Design games for the PC or Console?

Should game companies be designing games for the PC or Console?




Definely look Fear 1 was great designed for PC a great game Fear 2 was a fail and now Fear 3designed for the console is totally shit too mjuch rambo bullshit look its not the horror game like it was like the first was a horror game not a call of duty dammit.the same with Cod.even if you played cod2 on the pc it was the same old noscoping no quickscoping.all was good and then the game is for consoles designed and you ahve these douchebag gamers. T_T its terrible i think what con soles make with video games.console players buy any shit they see we collect series or only buy good battlefield maybe one or two cod´s any duke nukem series doom also but consoles players buy any shit my friend has bought Fable but he hate rollplaying games.only cause it was cool.What ever o.0 .also graphics.BF3 basiclly desiogned for PC also the engine and you have a kick ass game.then port it to the console and yeah such a great game.(this game will not sux!).Mw3 will be sux.i mean the campiagn basiclly.bad english i know ^^. german ^^.ok thats my opinion and view.and if we pc gamers have the money for a good pc why we should not have the money to buy our favorite games? f++#ä+#ing guys who downlaod games.

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I have a opinion on this and it is simple,(not my normal drawn out responses lol) I think they should be both Pc and Console games that go back and forth as they do now but just as there are proprietary games for each console, I think there should also be ones for the PC. I don't think that needs to be explained any further! Thank You Rodney, and hope you submit the score from your poll to each game designer

It is one small world, but I would hate to have to paint it!!!


I know that many people who own a "gaming rig" will disagree with me,but what about people who dont want to spend 1000$+ on gaming pcs?What about poor people who still want to enjoy affordable gaming?Has anybody thought these statements?And also, pc gaming is piracy.Developers lose tons of money and people get fired every single day ,just because "you" are downloading games and other stuff illegally.Thats why i believe consoles are better....

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Both, but more games need to be exclusive to PC because the PC will always lead in technology and standards(I'm learning, been playing on consoles all my life and I REALLY love the PS2 though) =)

I can't wait for Battlefield 3 or the next game from Crytek, maybe Crysis 2 was put on consoles to give em a taste of what Crytek can do so that it'll encourage console players to play PC games in future, kind of like what Sony and sqaure enix did with final fantasy - give 360 players a taste then have the 14th game exclusive to ps3 so they'll have to get a ps3 to play it hahaha - anyways yeah, make games for both just focus more on PC for leading the way especially for stage demos and showing off.

"Maximum, Game".


Battlefield 3

Developed primarily for PC, demonstrated only on PC at the E3 Expo.

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If I was a woman, I would have BF3's babies.

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Piracy is an excuse that crap developers use to cover up the bad sales of their sh*tty game.

I mean look at Steam has 2,213,203 PC users online right now and not all pc gamers even use Steam (Although they should :P) Half the games on steam are cheaper then the stores have it as well.


If games are designed with multiplatform release in mind they should at least be designed with ALL platforms in mind and not just optimized for console and then badly ported to the PC. The other way round sucks as well. Games generally turn out to be best when they are exclusive to a certain platform or when the developers focus on ALL the platforms it's released on equally. Sadly these days many devs seem to be too lazy for this task.


Look at the success of WoW. It's a PC game which has a subscription fee. It has minimal piracy.

Create an FPS strictly for PC(show us love), lower the initial cost to 20dollars, slap on a 6-10dollar monthly fee(cs1.6 ESEA), use a MatchMakingRating instead of a 1-50 lvl system, and don't even bother with a singleplayer mode. More people would flock to the original game cause its only 20dollars potentially getting hooked. I like the idea of MMR because people can constantly work towards it.. unlike capping out at a certain level. Epeen would run rampid.


Monthly fees are one of the worst ideas ever, and actually a strong point for me to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM A GAME. Look at Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2, they are doing it right.

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If SONY or MICROSOFT made video cards i bet your ass that would be a lot more games for the PC that the ones there are...

And piracy isnt a valid escuse. The "No Piracy" slogan that the consoles carry should be enough to have console games at a reasonable price and what we see is exactly the opposite. Console games costing 60$ or 70€ here in Europe just proves that the consoles are just money whores, wich attracts money lovers...

... wich is the gaming industry...


Rodney seems to be neglecting the fact that most people who pirate games would not have bought the games in the first place. Pirated games are hard to maintain, are less likely to receive new content, have a high chance of containing malware, and, overall, are a pain to install and get working correctly. It just isn't worth "saving" $50 for all of that work, so most people who can afford to buy the game will buy it. The ones that can't afford or the ones that refuse to buy it are not losses in profit, because they wouldn't have bought it, even if the pirated version hadn't been released. The few that they do lose profit on are probably also covered in the loss of profit from developing for console and porting to the PC from those that don't want to play a second hand experience with crappy controls due to the console-orientation.

The only game I've bought in the past couple of years was a yearly pro subscription to Quake Live. I might have bought more games, but I really don't want to waste my money on gameplay I would not enjoy.

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I have been wanting to voice my opinion on this for a while. When I was a kid my family could only afford to give me a console. At the time I thought that this was okay because eventually I will grow up and have a job and be able to afford a computer to broaden my gaming horizon. It makes me so mad that now I'm 24, have a job, and have a computer that is powerful enough to play games, the PC games are now a thing of the past. And to top it all off, I hate consoles. I don't like the idea of knocking down my bookshelf, and body slamming my coffee table when play a WWF or boxing game. Also, holding a cheesy POS that Nintendo calls steering wheel, or the worlds smallest Wiffle bat... Wow, what fun!

I can do so much more with pc games. If you know how to create images, and a little programming, you can have your own car in Grand Theft Auto that nobody has. If you can't program, you can still play the game. But no, people can't get over the price tag of a gaming rig and goes for a console. THE RIG IS ALSO A COMPUTER... YOU CAN DO A LOT MORE THAN JUST PLAY GAMES!!!!! What can a console do? Other than play games that only go with that console (hell, now the PS3 isn't backwards compatible), it can play CDs, DVDs, and if you didn't fall for the HD DVD that XBOX thought would be the winner over Blu-ray, then also Blu-rays. Hell, the Wii can't even play DVDs. Wow, only one console can play today's and probably tomorrow's formats. But if you have a PC... OMG, all you have to do is by a new optical drive. And now you can do something that a console STILL can't do... Write in Blu-ray!

I use to have a PS3 and a 360. I thought the XBOX was okay at first until I got the "Ring of death". WTF, the thing turned on just fine the last time I used.... I didn't drop it, or used it as a coaster. And now I have to pay to have it fixed. The thing was only a year old. So, I thought screw it and bought a PS3. IMO, the UI sucks!!! What's the point of it's web browser? I can't imagine typing this post on a on-screen keyboard or a cell phone like keypad. I know I can say this... Thank God I sold it before PSN was hacked!!!!

I know this is a little off subject since the question is not about consoles being inferior to PCs, but it does upset me that the gaming market is going in the direction it's going in. I think that multi-platform games should be on all platforms including PCs.


Anyone here should realize that creating games for the PC is NOT the same as it was once. It is a dead business. Just crap facebook point and click and games like that.

A game company should make games that are
1) Mobile compatible
2) Perhaps usable online with Flash, for interaction
3) Do not rely on just the PC
4) Can be shared with friends and played with friends

Hardcore gaming should be created for BOTH. Write a version for BOTH. Please develop games for BOTH. I am sick of the ports you mention, but understand them. It is hard to state but the PC gaming days are nearly dead. Nearly every house with a male in the ages gaming companies are shooting for has at least 2 gaming systems and 1 really dated, slow PC. Why spend the money on development when it is not going to make the money. And Piracy is not the issue. If a game is good it will sell.

BUT for no upgrade costs (exception is motion controllers) my GAME consuls cost less than the PC did and have lasted several years without upgrade. I am maxing out the bottom of the barrel in graphics with a $300 video card (2 years ago) and a 4800 dual core (6 years old) processor. I really cant squeeze more from my machine and yet the games never stop growing. And the consuls handle them......

SOOOOOOOOO if you going to make a PC game, make an EPIC WOW clone or the next Diablo chain, because otherwise failure is about the only option these days when it comes to the high end stuff. Or take it easy on yourself and make a quick paced witty side scroller that will work on phone and browser online so you can farm or kill zombies of have a mafia. Then you can make money! (Half the development time(ok, 1/10th) for 10x the cash.) Which one do you think?


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you for got one big thing from who comes the big money for the GPU's not fromthe servers opencl or CUDA isn't in that market yet. k companies give money but for the low end card and higher for rendering. but the most GPUs get bought for gaming so the there comes the RnD money from not the consoles they got some cash 6 years ago and now they need to wait till the next generation to get some money. so if PC dies that the consoles might have a rather large problem.


I dont mind games on consoles, but when developers dont care about pc gaming, and that SUCKS!!!!:(


The almighty PC first, the weakly outdated consoles later. Lets face it, even the new PSV can match 360 and PS3 hardware wise. I own a 360 myself, and am well aware of its limitations. My PC on the other hand, is a power beast. Nowadays a cheapo 5750 or 5770 can easily kick the crack out the consoles and play modern games. Unfortunately developers go for consoles simply because more money is there :( ThE PC has soooooooooooooo much potential!!!!


They should first desing into PC and after all bugfixes and stuff like that, make them into Console.

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Every PC gamer should buy Battlefield 3, we must show developers that PC is not dead, just needs better games. DICE said at E3 that they are expecting pretty good sales on the PC.


I will always keep my pc updated at best that as I can. But I wouldn't spend the same amount of money to go from PS1, to PS2 & 3 and so on and so forth. That's cause I need my pc more since I do more stuff on it.

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The great thing about consoles is that the the playing field is level for multiplayer games. Your frame rate doesn't get in the way like it does for PC. Everyone plays the same game, at the same frame rate, with the same graphics.

I think multiplatform games should be made for the PC, then ported to consoles.

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I'm a serious console gamer, specifically a JRPG gamer, so I'd like to see more games made for consoles, but it'd be nice to see JRPG games made for PC too.

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While Piracy is a concern, you also forgot to mention cheating. The open environment of the PC allows players easy access to tools to dissect and create cheats for various games. As a PC gamer, I have to say cheating sucks big time.

When a game is ported from Console to PC, there is an issue of game balance that must be dealt with, particularly in FPS games where the mouse affords much greater precision than a joystick. For example, the one shot kill potential of a Sniper rifle can be utilized to far greater effect by expert players.

What I particularly hate about consoles is that there is no particular way to improve their ability, unless a company stealthily threw in the ability to overclock that could be used in a future update, but I doubt it. The joystick is also a source of hate when it comes to fps games. I cannot for the life of me use a joystick in an fps game. When it comes to third person games like InFamous, or Jak, the joystick works wonders.

In my opinion, the best console fps can never hope to compare to good ol' Counter Strike Source with the Keyboard and Mouse.

Probably the only major plus about using consoles (for the average Joe) is that upgrading is non-issue to play later games.


lol, did he really just ask that? PC or nothing!!!!!

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I could go either way. I got a 360 for the exclusives (Halo, Gears, etc.) and I'm fine with it. Though, I would like to see game developers do what CD Projekt did with The Witcher 2.
They developed the game first for PC, only focusing on the PC, more time put into polishing the game rather than porting it to consoles and all that nonsense. After they released it, then they worked on how they can port the game to consoles.Making sure it has a steady frame rate from beginning to end, optimizing the console's hardware and controllers for the best gameplay. Everyone wins.


Designed for PC definitely. It can always be downgraded and ported to the consoles (which are hugely out of date).

PC gamers shouldn't be disadvantaged just because Microsoft and Sony haven't put their arse into gear.


Designed for PC definitely. It can always be downgraded and ported to the consoles (which are hugely out of date).

PC gamers should be disadvantaged just because Microsoft and Sony haven't put their arse into gear.


Though I do have to say, the makers of fable 3 at least currected their mistake, even though they took a while, when they ported it to PC, they didn't just make it work for PC, they actually rebuilt then entire game basically, better graphics, every thing.

So at least one game maker knows what their doing. Then again, they still put a 50 or 60 dollar price tag on the game heh.


I think games getten stolen is completely the marketers of the games fault, like he said, games should of never hit the $50 mark and $40 is pushing it, I mean damm at this rate, we'r slowly crawling to the 100 dollar mark, that's just messed up, forget gas prices going up, its nothing compared to game prices, prices went from 10, 20 and rarely 30 to 50, 60, 70 and that's if you don't get the collectible versions of the game, then your looking at 90 to 120 if not more, gas prices have nothing on games.

If games getting stolen is really the reason for the unrealistic prices for games and I have no reason to think otherwise, then I'm sorry to say just because its on console does not mean its safe, PCs have been around a lot longer then consoles, there for there has been more time for people that know what there doing to steal games and I'm sure its just as possible for people to steal console games, there might be a little more work involved but I'm sure its just a matter of time before its just as fast, just as easy "as a few clicks". These price gouging is pointless and is only speeding up the dommand for an easy way for people to steal console games.

Its the Game marketer's fault.

The only time I can accept the 50 or 60 dollar price tag, is ONLY when you pre-order a game only then and when the game does come out, the price drops to ... At the very least, 30, 35 maybe.

Maybe what they should do, is from now on, for PC versions of the game, have it download and not have games in store, saves them the price to put their games on shelfs, the factories to burn legit copies of the game, the boxs they come in, though I guess that's have to have many many servers to allow so many people to buy then download from there servers, in the end, they simply need to lower their prices, though knowing them, their minds are fixed on that its the people stealing their game's fault and not theirs and any thing that they are told otherwise is a fat lie or just incorrect . . .

Anyways, that's my thought on the subject heh.

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It should be easier for developers to make videogames for PC since they are already using a PC to develop these games. Of course they would need to test them on PCs too, through emulators i guess. It actually sounds more difficult to make them for consoles.

I think online multiplayer games are the future, and for that, PCs are the best. Free projects like NFS world are still profitable for companies and even more accesible for users all around the world. U dont need to get them in walmart, or to wait for ur shipment. just download and play.

besides there is still the opensource games, no open sources in consoles....

I think consoles are for kids and Mac users.

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Actually, I think it's harder to develop for pc, because they have to test the game on thousands of pieces of hardware and combinations to make sure it can run like it should

and to be able to render in different levels of detail and resolutions


totally agree with most. design games for pc cuz pcs are much more powerfull and such, then port to consoles.
and not the other way around like it is done mostly nowadays, i hate those shit console-ports.

consoles are a decade behind on pcs graphic-wise, and i hate to miss all the awesome eye-candy there could be in games which isnt there cuz it are shitty ports from console....

i didnt buy a 2000dollar pc to play some port with bad graphics >.>
pc is way better, fuck consoles


totally agree with most. design games for pc cuz pcs are much more powerfull and such, then port to consoles.
and not the other way around like it is done mostly nowadays, i hate those shit console-ports.

consoles are a decade behind on pcs graphic-wise, and i hate to miss all the awesome eye-candy there could be in games which isnt there cuz it are shitty ports from console....

i didnt buy a 2000dollar pc to play some port with bad graphics >.>
pc is way better, fuck consoles

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Well, I think the answer is fairly obvious here. Code for the PC and then port it to the consoles. This means everybody gets the best of both worlds. I learned yesterday that Skyrim is going to be essentially watered down for consoles as well as a console port, which is pretty disheartening to say the least.

Crysis 2 is the best example of a console port that ruined the game. Crysis 2 was the biggest disappointment I've ever had in my gaming history. The first Crysis was an amazing game and something every PC gamer would be proud to run on their rigs. Crysis 2 is a joke and a slap to the face for the PC community.

Black Ops is another good example, but that has been such a horrible experience that I don't want to get into it.

I refuse to pay $60 for a nearly unplayable console port.

Battlefield 3 is looking like a great game for PC gamers. Hearing dice and EA call PC gaming "the future of gaming" has been awesome.


It all depends. Gran Turismo should be made for the PS3 as its only released on the console so best to directly develop but multiformat games apparently are easier to make for PC then port over. Capcom make most games this way like Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4 etc, This means generally everyone gets a decent game and not a shoddy port..

Piracy is a problem but nothing new, I mean who didn't know someone who had a 'chipped' playstation back in the day and they still tons of games for it. I just wish they hadn't resulted to such awful DRM for PC games, It just puts genuine buyers like myself off, I think EA's Spore having awful drm then becoming one of the most pirated games ever sums up why they shouldn't have it so strong.

I think PC gaming is far from doomed, actually I think its picking up. I used to be a console gamer (from an Atari 2600 to a Playstation 2) as most PC Games were mainly first person shooters or stategy (as the whole keyboard and mouse thing) but now with Games for windows live, Xbox 360 controller support becoming standard and the fact you can plug a beast of a PC into a TV and get performance a console will never dream of is enough for me never to buy a console again.

If you look at the upcoming games there are alot which are PC bound, more than enough to keep me happy so I wouldn't at all say its doomed, I mean look at World Of Warcraft so I wouldn't worry Rodney ;)


i think that they should make games for both pc and console but they need to make the pc versions for the pc and not how they did with crysis 2


There's actually a lot more piracy on consoles than there is on PC... don't let console developers fool you about this. They develope games for the consoles cause A LOT more people play on consoles than people who play on PC's.

Just think about it. People in general know little or nothing about PC's. It's always a lot easier for the consumer to just get an Xbox or PS3. It's easy to set up and you just pop a disc in and play.


Piracy is not as big a deal as the media and console zombies would love to make it out to be. Games like Assassin's Creed II get pirated because of their crazy DRM that punishes the paying customers. I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about "PC gaming seems to be doomed". Starcraft II, Shogun II and Witcher II all say otherwise. Look at BF3 coming out at the end of the year and listen to what John Carmack has been saying about the PC version of Rage. Doomsday could not be farther from the truth.

In any case, games should be developed for PC, i.e. should be PC-centric and then ported to console. Dice will tell you all about that as will CDProjekt - who by the way showed that releasing a game with no DRM will boost sales. A PC only game was on the UK retail charts behind LA Noire - who would have thought it. Bear in mind that is the retail charts, not including the masses of downloads from GOG and steam.


They are losing too much money from piracy so it is a better use of time to just develop console games.

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DX9 and low graphics on consoles makes the developing of the game easier and faster. And time and money is everything for them. Console games are less pirated, more sales. Consoles are cheaper than gaming PC and there are more people with consoles than a gaming PC. That mean more demands on console games than PC. But PC do have its advantages like price and contents. The witcher 2 for example it includes:
•Game DVD
•Making-of Video DVD
•Official Game Soundtrack
•World Map
•Game Manual and Game Guide
•Pamphlet and Cursed Coin
•And free DLC
All those for $50 with great graphics and gameplay. DLC usually cost $5-$15 in XBLA. And I bought orange box for $5 on steam promotion.


PC-all out!! :) So much more powerful and you get much more out of it.. As the other says, make for PC, then port to console.. 'cause PC got so much potential.. Why ruin it?

P.S. I like the fact that Battlefield 3 is developed for PC and then ported to console, as one guy here said.. :)

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that was me, btw.. just logged in ^^)

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I'm 50/50 about console to PC ports. Sometimes it can be done properly while other times it can be done very poorly but I would definitely prefer a game designed specifically for PC since I'm a PC Gamer (the only consoles I own are a PS2 and SEGA Master System II) then back ported to consoles like other people here.

For those games ported poorly (crappy keyboard layout etc) I use an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

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crysis 1 was ported to the xbox 360 a PS3 from the PC.

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I don't think it has as much to do with piracy as the fact that there are simply more console gamers than pc gamers. As aigamerDS says second hand sales are pretty bad too so I doubt they are making the decision to develop this way based these kinds of factors.

But hey 3DGameman since you dislike console ports how did you feel about Crysis 2, I remember you being so excited for that game.


Battlefield 3 at E3 was played on the PC


YES,to open a broader Audience YES. Remember when Final Fantasy was only for its for PS,Xbox,WII,AND Pc. REASON? BROADER AUDIENCE. however...i think its right for PC to have its OWN independent games.

I DOUbT they will do this. WHY? MONEY AND THE GRAPHICAL GAP!(the gap is massive) even if Xbox is made by microsoft, Companies lack financial or is comfortable (Scared to take on something that has so much possibilities) know how.

VERY FEW companies Tackled building a game ONLY for pc.
Take SquareEnix for example, they made FFXI and FFXIV souly for PC and it was success!
Ask Capcom,ubisoft,Sony,or even EA(Which has ALOT of pc Games) to do the same? yeah right! they rather RE-HASH games from consoles so they save money not having to deal with the Graphical GAP

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It would be great if games were developed from ground up for all platforms, but I think that would be very costly not to mention i'd probably take a lot more time as well.

As far as piracy goes, I think its very clear what needs to be done, the developers need to compromise and lower prices between that $15-30 range, that way users will be willing to buy games instead of downloading them, but as you all probably know that is not going to happen, these developers still make really good money, even with all the piracy, yet they refuse to lower prices & expect people to buy there games..

So until that day comes I will personally continue to download games, developers should at least make the digital copies cheaper..

Also, sure there isn't as much piracy in consoles, but I think that is going to rapidly change, eventually it'd be the same as it is in the PC world, It will be interesting to see how these developers handle it..

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Some gaming developers says that the second hand sales is worse than piracy. Second hand sales usually occurs in console only.


Well, the majority of the gaming market is, indeed, heading towards the direction of the console simply because of anti-piracy measures. However, as I've found out, that many PC gamers still download pirated versions of elder generation console games, ROMs, onto the PC and play them through an Emulator.

Despite that fact, I feel that PC games and gaming developers are becoming more and more genre specific. Now, the only genres that the PC market really have all to themselves are the RTS and the MMO genres. PC gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment(Starcraft 2 and WoW) and the Sid Meier's Civilization series(I know, bad example but you get my point).

Back in the early 2000s, most if not all, PC gaming developers simply take advantage of the PC's online connectivity feature that is, its ability to connect to the internet and allow gamers to play with other human players online and through the web and I think that was one of the main marketing drives for game companies to develop PC games over console games but nowadays, with the advent of Xbox Live and PSN, all of a sudden the tech gap is severely narrowed which forces PC gaming companies to specialize only on a few gaming genres and use whatever features of the PC has, that the consoles do not.