What 802.11 wireless protocol do you use (a, b, g or n)?

What 802.11 wireless protocol do you use (a, b, g or n)?




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i read recently an article dealing with best wireless router to choose , they said that n technology has became stable now and some n routers can go near the theoretic 300mb speed, i'm thinking of upgrading my Linksys WRT54G2 G router with an n router (e300 or e4200) but i read some bad reviews about coverage and speed. so i want to know if really an n router is better than a g one especially that it's in draft mode.

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I voted G and N even though I have G. I plan to buy a new 802.11n PCI card that is fully compatible with Linux, as I'm familiar with Atheros a5k module and I don't know any consumer wireless PCI cards that support Linux -- that is, if it has an Atheros chipset in a PCI card. I have Ubuntu Server 10.04 rinning in my server and I plan to keep it that way until 12.04.

Note that I did voted anonymously (G and N) before I login, though.

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I'm using a Belkin N+ v1.0. It's no longer available, unfortunately, but was the preferred model (for me) because a lot of modification can be done to the software ROM that the v1.1 and v2.0 were locked out of, and it's processing capabilities makes it a very tough active firewall... which is good, because I seem to attract port hackers like I'm wearing bait.

The system is restricted to 300Mbps, where the newer models that replaced the N+ can do 600Mbps, but the N+ has a far better antenna structure had can hit high speeds at double the range, and given the interference I get from fluorescent ballasts (every light in my home has an independent ballast) I need that strong signal, plus it offers a 10Gbps switch with 4 1Gbps ports, which is needed due to the large amount of video and audio rendering I do across the network.

I only have one N capable device attached, which is a dual-core laptop which slaves in for video work. Everything else in the house is G+ (108Mbps) or G (54Mbps), but those are typically internet-purposed machines with limited connection to the local network.

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i have N capable machines but no N router but maybe next month...that new linksys router seems cool

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I have a Belkin Wireless N150 router, as it was only $30US at Target, which replaced a dying Netgear 108mps mimo G router, and a dying Trendnet 54mps G router, but my laptop, netbook, Wii, and 2nd guest desktop all have Wireless G built into them, which is generally fast enough for my needs, but I do have a Belkin Wireless N key for my laptop, when my internal Wireless G feels like acting up.


So whats the difference between these? And whats considered best? Am not into wireless connection, i have a wireless router but have wireless switch off and using good old cables for my desktop :)


over here in monterrey mexico G is predominant and i have several N computers but with the bad bandwidth over here (less than 2mbps) i yet have to see if their is any benefit in N protocol

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Wow, there are a few still using 802.11a and 802.11b and still lots using 802.11g.

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G for me. I dodnt have a good enough reason to get an N router

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Using g now, but FIOS will be out with the rev F FIOS router that has n on it soon!

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Been using n for about 3 years now. Have it on wife's laptop, daughter's laptop, and son's desktop. Runs great. Also using wireless Xbox360, a Wii, 2 smartphones, and 2 iPods. I think my family is well connected. Or maybe OVER connected. :)


I find it funny that some folks here even say : G for device A and N for device B.

Unless you have a dual band router (2.4ghz for G/B and 5.8ghz for N), you're USING G if any of your device is G!!!!

I have 2 WAPs, one for G and one for N. I dont set mixed G/N broadcasting. I also set channels to not overlap the freq. (increment of 4 : channel 6 and channel 11)

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All my desktops use wired connection (seems to be 100mbps even though all my devices should support 1gbps). My router is old Buffalo with G, my laptop has N and cellphone has G. I really don't find any use for faster wlan unless some ISP starts selling faster than 24mbps connections.

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802.11n but my DSL connection is < 2mbps so i can't really take advantage of it. At least it gets better range tho..

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I used to have N but my WRT-300N is gone, so not I simply use the G included with my modem.

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802.11n. switched from 802.11g last year and found it to be so much faster than 100BASE-TX :O


I use "n" for all my computers and iPad, and "g" for portable devices like smartphones and Nintendo DS family.


I don't use wireless at all. The connection is too unreliable even with a good router and simply cannot perform well enough with a 100Mbit speed even if it would be right next to the computer.


Although I have an N router, I have everything wired up because wireless on it is incredibly poor and it's 1 possible security risk less I have to worry about.


I don't but I can tell you what my neighbours use, mostly G some N

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i don't even know how to see which one of them uses my laptop

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i have n but im using g right now got to upgrade


lol i hv N+
who uses a or b anymore ? LOL

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I use g i see no real need to switch to n, its faster but most devices are wired anyways so first thing i should be doing is getting a gigabit switch.

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G for my Android phone
N for my Netbook

Using a Tenda Wireless-N Cable Broadband Access Point/Router. It cost me around £15 a year ago, still that price at the moment and has been going strong. =D

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I have no idea what they mean. I use cable and disable wireless.

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Wow, so you don't have any wireless devices.


g and n