Is gaming a waste of time?

Is gaming a waste of time?




*I'm a gamer well before high school now reaching 28 and married. I've regret picking up my first game. i've couldn't see how bad gaming was for my life and always had the excuse, defending my lifestyle in comparison to other people who would use their time riding a bike or lounging it out in front of the TV.
it all came clear when my friend moved in, locking himself in his room all day all night. and that's how i was used to be. i have no real achievement in life but the high score i got in a game, and the conditional friend in a mmorpg guild. at the end i'm left with stress and regret, trying my hardest to catch up to real life..

i say yes, its a wast of time. get of your ass and go out, you will get a girlfriend.


I don't think they are a waste of time
Games are a form of entertainment just like movies

Do i gain or learn anything from them?
In my case i can proudly say yes, i learned to speak English.
When i was little for me in order to progress through games like zelda
I had to translate and i liked it.

My 2 Cents.


The way I see it its my life, if I enjoy playing games rather than learning an instrument or reading infomration and knowledge I will probably never use then I will, I would rather spend 1000 hours playing games than 1000 hours doing something I don't enjoy, I think people who go riding bikes for hours are waisting their time so it works both ways.

To be honest considering people spend hours in front of the TV watching soaps and crap like that playing games is actually a step up, they complain you play games too long but then they go ahead and sit watching some rubbish on tv for a few hours, at least I inprove my motor skills in games, more than I can say for sitting in front of a TV for hours a day.

first it was board games, then it went to the movies, then TV and now games, this generation by 2030 will probably not even have TV's everyone will be playing games and people will be arguing about people spending too much time sitting in front of a box rather than enjoying a computer game, people are always scared of change.

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I MUST PLAY OR I WILL DIE! @.@ Waste of Time its a hobby so NO some people fuck some work some are playing Games!


Games are like Alcohol: used responsibly, it can make you have a great time, without affecting yourself or your surroundings in a negative way, and it's way more fun, when you're enjoying it with a couple of friends ;)


It is waste of time, but sometimes I need some time to waste, because there's nothing else to do.


Same answer as you rodney, it's a yes and no situation. Yes it's a waste of time in terms of that it doesn't really get you anywhere with your life etc. No it is not a waste of time because what can be better than keeping your mind active and buzzing to keep you sharp and aware when it comes to real life. Not to mention some games can improve your motor skills and reaction time.

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Maybe but it is a good stress releiver.


Short version: Playing with some1 else next to you is not a waste of time

Long version: Like any other form of entertainment( books, sports, movies. etc) If it's something you've never experienced before, then you can't call it a waste of time. Till you've spent say over 240 hours or so( i pulled the number out of my @ss) on it. After that if you don't get anything more from it other than pleasure and it is preventing you from other activities that can provide you with more than one thing ( one of which doesn't necessarily need to be pleasure) than you may call it a waste of time.
NOW if you can get the game you are playing to offer you more than just pleasure ( better mental reflexes, improved concentration) then it still isn't a waste of time. But as you keep playing everything reaches a point that is hard to continue to progress efficiently. In such a case I resort to my last two options, either give up on the game and gaming for a while, or call a friend over and improve your relationship with the friend by beating the crap out of him .

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Yeah :) gaming is a total waste of time ... and I will still waste it


Like you said, it depends on who u ask. Me, myself personally, believe that it depends on the game. Some games i can play and be like hell ya, i can dig this, other games its like, r u serious, i just wasted an hour playing that? But ya, its all a matter of personal preference. Anywhoo, nice poll Rodney.

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i think that is a waste of time but so are all other sports and recreational activities, so just because it is a waste of time does not mean it shouldn't be done



This a way to relax and never had a chance to play games when I was younger. One I did not have computer, until I was older and making money that I could spend time on relaxing. Games to me is a release of frustration of daily living. Now on the other hand my wife says that play games too much and get nothing done. But I do pay all the bills. She is always on Facebook, so what the difference.


As an artist, I find that games can help inspire me and open me to new ideas. I believe a game can be as much worth as reading a book.

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wrong poll link in description.

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3 simple words... No F'n Way! Simples eek haha =P

"Maximum, Game".


I got from #52 - Poll: Did you get a TV for Christmas? here...
I don't think that this is right...^^



So of course I did.

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actually i got a computer to plug into my tv i dont have much space to work with in my room so i was the best option




"Tiny little Honda thing"

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Current TV's still work, so why replace...

You're video link to the TV poll is wrong...

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if your reading this then yuor wasting your time ! gaming is fun, i like fun, therefore i game.

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There was a test done in the UK and people that play games can see better in the dark and also have a quicker response time in driving real cars, So NO it is not a waste of time, if there were no gamers the roads would have more accidents than they already do..

If in doubt mod it anyway


In this day and age, gaming is almost social bonding, so you can't entirely say that gaming is bad. Although, if the gamer's attitude/lifestyle changes, then it's time for them to take a break for a little while and take a breath of fresh air outside. I also want to add that it is much safer for a kid to be sitting inside enjoying them self, then taking the risk of playing games outside and getting:hit by a car, getting molested/raped,etc. I do believe that games like sims or WOW, should definitely be taken in portions, due to the virtual ism possibly taking over your life.


Gaming might be a waste of time, but if you enjoy wasting your time, then the time isnt wasted. Or is it?


Good side:

Computer games improve cognitive skills -

Bad Side:

It sometimes take a big bite out your day. Yes, you could do more productive things.


Set aside an hour or two for gaming. Gotta have some fun.


Gaming is like playing football or anything else in your free time.
I wonder if parents would say "don't waste your life playing football all the day" to their kids, but ultimately it's the same, instead of learning how to play football, gamers learn how to use computers and this is unlike football, very useful in later life, for jobs and such.

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i don't think gaming is a waste of time but i don't think it should be high in peoples priorities good rule is never pick a game over outdoors

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It's not a waste of time and the peaople who do say that are just noobs who get pwned every time they try yo game.

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LOL.. The hours spent gaming could go to better things, but then again perhaps it's a good waste of time for some people. For example: should a serial killer spend 500+ hours playing rather than killing people in real life, but on the other-hand that aids vaccine is delayed 500+ hours and you die.

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No it isn`t.What really mean "waste of time".Eating,sleeping,breathing etc. is a waste of time 99% of what we are doing is a waste of time but we have to do them anyway...

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Quality of life is determined by the individual and if gaming improves the individuals quality of life then there time is not wasted.


Nothing is a waste of 'time' if you enjoy yourself while doing it. Time doesn't even exist. So just enjoy what you do.


If it is a waste of time, then it isn't more of a waste than other r&r activities.

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game is like work. you can play the game and make cash. you can play game and do your job works. now amd fusion lest you do all thinks at one time. so no gaming is not waste of time. you play. you relax. you always thinking and it is good like play chess.


Gaming is entertainment, just like going to see a film or watching tv or listening to music, we do it for enjoyment, as long as it doesnt affect your working time and anything else it isn't a waste of time.

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Its only a waste of time if you have other things to do. I think the people who say its a total waste of time just suck at gaming. They are to dumb to play, Just can sit there passively watching Jerry Springer.

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I met my girl friend playing games, I concentrate better after playing games. I play games in bed too!


Take everything I say at your own risk :)


I personally think that all forms of entertainment is a "waste of time" because I could be using that time to find a cure for cancer, or attempting to discover light speed. Of course, that doesn't stop me from playing games because I for one can't get enough of it!

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Gaming is not a waste of time. Its a form of entertainment just like movies, music, reading, etc... Gaming definitely helps release stress, otherwise some people might be shooting at each other instead of pixels in COD... In fact, gaming is an art form that inspires many people to produce their own art. I also view it as a test to technology, that keeps pushing it further. Sometimes one might also wonder.. could gaming be a window into the future?


Anyone who says "gaming is a waste of time" is being small minded and ignorant. Its no different then any other form of entertainment. Our entire civilization is fcking built on it, all the way back to ancient Rome. Of course this is different than say, if a person was doing it ALL the time. In that case, it isn't a good thing, as any addiction isn't really a good thing. You know the phrase. "Too much of anything is never a good thing." But With that said, gaming can actually be rather constructive to ones own skills. Games today inspire creativity and improve critical thinking skills, reaction time and memory. its a scientific fact.


I choose to play whatever fits me at the moment. I feel, as you said, relaxed (even thought lot of my gaming is intense games) and i enjoy gaming. Though, somethimes i afterwards feel like it was a waste of time, no matter if it was a good or bad game session.

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Obviously if you're gaming when there are more important things to do like work, school, kids, family, then yes gaming is a "poor use" of your time.

If you're smart enough to keep things in perspective, and play when its appropriate, then gaming is a fine use of your time.

Furthermore, how is gaming any different than reading a book?

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No because gaming is fun. I could use this type of fun sometimes. I haven't been gaming much at all lately though.


"It's a great outlet for stress relief"

I agree with this. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

however, we should also remember, that too much of everything, gaming in this case, is bad.




No, I'd say gaming is not a waste of time.
It's a great outlet for stress relief and a good method for clearing your head. Plus there's also a good variety of games that offer personal benefits such as gaining people and management skills (certain MMO games for example).

Though it does depend on how far into gaming you go, as when you hit the point of heavy gaming addictions then yes it can become a waste of time. But for the average gamer it's definitely not a waste.

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Well yes in a way I suppose it is.
You could be doing something "productive" with your time that actually affects your RL in a positive way.
But games offers so much as well, I feel it's way more entertaining
then watching TV for example. And I bet a lot of people feel the same way.

Gaming offers a unique kind of entertainment. You just need to balance the amount of gaming to suit your "needs".


Is marriage a was of time?


I am unemployed I have nothing else to do