How do you navigate?

How do you navigate?



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I use my phone to go to mapquest, when ever I need to find my way to ... Where ever, some times I'll print out a map before I go.

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I've found that GPS's vary wildly in the routes they will take you and not always the preferred ones. For this reason being able to read a paper map get and overview and detail on where you want to go will always serve the common good when traveling by car to a new unknown area. My brand name top quality and updated GPS routinely has proven it's self but every once and a while it pulls some very strange routes which without paper you are forced to follow which is nerve fraying to say the least.....always have paper back up!


my car has a gps

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I use Garmin 1390T.
-It's 2011, who the hell uses paper maps?
-Smartphones are unreliable, i used many of them and they are all the same. They are good for a very short trip maybe, but for a long trip they are useless.
- Don't need GPS? Seriously? You're maybe talking about the route you make everyday when going to work or home, well in this case no one needs a GPS. But i want to see your face when you have to drive for 2000 km from western to eastern Europe for example and you get stuck in a forest or some forgotten country.

People saying "i don't need that ugly voice" is ridiculous. Seriously that ugly voice of the gps system can save your life. I've seen a lot of people driving on the high way and stop in the middle of it, just to read the signs and decide which way to pick. This can create accidents, especially on a high way.
It's way too easy and safe to hear the voice or take a look at the display and see how many meters are left to the exit you need to take.
I also see people saying "i don't need a gps, i know where to go" and maybe they are driving at 80km/h like an old lady on the highway, waiting for the exit sign to come, cause they know the exit, but they don't remember when they actually need to slow down and take it.

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Microsoft Streets and Trips is great. comes with a USB GPS receiver, and gives nearby points of interest, etc...




Without qualifying the question to "when I don't know the area" too many will say they don't use anything which is B.S. unless they have photographic memories or psychic ability.


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Landmarks :)

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if you mean how i get some-where... print map with route and write down instructions for train times and what platforms i have to go to

but i mostly still get lost trying to get somewhere using directions i wrote down.
i have like, the most terrible sense of direction ever XD

and i am terrible at trying to give directions to someone, if someone asks me for directions 9 out of 10 times i send them the exact opposite direction they have to go, cuz of my terrible sense of direction, lol
ive lived in the same town for 15 years now and still i send people the wrong way XD
think that says enough how terrible my sense of direction is, not?

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I use Ovi Maps on my N8. Its very good.

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My wife uses a GPS but I can normally look at a map and go from there. I grew up hunting and spending time in the woods, so finding my way around by landmarks and maps is not to much work for folks like myself.

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I go online and print out maps from 2 or 3 sources just encase the roads change to my destination.

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I use map books. As a cross-country truck driver in the US, books are easier to handle than fold-out maps.
I like to decide which route is best, I don't like the idea of surrendering the use of brain cells to some electronic device. Our brains need to be exercised to be at their best.


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Living in the heart of the European Alps, getting a Signal has been tricky in the past but has improved a lot since. Nowadays I use a Garmin standalone device (classic B&W screen with pretty good and big antenna) when going camping or on a trip. Smartphones and tablets have proven to be unreliable in terms of speed without a data connection available. In my car I have GPS and some mapping tools on a custom build PC, based on an Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile 1.83 GHz (motherboard and CPU are from an old IBM Thinkpad laptop). It also has a data connection so I can stay connected as well and watch some TV via a portable dish on the roof (amazing how much stuff you can put on a FJ70 Toyota). I also have paper maps of all important regions including North America (don't ask me why, maybe cars will fly in the future?) as well as geological maps. I also have an old school compass an some other stuff to help me navigate when being in the middle of nowhere.

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Paper maps FTW!
Much more fun than letting a crappy voice tell you where to turn!


i first watch the route on google maps, print it out, and when im lost i take out my netbook with microsoft auto route and find my way with that one

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Map and my sense of direction ...

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If only I have a GPS (large screen, maybe like about 10" in diagonal) that I can fit in my bike. Perhaps I'd like something that has a speedometer in it, since I'll need a speedometer larger than 3". Of course, I'm visually impaired, so when it comes to maps, I'll need to be able to read street addresses with an adjustable font size.

But for now, I don't have anything when it comes to navigation.

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Gps + roadmaps in case something goes wrong.

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I use an Android smartphone and Google Maps.

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compass FTW