Do you have a fan controller?

Do you have a fan controller?



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i normally never bother with a seperate controller as normally the ones built-in to most motherboards these days really do the job exceptionally well, and its rather easy to override and adjust them in realtime with the right software (i.e. speedfan) if preferred. i guess you could say i'm one of those people who has a lot of faith in their own computer to regulate its own thermals properly.

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My case has a switch between 5 and 12 volts at the back for the top and back fans. I have a Antec two hundred v1, but i want to buy a fan controller to connect all the fans that i have mounted.


I said other, because on my current computer i got no fan controller. But on my next build (1-2 month) i will probably get an nzxt fan controller with screen.


my case came with one built in aswell but my headers are still all full...took me quite some time to figure out what i wanted. i knew that the nzxt cant handle much wattage so i looked and looked ..
i finally got the fc touch from lamptron that baby can handle 30W per channel with 6 channels as to the nzxt touch can handle only 12Wx 5 and you can only max 10W on the 5
With the 30W per channel i can even put my pump in it


I made a single switch fan controller from I think it was an on-on DPDT switch that is wired to the 5V and 12V lines from my power supply. I have it set up with a military style switch cover that keeps the fans on 5V when closed. I have six 3K rpm Scythe Ultrakaze fans on my triple rads and another 6 Scythe Jyuni 1900 rpm fans (2 on a single rad and 4 intake). I don't mind the way the Ultras buzz at 5V but it keeps the temps down; however, there is something exciting about flipping that red switch cover back to make the jump to a roaring 12V.

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Yep I have one, it's built into a chip on my laptop's motherboard.

I want a vertex 2 128GB for < $220.
Gimme please


rodney what is your pc configuration?

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Used to have one, made by a friend of mine, but with the ATCS 840 from Cooler Master and the Noctua P12 fans there isn't really a need for one anymore. Loudest part of my PC is the 640GB Western Digital Caviar Black AALS HDD. If I ever were to build a new PC with a different case I would consider it again, especially if it were some sort of silent or HTPC.


Speed fan works really well with my motherboard allowing me to control a luxury of 2 headers!!


The fan controller on my Motherboard is enough for me


I am using the Aquaero 4.0 that also monitors the water cooling.

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I have one, integrated in the storm sniper black edition case.. BUT its not working.. :/ i think i have wired up correctly.. Only 1 4-pin connector is needed, it is stated in the manual. hmmm xD

..and i dont wanna turn in my whole case now that its up and going.. everything in, very-very-much cable management.. :)

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I have a Lamptron FC-5V2.

Although I do not need it as my case fans are three 230mm fans in my Coolermaster HAF932 which are extremely quiet at max speed, I like the look of the fan controller so I have it installed anyways.

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nzxt sentry 2


No, but I really want one. I'm considering the latest fan controller Rodney reviewed, the NZXT Tempest Evo has lots of fans, but most of them blow at 60% according to my Speedfan monitor. I also think My V8 has some issues because my Temps are 50c idle despite me applying Tuniq TX-4 thermal past recently.

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nope but will get one :D

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Yeah I use a Lamptron FC-2. I only recommend Lamptron fan controllers because of the powerful channels - much more so than other fan controllers. Making your own fan controller is a much more cost effective option of course.


I voted other as i have made my own fan controller.

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I have a fan controller but it's not installed. However I do use it for testing fans.

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Yep I have one. No need for my system to sound like a hovercraft when i'm not stressing it. Mind even stressed i hardly need to touch my fans.


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I just buy quiet fans and eliminate the need for a controller

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Quiet fans to not move enough air when I do bench runs with my high overclocks.


Yes I do, thanks to rondney and NZXT, I gotta do my own review some day.

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That was me by the way, for some reason auto log in kicks out for me for some reason.

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I have a Lamptron FC3 in my HAF X. I picked up the chromed one and then painted the grill matte black. I left the mount screws and knobs chrome/silver. Lice little touch of "bling". At 30 watt per channel I can run several fans off each. I have both top fans on one. The two 1900rpm Scythe fans on my H50 on another. Side fan on one and the RAM, front 230mm, and the 140mm mounted to the back of the HDD cage on the fourth. Normal operation is at 50% on all. That gets them all down to almost stall speed. For gaming all the case fans and RAM at 100% and the very loud ones on the H50 at 75%. For bench runs or stress test all at 100%. Takes me about 2 seconds to turn the knobs.

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The one above is me. Forgot to log in.


The answer is yes and no.
I have a cpu-speed controller in my server, but it is always on the lowest setting and none in my game rig.
I also have an old case with one built-in, but I never used it either.
Fan speed controlled by temperature is the way to go. It will give you the lowest noiseless setting without making the system unstable. However I have experienced too low rpm/temp steps on graphics cards. Unfortunatly gfx card drivers only let you use one locked speed. It would be better if you could increase speed on every interval to make it stable in hot environments


no, I use Speedfan


yes, its a lamptron or somthing similar, i carnt read the name on it in the dark :P


NZXT Phantom case, so yes i do have fan controllers.


Well I voted for the *other* cause my casa includes a seperate controller for the top and back fans and indevidual dials for each one of the 3 frond (got Antec 1200) :)

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Yes, I have the Zalman ZM-MFC1+. Good controller

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Fractal Design R3 came with a fan controller, I use that and another cheapy china fan controller

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I've got the NZXT Sentry 2.


i plug my fans in a pwm socket that takes care of things

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well i got the thermaltake element G so yes (=


Not ATM, but did use one a couple of years ago.

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I don't at the moment although I probably should look into investing in one for the hell of it or for the future.

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My Case Came With One Built In, You Reviewed It Its The NZXT Lexa S