What would it take for you to give up your computer forever?

What would it take for you to give up your computer forever?



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I would give mine up for a better one because mine a piece of crap that needs to be introduced to a shot gun blast

Randal Davis
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I would give up my PC system, for cash.
with the cash i would buy my own home, new car, furniture, cloths, food, get into a gym, build a new bigger PC, a better website of my self, so i can do what Rodney does,spend more time with my family, oh and beer . gotta have a good video, game, food and beer, sometime.
Other times a good video game, food and Coca cola.

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il give up my computer if i can go back to my country.

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I voted other:
Which is; When there is no electricity.

Two sides on this. First one is that there are computers everywhere and current society forces you to use one, only thing that would allow NOT to use computers is when there's no electricity anywhere.

Second one is that life can be good without it. Go back to candlelight and enjoy ourselves and eachother with games, reading, etc. The stuff we used to do before the digital age.

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I'd easily give it up for things I care about alot, family, friends etc but I would easily give it up for Immortality and another very supernatural/magical thing =P

And at the anonymous one saying, "Immortality without a PC? smells like suicide..." the question doesn't say anything about not having another PC hahaha just give up the one you have now and get or build another =/

"Maximum, Game".

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I feel I would give it up for no reason, while it has it's attatchment it's still. I'd give it up for time travel, a typewriter and a strong epiphany, the 6th sense... But I'd give it up for Rodney's computer the most.

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id give up my pc forever if it would bring back my dog which died in 2007.
she meant everything to me, id give up anything in the world if it would bring her back

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I would give it up for my friends or family. If they were in trouble that would go out quicker than you could say "bye". My computer isn't worth that much to me no matter how much i invest in it. That is why i voted "Other".

Lord Mortus
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Seeing as I'm trying to get into the IT field as a profession, I "couldn't" give up my computer.. but I never would to begin with so it's all moot :)

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I don't care about the things on the list:
[*] Better health and happiness
Well, I am happy with my PC and I don't live an unhealthy live just because I do a lot of work at my PC.

[*] Lots of money
Will be over somewhen and then I will miss the heat of my processor in cold night :-/

[*] A sexy hot person
A sexy case is better than a "sexy hot" person since these people are usually dumb as bread or you want to kill them after some time.

[*] The vehicle of my dreams
One crash and then I neither have a PC nor a car.

[*] To live in a better country
Try to find one which is "a better country". You will fail a lot.

[*] Be super smart and sexy
No. Goes away anyway and what is left then? Ugliness and a whole in your room which only a PC can fill.

[*] Immortal
An endless life without a computer? Smells like suicide to me ^^'

[*] I wouldn't give it up for anything!
Am... No! -.-

I think I would give my PC up for a persons which I can be together for the rest of my life and which has a solid chracter with so many... I don't know how to say it. Just that you explore a new side in this person you've never seen before but which you like as well. Sounds cheesy, I know.
I think that can give you more than a PC with crappy Windows, moody drivers, half cooked games and overpriced components could ever give you.


becoming religious :(

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I'd give up my computer only if Jessica Alba was having my baby. And since I know that's NEVER going to happen... (sadly enough)...

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If by give up you mean never use a computer again, well, no I would not. I have pretty much everything I really need. And the stuff I would love to have would not replace what I get from my PC. Unless it means saving my wifes life or something along those lines, I see no need to ever part with my PC.


You gat a lot of money, and you just buy another computer that is better :D

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is becoming a hybrid robot whit a computer an option like mechanical arms legs etch and chips in mine brains (but thats probably a portable pc) so no I can't give it up for ever . but i can decrease it. i'm not good in handwriting so that would be a big problem and pc = smartphone so you lose to much you even lose a bourd computer in your car


Here's one for your Rodney. Say your wife wanted to start a family and she considered that you needed to give up the 3Dgameman site and your computer because they were in the way.

She gives you an ultimatum that either ends in 1 of 2 ways

1. Divorce
2. You sacrifice the Computer and your website for the wishes of your wife and you start a family.

What would you choose?
Is your wife reading this?

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he already has a wife and family :p so he fused it together :p


Give up your computer forever?
Noting in the world can make my sell my computer and never using...

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not even death. I'll use a pc from hell if i have to.


A giant commit to destroy earth and my self.
Otherwise nothing. Absolutely nothing. Fuk That. No chance in hell. Nothing. :)


An act of God only would make me give up my computer.


A casket, because I would be dead


i would give it up for a better new gaming computer ;)

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Immortality, I'd have to stick to crappy consoileds.

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My girl and 100,000 acres or unscathed self sustaining wilderness in a mild climate. And my trusty shotgun.


I would give up my computer to trade it for surival, if i was terribly ill and had to die soon. (so: life without a computer is better than sudden death from illness...)

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I couldn't give it up, because I am studying programming :D

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i would give it up for a chevy pickup (wanted one for like 4 years), but for money, if it gave me enough to build another then im good =]

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Biker Bry
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I'd give it up unselfish happiness, long life, good health and success for my children and those I love.

Life is too short, every day counts.

Andreas Hofer
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Maybe if I could retire early and would not have to worry about money. I do not mean super rich but enough for me and my family to live a good an descent life. At the moment there is just no way I could turn profits without it.

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At first, I wouldn't give it up for anything. But then, I met a girl ;) So I decided to take care of her and her 3 months old son, so I'm giving my computer up till I know I will have time for it.


wouldn't give it up, unless i can give it up for a million and then spend that on a computer :)


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The problem with giving it up for lots of cash is that i would just want to use the cash for a much better pc

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I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world, because that's the future.
If it was because of a girl then still no, because then she wouldn't accept me in the way I really am.

But if I was deadly-sick and it would safe my life and I could live on without any problems from the sickness then yes of course, take it forever.

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I'll never part with my rig. Unless i sold it and got enough money to build a better one :D

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Well well... would ya look at that, "I wouldn't give it up for anything!" is winning. It seems I'm not alone, we all have a problem ;)

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I can't give up my PC...
Is part of my Life... XD


I m a DIY builder..i'll never give my rig up :-O

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I'd give it up for money...then I'd buy an upgraded PC :D:D:D

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If i could live without my lifelong illnesses, i would never touch a pc again.

Now i still need a cell phone to live in todays world.

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Honestly I'm hardcore into computers, building, fixing, and overclocking is what I do, I couldn't give that up.

I would give up my current rig (with the provision I could build another one later lol) if I could drop out of college and still get a degree lol.

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never EVER will i give up my PC

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A)ill give up my computer if i get a better one in return
b)lots of money


I'd give up my PC if i could live in Japan. Simple as that.


A new one :P


hello, thanks for this poll.

I'd give up my PC and Laptop for 3 things only.
1) Lot of money, and i mean really lot because in my country there is everything too expensive

2) Be super smart and sexy, smart for obvious reasons so i could make more money with money i'll have and sexy is just bonus i guess :)

3) Immortality, even knowing that all people that i know and have yet to meet will die and i'll watch them. I'd overcome that sadness and try to use those money and smartness of mine to make life of all people that aren't as lucky as me to be immortal better and hopefully painless and happy death.

Radek from Czech Republic.


i cant because i need it for work, i need it for my other hobbies and i need it for school. so no, i cant give it up, because also if i would give away my computer at home i always will have one at least at work

cetus lupedus
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This is such an awesome poll from you Rodney, the results are very interesting.

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