Computer gamers less likely to go to university?

Computer gamers less likely to go to university?




i am a gamer,i've been gaming since 8 years now,i would not call myself a hardcore gamer but i usually spend 4-5 hours daily gaming.i am doing my engineering(electronics).its not bad at all to game but still there should be some limit to it and should also take your studies seriously as well.playing games which requires concentration can increase your reflexes also thereby if games are played in a controlled manner they can be really beneficial and real fun to play.


Im at university studying video games art so i guess you can do both and more XD

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what is university?
oh i guess i'm a "bad" gamer then

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ive read that playing video games is the best constructive way to pass your time, yes even better then reading books for leisure. its one of the only forms of entertainment in which your brain is the most active.

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Gaming is a distraction but it's also a means to tone down, all work and no play leads to a dull day. I can't really conceptualize an imbalance to either. I just don't have the attention span to play games for 3 hours or read for 3 hours. I take everything in portions but if I am in a bad mood I tend to want to game a round or two until I'm in the mood or find the inspiration to do something productive. I learn at my own pace, it doesn't always work out for me though but it is my life. I'm struggling hard to live a productive and helpful life while learning Psychology in College - I hope to some day be a prodigy and change the world, but I won't stop gaming.

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I wouldnt class myself as a real gamer because even though I do play games here and there most of my free time I spend just browsing the web and doing random tasks. I'm currently about to do my GCSE's (UK, Age 16) exams and I don't really think that anything is holding me back getting a good education tech-wise. If anything, it helps me achieve an education. Gaming, not so sure. If you play games all the time, regardless of the platform, you are probably slightly less likely to carry on with higher levels of education because the lifestyle of a hardcore gamer is one that all their free time is spent having fun which is not what the world is. People have to work hard to have a decent life. Just look at Rodney, he started 3DGameMan ages ago and is now huge in internet terms. Back when he got that first sponsorship deal, he could have stayed with that and all would have been fine and dandy. However, he did a lot of hard work securing all these sponsors and getting 3DGameMan to what it is today. Even now look at all the work he's doing, if you saw one of his videos where he showed all the viewers the table and his room with the TV and things (Video #1000 was it?) he had stacks and stacks of products to review. That must get hugely repetitive reviewing the same sort of thing over and over and over again but he works hard and thus has a successful career and life. Personally, I wish to go on to university and do a degree unrelated to tech things such as Pharmacy/Medicine.

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It vastly depends on the situation and factors involved.

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Ive never commented on any of your videos before Rodney but this one caught my attention.

I have been gaming all my life; hardcore to be exact and I've competed professionally in several as well. I still even game a lot now. I'm 21, I am currently in my first year for my Doctor in Pharmacy degree at NSU. So I guess, I myself can say that the poll is wrong for me but hey, statistics are just stats.

keep up the awesome videos!


I am a gamer.. I don't read books.. apart from the academic ones. I'm doing my Engineering studies, Mechanical to be precise.
So I have to correct someones comment in the beginning of this thread. Gamers doesn't necessarily mean studying computer science..
Its a passion.. your academic background doesn't really play a part. And academics.. U NEED TO BE SERIOUS!! zz


There's probably a big difference between statistics on Gaming vs. College and individual people who post here. I'm one of several people here who are and have been gamers for years and I got my Bachelor in Computer Science and am working on a Master's degree right now.
The point is that gaming got me interested in Computer technology and that caused me to go to University.
But I bet there are lots of people who dont develop in that direction and in that case gaming might be more of a limiting factor (among lots of other things).

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Before, it wasn't all flame wars and "ps3 sux!!" or "xb0x FtW!!1!". I think people back then were so amazed because of all the new tech and was something they've never seen before, and genuinely just wanted to have fun. Now you got people starting "wars" and just all round brain rotting, nonconstructive, criticism.


Have u Noticed that all gamers in college here, are involved in Computer Science studies?

This definitely has to be related to gaming. And yeah I agree PC gaming is way more challenging cause the better is the game, the higher will be ur hardware requirements. So u will need to get ur hands dirty and u will need to spend hours learning which video card, power supply, RAMs, SSD HD, etc is better for your rig and also u will be learning many other things such as overcloking, CAS latency, GPUs, Crossfire, eyefintiy, DVI, Heat induction, compatibility, 64bit OS, polygons per second, etc and that is a good start for anyone willing to get involved in computers. next step is that u wil be fixing ur neighbor PC, and ur daddy will say: hey dude u are really skillful at this! Next day u are on ur way to MIT.

I'm pretty sure that games are the most demanding tasks for PCs.

U wanna know what is a gaming turn off?======> MARRIAGE....!
I wish Gaming would keep us safe from marriage.

I'm 40 I'm going through my second marriage (what is wrong with me?) Started with extreme gaming in college But I game since I was 12 years old (Arcade, Asteroids, Atari, etc) I have been studying like 4 different Univ Careers and changing a lot, but Just finished one of them and this is Not related to gaming, I actually believe gaming would kept me more focused in just one career. And now planning to go back to college, or at least online college, for one more.

I would say that musicians has lower chances to get into college, unless u apply to a conservatory.
there are more kids trying to be rockstars than gamers trying to be gaming stars? if that exists in some parallel universe.

Oh by the way I'm from Peru southamerica and Gaming and the internet helped me a lot to improve my english skills, never went to a language institute or anything.

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In my case it's somewhat true. I'm right now going to school for the highest degree. After it I will go to the Technical University but gaming is somewhat affecting my grades. But it's NOT impossible! :D ftw, Support 3Dgameman @


Perhaps true with consoles through it's completely the opposite with PC gaming. 90% of the people you find on comp sci degrees got into it because of PC gaming.

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I have been a gamer for 26 years now and I play a lot. I love to read books and take time to read them also.

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im a gamer starting university next year . i dont read any books at all, the only things i read are pc reviews etc. imo you just need to find balance between gaming and real life after all gaming is just a hobby you cant make it your life...

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Cause of the PC/Games that brought me into ICT Based University ...
My initial ambition was only to be a chef ~

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Only to be a chef??

What do you mean "only" Do you realize that good chefs who have their own restaurant make alot of money. It takes alot of creativity to become one and not everyone can do it. Anyone can do what you're doing now. Sorry bud.

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thats bull. i have been gaming since when i was 11 and never failed a year :X

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I voted maybe, because it really depends on the person, one person can deal with gaming and the other get's addicted like ****.
And reading books can be important but it isn't the best way to learn things, getting some extra lessons after school is better imo.

Game for fun =D


I am going to university/filmschool in october and im at college at the moment, i game whenever i have time to and if there is work to do for education then i wont play any game for a week if i have to... dont let gaming get in the way of your education. manage your time.


Ive been a gamer all my life. I'm going to university THANKS TO GAMING. (Game Design and development)

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some gamers will not get to university because they are to addicted and do not have time to learn . but there are a lot of things that you can learn from games and not from reading. i learned a lot of English because i played games and I liked to understand what they where saying. now it is even going further i read most of scientific articles and books in English. I never liked story books but i always preferred science books because i read slow but i learn more from science books than the normal books .
so gaming has nothing to do whit your degree except if you are addicted and don't set your studies above gaming.


I'm a gamer. Not a big book fan and I'm in my final master year going for my master in electronics and ICT: Multimedia and information technology.
So to me that statement is complete nonsense.


I agree there's probably some truth to this. But it's important to remember it's not a rule, it's just that a gamer has a slightly lower chance. Personally I despise reading (novels that is, FICTION IS FOR MOVIES!), but I'm still doing pretty well. I'll bookmark this page and come back in 8 or so years and tell you how I went :-P


If you're an avid gamer then this can actually decrease your chance of getting to the stage of going to university. It all depends on your ability and/or willingness to prioritize your much needed study time over r&r like game-related activities. And of course as Rodney pointed out, maybe it's not as big of a deal to you and you prefer being a plumber. (or any job for that matter which doesn't require a university degree)


Not true. I'd say there's a slightly higher chance of them not finishing maybe, but I don't think gamers are less likely to enroll.


Games and Interactive Entertainment Degree.

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Being an avid gamer doesn't mean you wont get a degree. I'm the prime example, I game A LOT and i'm currently studying Cert3 then Cert4 in Information Technology (Networking).

Reading helps, as it can expand your vocabulary etc. So this single statement isn't true, as gaming still tests your mind with problem solving and still exposes your minds to story and other creative things. So it's not like a Gamer completely misses out.


Nah, it's all to do with prioritizing yourself. I myself am a rather avid gamer, sometimes 6-10 hours a day here and there. I still managed to get certified by 17y old. I'm not bragging, just saying that managing your time is really all it takes, and being determined to succeed.


I game, I have 2 degrees. if anything if you game you want to stay @ uni so that you can get another few years of gaming un-interrupted. infact i am doing a graduate diploma now... i really need to leave uni, 6 years is far too long @ uni.


I think that a lot of gamers are at university, I myself am a gamer, and I'm currently enrolled in a university.
I think that *console* gamers are less likely to go to university than *computer* gamers. Specifically the idiots that try to play FPS games on joysticks...


It all depends on the individual gamer and when he/she is playing games and how much. Me i play games a lot and i love it but i dont play when i dont feel like playing and thats a good time to hit the books it all comes down to finding a balance that works for the individual.


If u are an extreme gamer I think U have more chances.
Cause the need for gaming will lead you to learn more about many things, such as hardware, software, physics, history, ancient cultures, science, some other games teach us to find solutions, secret codes, or keys, puzzles, other studies reveal that people who has better left/right hand coordination (such as musicians) has a lot more neural connections in their brains, I a Musician and I personally believe that most of the WASD games requires a very good ammount of hand coordination skills, guitar hero and rock band are a good samples too.
I actually believe that an importanat percentage of the college population are extreme gamers, online gamers, and I'm pretty sure almost 99% are tweeters or facebook users.

I think gaming is a healthy addiction but u need to learn to control it.


<- Long time gamer, degree under my belt at 24.

Like someone else said, it's all about moderation and prioritizing.

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It's all about moderation and prioritising. If someone can't get into uni or fails uni because they were gaming too much then I think they need to have a serious think about where their priorities lie. Mum basement won't be there forever!

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Yeah probably if they spend all their time playing video games they aren't going to have much time for anything else.

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As long as the person has a set limit and can control their gaming habits, it shouldn't affect their opportunities of attending university. Speaking from personal experience, I am a gamer and in my senior years of high school. I have maintained an honor roll average thus far and I don't think playing games will have any negative impact on my studies as long as there is a fine line set between video games and academics.


Not for me, I've got my degree. Although I must admit I didn't play games much at the time, I do a lot more after finishing University.


I am a gamer, but I also read a lot. As a 2nd year university student (with a distinction GPA) and an officer in the RAAF I would like to think that gaming hasn't affected my future at all.


I chose other mainly because I myself am 17, I read a lot, I mean A LOT of books, but I also game a lot. I am an aspiring computer programmer and web developer.