delayed by distractions. (steam sale :D)

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I didn't finish Crysis 2, Just Cause 2, The Witcher 2 or Dirt 3.
I've finished just about every other game though, the best being STALKER and Metro 2033

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Sometimes I quit playing. Never finished Crysis 2, Quake 4, Doom 3,... Not that the games are boring but just that I don't feel like playing them. Must be some kind of psychological reason that I never want to see the ending of the game. Then in the most cases the game disappears in one of my DVD boxes for ever. Sad eh :p


I do try to finish most of my games. But sometimes if I loose interest in the game/gameplay/storyline I just leave it as it is

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Not every game but 99% yes

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The best games are the ones you feel like you can never "finish". The ones you can keep coming back to an replaying and enjoying. But yes most of the time I finish games unless they suck or turn out to be something other than I expected. Or I got them for the MP and don't care about finishing the SP.

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I've got some old school N64 games, I got recently from a local find, that I've not had the time between work, and other things going on, that I need get too and finish, but usually when I buy a newer game for either the PC, DS, or Wii I try to make sure I finish at least the single player part of the game, but don't always do the online multiplayer parts of the games, as like I said between work(2 jobs), a g/f, and other stuff, time can get tight some days lol.

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I always try to, but if they arent very good, I seem to lose interest and never finish them.


Most of the games I play are online multiplayer
Those are all about levels. I never pay real money for extra features
I think that a player must deserve his own weapons instead of buying them.

But when I play games with a specific story I usually dig them.
But for those games that has more than one alternative endings:
naaaaah...! Once is enough

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Most of the time, especially if I buy em ;)

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