Disconnect from the Internet when on holiday?

Disconnect from the Internet when on holiday?



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No way!

Internet is connected 24/7. I am constantly researching web development articles, programming, working on web layouts. I also game and watch HD video, as well as read my e-books. =P

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Every holiday I going on I completely remove myself from most technology except for music(ipod) as that is good for the beach. But everything else tv,internet and so on I just leave it at home. I find I have more fun and read a lot more. Plus it makes me feel like it was years ago(16 at the moment) when I would just enjoy swimming and eating ice cream.


I had no problem to disconnect from the internet before I bought my iPhone. However, with the phone it's harder to not check the email.

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I disconnect from the internet sometimes for a week, but i'll keep my phone on for text messages and calling.. but i think everyone does and it has a reason in my case.. but i don't tell that reason here.. and no it's not a gf or my wife or anything like that and it also isn't illigal and doesn't has anything to do with bussines (: actually.. it is more important than all that togheter

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Even on vacation I check my internet websites.

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I could easily not go on the internet on holidays

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Aside from Facebook updates, I think I could do that. Like during the day stay off the internet then at night just check up on things for a minute or two.

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I need to have my daily fix plugged in or I get antsy...lol

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It is important that I have access to my server while away from home, be it VoIP, accessing files through SSH (secured shell) and doing a secured copy (SCP), even via FTP, and many other things, like checking to see what TV shows that I want to record while away from home.

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i am never on holidays and my phone is an old sony e k750i so the only way i am online is on the computer


I love the internet but feel theres a time and a place and holiday isn't it, I had one friend who took off on holiday only to be posting on facebook the entire time even whiles't sat on the beach, lol whats the point? Its all fun but can be stressful sometimes which is why I prefer the quiet life when I'm on holiday, last thing I want to do on a beach is go on facebook..

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yeah np, i play SC2 in grand masters league and that gets really stressful on some days, i dont think i would have a problemm disconnecting from the i-net when im on a Holiday.


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It's mainly Americans that use the word vacation.

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It'd depend on the length of the vacation I guess. Last year I spent a week in hospital with no internet connection and to be honest - that was the most relaxing week I ever had of the year.

But interacting and replying to YouTube comments/subscribers is also an important thing to me so I'd probably have to check in once every other day. Social networking, gaming and everything else would be off the list including things like trying to find out about the location...that's what guides are for.

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If others success in life stress's you out, I think you have bigger problems than getting off the web. I can see that if your job has you constantly on your phone or email, that can get stressful. For me games and other web activity are a way to unwind from the day. Maybe that's just me.