Do you backup?

Do you backup?




I voted "others" because I'm not really sure to how to do it... :S I know I should do this... And I will if you help me please thanks ;)


I have about 6 TB of media that I keep a 1:1 backup of in addition to RAID5. Storage is cheap now.

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I only backup my important school stuff, that's all.. and some progams... but not much

Game for fun =D


Yep. Of course personal files but also install files for programs I download. It's easier to rebuild even if I have to update to newer versions.

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i do not have a second backup harddrive so i sometimes set mien important files on an usb stick so i won't lose it but i do not backup evrything.


I always forget to backup, however I use a program on my mac (5 dollar @ month) that backs up everything for me. So I can drink my corona, instead of having to worry. :)

Randal Davis
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i do back up, but not with hard drives, i us CD-rom/dvd`s to back all my data. will important data that is.
like pictures of the family, ideals i have, music i write and play, my movies, music i download, and important emails and such.

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I do backup all my necessary files to my Ubuntu Server 10.04 for storage. I might buy a 2TB hard drive and setup logical volume management (LVM) so that a single file server partition can be shared with two hard drives or more when I need it to, but then maybe it's better to dedicate MythTV recordings to their own hard drive

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hell yes i do backups

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I most definitely back-up.
I even do redundant backups.
Ya just never know when and/or how disaster strikes!


I let WHS do the backups of all my computers for me.

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Scary, about one third don't backup. Those are the folks who like living life on the edge ;)

Rodney Reynolds,


I Backup all my pictures/savegames/gameupdates and so on.

I Save the files in USB sticks and external HDD's =D

It has been some time since i did it.. But its because i only backup my Own Build Computer :-D

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I make sure to backup to an external drive on a weekly basis and defrag. I'm usually too lazy to do security scans that often though :p

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I don't back up so I can feel dangerous and reckless. ;)


Of course I backup, its called a scheduled scripted backup job and no one has a valid excuse not to be doing it already since storage is so extraordinarily cheap these days.


No because I buy quality HDDs and SSDs that are inexpensive...


I don't back-up because I only have windows 7 and my games on my computer.

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Yes have an Acer Aspire easystore H340 WHS server
Backup 2 desktop and 1 laptop every 24 hrs.
At the same time, the server is used as a mediaserver

A good investment, and I still have room for 2 more harddrives in the server.

But if you are a PC builder, you can make your own WHS server, with better spec. than the H340
and at a lower cost ...

I bought the server after a harddrive fail, and the loss of data / emails / pictures was devastating.

- So as the man says ... Backup your harddrives

Kind regards
Denmark (EU)


I have no dedicated backup solution but i have a drive where i store everything i would prefer to keep. That drive is always the most resent purchased one. (i buy a new drive about once a year)
The only time i use that drive is when i re-install my OS and it holds all applications i need to install after a re-install. It also holds some of my more "precious" documents and videos etc.

But should it all fail i wouldn't suffer that much from it. If there is one thing you learn it's that you NEVER store something that could cause you real trouble on any digital solution. If you have an IT job you put it in the hands of companies you work for. If it fails they cannot blame you.

And finally, i wouldn't want to store backups on DVD's because...

1) They are easily damaged.
2) They are easily misplaced. (unless you have a safe)
3) They are easily stolen. (unless you have a safe)
4) They cost money, more so than having an extra mirrored drive. (Especially if you keep them in a safe!)

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I only back up my music(mostly iTunes stuff) and the YouTube vids I make, so only do it once every couple of months.

"Maximum, Game".


only when im driving backwards


Being a Mac OSX user I always backup using Time Machine, honestly this is by far the best implementation I've seen.. It backs up every hour.. The first back up takes a while, but after that its fairly quick.. So if you end up loosing everything, just insert the installation disk and choose the drive to restore from, after restoring your system is back to exactly the way it was..


Hey thats my B-day march the 31st LMAO.

But yes, after you when you usually say, "I back-up with another back-up" I started to follow your philosophy. It makes sense and I feel so much confident.

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yep, got some external hard drives and the most important files goes to dual layer dvds.

Andreas Hofer
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I backup my most important files on an external drive that I have stored in a secure location. Now I should really do this more often because once or twice a month may not be enough if something happens, however I still have an internal drive that backs up data everytime I shutdown the computer. As for my family's VHS and DVD collection that I share over the local network (on 2x 2TB drives), well I have them backed up on DVD. Now that Blue-Ray becomes more and more affordable and especially faster, I might switch.

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Random question: if you have two drives in RAID 1 and one dies, what happens after you install a new drive? does it automatically recompile everything or do you have to use like some special program? o.0

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No, when you put in a new drive your RAID controller will tell you that you have to rebuild your raidset, onboard RAID controllers require you to wait inside the controller's menu in order for it to rebuild, the more fancy ones will rebuild the raidset in the background.


Raid Backup is useless, Use a Timemachine... Windows likes to format itself for no reason, or Linux HDD'S


Err... Windows doesn't just "format" itself... Nor does it format your drives by itself.
If it has done it to you then you had a security failure.

Point in point, have never seen or heard of anyone running Windows or Linux losing their data due to OS failure. If the Windows install goes corrupt you can still recover what you had on the drive.


i would like to back up all my files but then ill need a 10TB nas, so i just do the os drivers, thats only 2 tb.


well yeah you was right
i didn't backup my files,
now a Russian virus infected my PC,
now i can't Even Instal AVG or Photo Shop because its Goes Blue Screen .
Very Angry :(


I use Acronis, it's my favorite back up software.

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I used to back up everything to DVD-RW's up until a month ago when I bought my current primary drive (Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb) and use my old IDE HDD for a backup system image now.

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No need for me to backup, I can always just get everything back, though it'd take a few days :P


I really dont backup so mutch, becouse its so slow and i dont know any good backup softwares that would clear the old back up data or something else youknow. But i do copy most of my important data to extrenal 2tb what i use very barely so the hdd's lifetime would be long :)