What would you do if your phone was stolen?

What would you do if your phone was stolen?




I live in Sweden and have never had anything stolen from me. Went to Italy for 3 weeks and some asshole steals my HTC. Havent had a phone since (6 months ago). I dont miss it because I sit by my pc all day so I have all the contact and such right there.

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My phone is a 4g Samsung Galaxy S. Locked. No biggie.

I'd just report it stolen (handset automatically wipes the ROM and all memory) and use the insurance, have a brand new phone in an hour. The thief would end up with an unusable brick.

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First you beat the person so hard for even using an IPhone, then beat him more for not tracking you and telling you not to buy one in the first place :). Then you dont beat him for stealing your IPhone, you hug him :P

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I voted "Other". I would actually almost celebrate if someone stole my cell phone because it's a piece of junk. It's just a basic flip phone, has terrible battery life, has SIM card problems and sometimes freezes up.

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If my phone gets stolen, il try to locate it. Ask the men if he took my iphone, if it looks like my iphone il probably begin to be aggressive. Calling the police doesnt solve anything, a lot of people dont agree. But if you steel something, a punch in the face would be a good punishment. i live in holland,if somebody would steel a phone, they will probably get a fine, and then they could pay the fine with the money they made of stolen phones. So yeah il probably beat the crap out of the guy(only if im certain its my phone)

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I'll shoot him in the kneecap if I find him, If I don't I cry lol.


Well, I just got my new 4G Android OS phone yesterday for graduation, so...yeah I'd try and locate it, but I wouldn't beat someone up like that guy did.


I got a 4 year old phone so I would be happy if someone stole it because then I got a reason to buy a new phone. But if someone steals my phone and I know he did it then I would beat that person up. If anyone steal any of my stuff they are going to at least get a punch on the face.

If I lose my iPhone and the guy next to me was using an iPhone then I wouldnt just beat the crap out of him, I would find out if he had stolen it. If he had then I would punch him in the face and then take the phone and leave.

If I asked him if he had stolen the phone and he ask if he can borrow it to call someone then I would let him do that...

But my point is that if I am going to beat someone that has stolen my phone then I would have to be sure that he had stolen it and not using hes own.


Since I hate cell phones I wouldn't have one to steal.


I'd track the phone. Had I come across a stranger with an iPhone, I'd use another phone to call mine. Suppose I were to the guy's left, here's how the conversation would go:

"Oh hey, how's it going? Well, actually, don't answer that, I already know it's probably going pretty well for you since you just picked up that shiny new iPhone. Not for long though, how about taking a look over to your left?"
*stranger looks at me*
"Yeah, police are on their way, so how about making things easier on yourself and just handing the phone back over to me? Thanks!"

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If I have an Android phone, I will install a Lookout application and just track it via GPS, but I chose "Other" because since I have a Pharos Traveler 619 (Windows Mobile 6.1), I have text messages that are very personal to me, so I always put it in my pocket and take out my phone when absolutely necessary when it comes to looking at the time or when I need to text. I can wear a wristwatch, but then it does tend to sweaten my wrist, but it helps makes my phone stay in my pocket. My smartphone only does text messaging and nothing else.

I didn't watch the video (with Chrome, since I use IE9 as the default) before I take a poll.

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Never saw that dirty word in "wris-t-wat-ch" before...


I think there is a problem with GPS tracking, what are you going to do? Go and kindly ask for your phone back? Or call the police, which I don't think they are going to care.


Since mine is a piece of crap, I'd just crap one of the spare ones and call it good (parents used to own a Verizon store, we have cheap phones left over that no one wanted).

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ask the person and then beat him down..wahaah

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That would depend on the phone, I currently have the Sony Ericsson P1i and the Nokia N900, the Nokia for business calls. The Sony I would just replace with a cheap Samsung E1100 I have in the drawer but the Nokia, well If I or the police can't trace it, I would take that report and go to the insurance company, that I pay monthly, and ask for a new device. Or actually find out who took it by accessing the VNC-server that is running on it in the background :) .


Here in New Zealand our old CDMA network is still up, since the Phone's do not have Sim Cards, you can Bar the Cellphone and only the phone company with a password you made up can debar it. So essentially what a robber would get is a barred phone.


My current arrangement allows me to find the location of the phone (GPS) up two time's, then I believe it's $5 a shot.

And the answer to the question, depend on how much courage I have on that day.

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Beat him down - then shove recovered iPhone in his face and yell "iPhone, B*TCH!"


alli have to do is go to lookout.com and i can track it with gps if it was stolen. best app ever.


actually its at mylookout.com

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I'd phone my mobile provider and ask them to try and track it or block it.

Mine is cheap anyways, I don't care at all for all these internet and facebook phonesetc, I think things like the iphone are overpriced rubbish, I just like the 'old school' phones that have decent sized buttons and reliable to call someone when I need to.

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if i was a 100% sure who stole it i wold beat him up an if not my phone is wort about 5$ because it has broke plastic and and is a sony k750i but it works grate and can take allot of crap


I would call the phone, and if someone picked up I would whisper "Seven days" and then hang up.

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Good idea

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Here's that MAN BEATS UP INNOCENT STRANGER news article: http://www.3dgameman.com/news/2011/05/25/man-beats-innocent-stranger

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Try and locate it in a civil way is the best thing what you can do. The man is barbaric and should take classes for his temper problem.