Which Windows 7 update option do you prefer?

Which Windows 7 update option do you prefer?



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I like to see what updates are available so I decide whether to download and install them. Suprised to see so many let Windows decide.

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Auto download FTW! :)


A lot of times i have experienced that the updates rather break some functionality or cause bugs, so i got my setup perfect throughout the time, i update only once in 4 months. And i choose all of the updates, i awoid the updates that don't make sense, are not required, are not my problem or are just not properly described what they do.

problem solved.

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Never update, cause I won't want my PC randomly checking for updates while I game, also to see which updates are out and decide one what to install and leave.


I chsose "Let Me Decide". As I`ve noticed, some updates are not necessary for me.


i use "let me decide" because i always have even more so when you run dodgy copy of windows xp back in the day you couldn't have updates on all that changed now tho


I got the 3rd choice *LET ME DECIDE* M$ is evil.. really! I got Win7 Ulti x64 and the only update I ve done (so far) is the SP1 (and some other language packs) the whole windows defender and IE *CRUCIAL* things sounds like parody to me. Got FireFox got kasperky and a Linux Kernel with IPtables enabled to stand as FireWall I dont think that I need any more protection especially from our beloved M$!!

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I use download only. Downloading few updates with 24Mbps connection doesn't hinder my other use.
Before installing them I always check what updates are being offered.

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To me, Windows Updates are almost on the same level of viruses. System builders know that the OS is just fine and dandy when it's first released, and it's actually the updates that corrupt the systems. An update may help a certain feature over here, but it triggers something on the other side of the system that shorts out the motherboard, blows the CPU, or something like that. The unknown risk far outweighs the possible benefits, in my opinion. The first thing I do with a new system is delete stock antivirus, tell it never to check for updates, install Firefox, and install AVG.

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121mb for 21 security updates..

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M$ just released a lot of updates, be sure to update.

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i despise them...always have that shutoff...they always make the OS run slower..and i re-install ever so often just to keep my system clean


I never do update. If there is any components I need, for instance .NET Framework 4.0 I'd rather install and download it manualy. My bandwith is noth that high, so I get these monster spikes if i game anything. Normaly my latency is between 80 to 300 ms while gaming without any updates downloading, but if I do it will spike to anywhere between 800 to 3k ms :(


notify then choose to download/install when convenient, and to the other user what has playing games on linux got to do with the poll, idiot..


I love updates!! It's fun to install them and see what's new! Like today there are 17 new updates for Windows 7.


I don't mind either way. I just hate that there is so many of them. It takes an eternity to install all them when you make a fresh install.

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I will always check the list before I install each update that's available. Not everything is necessary like language packs etc...


Using Linux muahahaha Games run via Wine...
Updating only when its a Security fix or fixes a broken Function or New Features. Love to see change log first tough.
When booting windows for some reason i just pull the plug when its starting to shutdown by itself and forces me to install them. That dam thing Shuts down for some reason while in game XD

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I have mine to install automatically, I find most of the crucial updates don't cause me problems, I've had issues with some of the optional updates though.

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I install them on both my home computer and work computer myself, but I install them on my work computer first. If all is ok, I install them on my home computer. This is mostly due to I get to my work computer before I get to my home computer.
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I use the "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install" option. I like to know what the updates are for before they're installed and whether to download them or not.

Update freak here too like the first Anon, drives me nuts if there are any drivers, software etc outdated on my system.

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Manually, as said above not all updates are useful. I like to pick and choose updates!

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Not all windows updates are useful

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I used to enable update automatically, but since it caused BSOD, I disabled it.


I'm the same as you've mentioned before being an "update freak/addict" as you said you update the BIOS whenever there's an update.

I'm the same. I've just got a 'thing' where if I know there's an "update", I can't stand being not on the latest version.

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i don't rather upgrade too often as hotfixes are problem-prone and just wait till it gets fixed for sure ... like 4 months , then i do a full custom update.

sometimes bios update has fixed some weird stability problems with games/punkbuster and other stuff ... it's weird how bios can influence such stuff.