Do you use PriceGrabber?

Do you use PriceGrabber?



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In the UK its called Price Runner. I use the website it is very useful at times when looking for the best deal on products although Doesn't show every website out there so i use it as a price guide and further search. Another good UK comparison site which is specifically for DVDs is This website is very useful for film buffs looking for best deal on new releases or older dvds. Cheers Ryan56 :)

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here in france it's priceminister

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Never use Pricegrabber. I really dislike it.

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I used to use Pricegrabber a lot. Now I mostly use Google Shopping. I still end up buying from Newegg and Amazon about 95% of the time.


For instance, I buy 2-3k worth of tech garbage on every year, and would love for you to get the link commission for it!


Rodney, You need to post commissioned links to Newegg and some of the other major online vendors. Pricegrabber is about 10 years out of date.


I'm Dutch, so I use the pricewatch from and the price comparison by, which saved me quite a lot of money when I bought/build my pc.


never even heard of pricegrabber XD

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I voted "Other." If only if a product listed in PriceGrabber is relevant to the video review or the news article.

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Nope. I work at Microcenter. So, I get everything at cost. :D

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Used to use Pricegrabber, but now use Newegg for most of my shopping.


i use newegg for all my prices. if they dont carry the item then i probably wont buy one.

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I have used pricegrabber for looking up products that haven't been introduced to the european market.
When looking for the best price and offer I use a local portal called "Geizhals" (, they offer a pretty wide range of products and most of them are directly linked to the databases of the shops selling them. So if some product is out of stock, you will see it on the portal as well as detailed information on when it will be available again.

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I've never known that price grabber was that little window on the bottom of your videos... But from now I'm sure that I'll use It for most of my researches.

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do all my own research, thats half the fun.

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No I don't use it but I might now that you said about it and you use it. Is it for all regions or just US/Canada?

Always good to see you smiling Rodney =)

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No. It takes the fun out of bargain hunting if you have that kind of information just given to you! =D

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I must say I've never used it. I ALWAYS use the Google shopping search. I can't say if PriceGrabber is better or worse, but Google has never let me down on price.

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You should add one more option saying "What the heck is a PriceGrabber?"

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But he explains what it is in the video.

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What if you don't watch the video! I still don't really know what the heck it is.

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Maybe click the Shopping link at the top and find out ;)

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