Design games for the PC or Console?

Should game companies be designing games for the PC or Console?




They *should* be made for PC first, but on behalf of the company they should not. Most gamers out there, sadly, use consoles. And if console gamers find that the PC version is better, they'll stop buying games from said company, causing them to lose money. From our standpoint, yes, that'd be great. From a company's standpoint, no, because they'd lose money.


90% of games are already ported to PC.

Games should be designed for PC, then ported down to consoles.

PC is so much more powerful and 2 generations ahead of consoles (Dx11 vs DX9).

Run PC games through steam only, that way at least piracy can be minimised to an extent. I don't like steam, but i see some benefits of it.

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PC THEN downgrade to console becoz that how it's gose u have to downgrade. Less complexe controls, worst graphic, less options in menu coz u don't need them ETC ETC. Ye BF3 i still don't know they (DICE) been in console world too long, ill w8 and see before i say anything.


Battlefield 3 is being developed for PC and ported to console, just like how games should be made.


+1 Its how it should be done.