Who makes the best Video Card drivers, ATI (AMD) or NVIDIA?

Who makes the best Video Card driver, ATI (AMD) or NVIDIA?




Nvidia of course...


Either, because it depends on that type of PC user/gamer you are.


One last point I wrote the last comment as well - people say they have never had problems as support engineer and installing,supporting 1000s of PC in my life - in areas such as Autocad and normal use you can already get a model which is stable and middle of the road with driver support. The problem is any company that licenses and product lots models like the ATI that sometimes had different ID codes that drivers don't understand and you have to have expect knowledge to resolve problems. Nvilda are the best at providing good reference design and you can download the uni -driver that will as far I have know for at least 10 least will work - ATI wil either not work or give you strange problems like fonts etc. when it comes to areas such as Cad - companies will always go with approved workstation models. Gaming is unique and people have this thing that they want the fastest thing, if you wait aleast 1 year before buying the card your find out more about it then buying it as soon as it comes out. One thing I really hate and wish both would stop doing is rebranding cards that are older slower and give them a higher model number just to shift slower cards to unknowing people. like the Nvilda 9500 - It would be better if they assigned a speed index right across all their range and you then knew given the test or graphic game scores etc where cards stood withe regards to performance.


I been using NVidia for over 15 years and once the gforce had a uni driver they have been stable for home and business. I've never had a problem with their range. Now ATI have made so different cards, so many reference model that their drivers support sucked because for example dell oem ati etc would need their drivers. My problem therefore when you upgrade any OS Nvidia seems to always support the card. So yes perhaps some people say ATI have the edge now in speed - but it not really just about speed, it's the fact your system stable and you can reuse the card in the next OS. Alot of which card OEM use is more to do with licensing deals and which major Corp into getting bed with other companies. The major problem with laptop is YOU can't put a powerful cpu and graphics card and expect the laptop to run cool and not over heat. ALL the i7 laptops with high graphics cards have had problems. Apple have this problem that keep the spec low and then slowly try to increase the spec speed, but the imac had problems bad design putting the so that the heat rises from below up thought the stuff above. people are gamers and built high spec systems they do their research build decent systems with good cases, cooling and research stabiliabliy on overclocking. Normal people developers/IT engineers like me want a fast systems that's stable. You can't just spend 200-300 quid on a graphics card without have a stable motherboard, OS drivers that support. LOL wrote to much


NVidia mucked up the fans, so none of the NVidia people can say AMD/ATi drivers suck. How that driver passed WHQL I don't know...

AMD however struggle with improvements on their cards. Sometimes their drivers do provide massive boosts, but other times some drivers do the complete opposite and you get massive frame drops.

So on the whole neither...

Plus AMDs system is easier to follow on the release time of the drivers.


I have a 5870M on my laptop and it overheats, even after I changed the thermal compound to diamond paste, even after replacing the original fans for very expensive ones...
I have another laptop with the 480M and it rocks!

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I think Nvidia because they get updates more often and only once I've ever had a problem with any of their drivers(out of alot) snice the 9400GT =P

When I had my 9800GT alot of Nvidia users might remember the driver that made your fan speed shut off or go low while gaming =P

I had a 5870 Vapor X and I really liked it except I had really bad 'microstuttering' problems with it in many of my games because of drivers, ATI(AMD now =/) should really back up their stuff with drivers the cards deserve.

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I think both are great, but nvidia took too long to launch the gtx480 and then they got a little behind, but they compensate that with software. I just bought a 6850, pretty happy with it, I could've bought a 460, but its TDP is too high for my power supply, and that's when I say that power consumption DOES sell products ;)

Never had problems with ati drivers, I sincerely think that every1 that says that probably never used a 4000series card above, or... y'know, loves to troll


2 words: Cursor Bug


I voted others.
I have had issues with both makers drivers but there has always been
the modified driver to the rescue.
This was a more popular choice before.
Lately ATI's drivers have worked good enough 10.10 and on.

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Might add that I have an 5870 now and my nvidia experience was
with the 9800GX2. That card had issues since launch so my opinion might not be valid :)


i say nvidia i have never had a prob with any nvidia driver how every ati driver i have had to install as 9 times out of 10 been crap blue screens crashes and what not


I have ATi but nVidia does make better drivers


NVidia will run away with this but I have to say that the latest AMD drivers are gonna PWN NVidia drivers.

AMD gave ATi drivers a serious boost with the multithread boost in 10.10

I have a 5770 mated to my 955 BE
My Brother is onboard ATi with a Athlon II Quad. 10.10 not only tweaked video specs but increased the system speed in CIV IV which is a good program to test new drivers.

I've had NVidia in the past and speaking from experience those drivers have been typically better than ATi. But ATi no longer exists. It's a name only brand that got bought out by chip manufacturer AMD. So look for their Drivers to reflect this.

And Rodney, c'mon man you can't ask a loaded question like this and then say "neither". Anyone with any knowledge whatsoever understands that drivers will ALWAYS be slow to adapt to the new technology. That's why there is always a new driver update. If you're not willing to put up with lagging support, then people should just buy a console gaming system instead of building a gaming rig which always costs more. What I paid to build my gaming Rig, I could have bought all 3 consoles and a decent library of games. I don't care though cause my AMD rig will PWN my 360 any day of the week. lol


Oh yes my specs...

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Corsair HX 850 gives me room for GPU upgrades and additions
2 single TB HDD in RAID 0.

Planning to purchase SSD boot drive in the future.

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One reason I prefer Nvidia cards over ATI is the Nvidia Control Panel. It just seems to have a lot more features than Catalyst Control Center does. Actually being able to set things differently on individual games is a plus.

I have had issues with the one ATI card I've owned, but all of those issues were on old games.

Therefore, I will have to give a slight edge to Nvidia. I used to have a 5850 before switching to a GTX 460, and I am happier with the 460 despite it being slightly less powerful.

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You do realize that this will not end well with all the fanboys for both ATI/AMD and Nvidia right?


I have to say Nvidia, I've had issues with AMD's installers.

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I like both. But I have always owned an NVIDIA card.

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My Vote goes to Nvidia!

ATI cards are troubled with micro stuttering, especially in CF and DX11 (alternating between low av high frame rates)
However they do perform well as singel GPU DX10 cards. These issues need to be resolved before ATI gets my vote!

NVIDIA cards are running way too hot, the 400 series was a BIG FAIL hopefully the new 500 series will have resoved this..

I personally think there's too much emphasis on the GPU, we need a better balance the between CPU and GPU!

When you buy the latest and greatest, expect some issues :)

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Never had problems with drivers until i tried my 1st ati card



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Both have the things they are good at and both have things they drop the ball on. I always just go with whichever is giving the best bang for the buck at the time I'm doing a build.

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?


I've always had the best experience with Nvidia drivers despite the issues they all have. Just avoid the betas if you want to have the best stability.


My Vote goes to Nvidia since the acctualy support FreeBSD, Solaris and Linux correctly!

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Both make adequate drivers with the time and resources they have. Which is fine for me, but as to who makes the best? I'd have to go with neither.


other, like stop making people go to your website to comment you money advertisment whore.


ATI has no drivers.


Nvidia problems had them, ATi problems.. had them also, to say one provides better drivers than the other isn't true, SURE maybe for certain games one of them supports it better, but like that hangs around for a long period of time where it goes unnoticed. Issue I have with nvidia is I'm discourged since from "8800GTS G92" downwards
their image quiality in games wasn't always satisfying to me, not just anti-alaising but the texture quality and the colours, colours adjustable sure, texture quality so-so.

Both sides offer some great technologies sadly most of what nvidia is pushing I don't use (3D gaming, physx-atleast not a lot, cuda etc)
I did use however Eyefinity with my 5850 which ran quite well supporting 3 screens single card 5760 by 1080 resolution.

Power is a factor for me, because I don't want to change power supplies too often, 620Watt is where I'd like to leave it, with less power consuming cards AMD provides It means I can crossfire if I want to without needing to buy that slightly more powerful PSU
with the near/same performance as nvidia's best offering
E.g 4850 CF vs 280GTX, 4850 CF = less power,faster than single 280GTX and supports 550Watt


This is a trick question, choose AMD/ATI


This is a complicated answer to a simple question:


They make great cards compared to the price and I haven't seen any big issues with the drivers or anything like it. The 6xxx-series was a bit of a flaw in my opinion, but then again their cards suck a lot less power than Nvidia's (GTX460 vs. 5770 for example).


Nvidia has a advantage of being the manufacturer of the fastest single-GPU card in the market, they also make good mid-range cards, like GTX 460 Sonic (From Palit and which I own. <3), but their products tend to be a bit overpriced at times. Sure, the 460 costs around 160 euros here in Finland when the 5770 costs 120-140 euros.
Also, Nvidia's cards tend to draw so much power compared to Radeons.

Final opinion:

AMD Radeons have a lot of power for a great price, but then again I would buy Nvidia, because their control panel is better to use than the Catalyst Control Center.

Too bad that I can't get AMD processor + Nvidia SLI anymore. :/
If I want SLI, I have to switch the motherboard to Intel's and man, they're too pricy for my budget.


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I have to agree with Rod on this one.
Only difference is one breed of cards can display on three monitors with a single card.
Each have their own areas they are strong in.

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I only use nvidia, so I cant say for sure


Ati cards give loads of problems , i dont why , i have 5830 and there are a couple of graphic issues


well every new product is a beta thing...so we are the test bunnys xD
i have 6870 and i have so many problems....i will buy gtx470 since the price is the same 200eur xD


Years ago ATI drivers were horrible, But now both are really on par. Somehow I would still choose Nvidia, but AMD has really improved the drivers for its cards in the last year.


NVIDIA just because it see it on all the game intros lol


I have never had a ATI or AMD card (AMD dropped ATI) Ive only have a Nivida card the GTS 250

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my vote goes to Nvidia.


ATI makes the best drivers and on top of that they make them every month. They do both the display driver and chipset. When I was with nvidia i rarely saw a driver every month and I only got on driver update in years for my chipset (motherboard). I also had more problems with nvidia back in the days when I was trying to play BF2142. No driver would work but old ones like the 170.2 Yeah I still remember the horid times with nvidia and gues what? never EVER again. Ive never been hapier since I moved all the way with AMD.

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I had to vote Nvidia cause there new drivers in Win7 still even have support for the 8600GTS, that's still kicking in my guest computer, and the 2 EVGA 9500GT 1GB SLI cards in XP, on my main system, that I have yet had time to backup, and mover over to Win7, ATI/AMD, I have had to go back to older drivers in my laptops on Win7, just to get them to work correctly, don't get me wrong I like both, but Nvidia based cards as of late seem to have better support in Windows, and even Linux, as I tried the new Ubuntu 10.10, and it found my Nvidia drivers like butter. I also should point out VIA UniChrome video cards that usually come on VIA mobo's, I have had every little trouble with there drivers over the years, just there lackluster performance LOL! Although those systems make great cheap basic Linux machines, and files servers.


I have yet to own an AMD card so I can not say. I plan on getting an AMD card soon so we will see. I have not had too many problems with NVIDIA.

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I have had far more performance and stability related issues with ATI than nVidia. The drivers form neither one are perfect, but I get the most reliable performance form nVidia. So, they get my vote.

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I have to agree with Rodney on this one. Drivers with ANY hardware is a balancing act. Drivers will always have issues, some minor and some major. Some drivers can actually destroy your hardware, buggy fan speed controller etc, which I had an Nvidia card over heat on me because of this driver issue, but they replaced the card for me. So yes, no matter what company and no matter what hardware, drivers will always be a balancing act towards perfection, though perfection can never be accomplished, it only serves as something to aim for.

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I like ATi as when i use to run Nvidia I always had probs with games crashin and have it go older drivers as the newone were rubbish at times so with being fed up of Nvidia i made the jump to ATi I had Ati years ago with things like the X1950 and as old as the rage . and they were good So I got a 4870 and things have never been better the ccc works very well and i have NEVER had any driver problems and my games work 100% all the time GO RED

If in doubt mod it anyway


I say NVIDIA only because they even keep the old video cards up to date, ATI nope buy a laptop with a ATI video card inside and tell me how that goes for you in a few years.

Dont get me wrong I like ATI because who else is going to push NVIDIA to make better products at a fair price. (forget about the price part)

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Your totally right about ATI/AMD drivers, cause I have an ACER Aspire 3050 laptop with an older ATI express 1100 series IGPU, and in both WinXP, WinVista, and Win7, I've had to go to older drivers, just to get it to work fully, and have ATI/AMD Catalyst come onscreen, and the on my now burnt out 17in Everex XT5000T, I never had Nvidia driver problems, just the card getting super hot, and dying. :(


I cannot compare the drivers as I haven't had any Nvidia cards for a very long time. However I have issues with the game intro ads they do (mostly Nvidia).
And I have issues with the direction Nvidia has taken PhysX.


I use Ati cards, and have all my friends on them now, but they don't update their drivers nearly as often as Nvidia does. I also prefer all the options that you get with Nvidia drivers. Now I haven't owned a Nvidia card in over a year, and it was a 8800gts, but it felt like you were in control of your cards profile.
Ati drivers are fairly vague on their options, but atleast if you turn on Anti-aliasing with an Ati card through catalyst controls chances are it's going to work.


nvidia drivers are just so easy to use. NVIDIA ALL THE WAY.