Do computer software & hardware companies cheat?

Do computer software & hardware companies cheat?



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Not really the same thing, but... I'm learning Games Design in college and I've learned in Programming that many programmers are LAZY. They will write bad code with the idea that it will be fixed in the future, but it never is, simply built upon.

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k than i hope you will do better its i hope you are more like the valve makers they take there time but it always runs verry good even whit aax4 k its old but its written right, but an other question ar't games bad made and written because of the consoles liek xbox because why would you make super grafix whit that run at mainstream pc's while the consoles can't follow

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The best way to make money is to cheat ofc


Yeah I do think some companies do cheat as far as benchmarks go, but mostly I think they exaggerate the performance improvement or difference by using graph bars, and making them extra long, so it looks like theres a more apparent difference then there really is..


A while ago some very prominent video card had hard wired some test in the hardware to act real fast on this commonly used benchmark software

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oh definately..i sense that poll is cause of IE9 lol
If microsoft cheat then everyone does it

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