Will 3D gaming succeed or fail?

Will 3D gaming succeed or fail?




I see 3D gaming, movies, and other digital media fully succeeding if Auto-stereoscopic (Glasses-Free) Displays are actually released to the public. We all know they are right around the corner but the manufacturers have been spending time focusing on these Glasses based large displays that it is shutting everyone out. I am sure it has somewhat to do with the "kinks" being worked out on the Auto-Stereo's but also they are also trying to make a killing on these Glasses they sell for a high premium. I for one do not mind dropping the money on the display, whether it is $400 for the small to $4000 for the large displays. But spending $200 or so a pop on Glasses that can break, look/feel clunky, and overall and most importantly diminish the beautiful contrast ratios current displays have; I cannot do. So the following are a few things I think the 3D market will have to do to make 3D popular in the market.
Displays MUST become Auto-Stereo (Glasses Free), and soon. These displays would have to come in a wide range of sizes, anywhere from the smaller 20" up to the larger 65". I have seen several displays of this kind and I tell you they are not perfect yet but are much better than Glasses based TV’s. I am aware viewing angles need to be fixed in the newer Auto-Stereo displays but that will work itself in time, I have a feeling sooner rather than later. Standardizing 3D formats will also be necessary so we do not have the problem of needing specific hardware, software, and content to view 3D. We should not have to buy a specific display, with specific glasses, a specific video card, and specific content to have the experience. The display manufacturers need to work on standardizing the display types. Video card manufacturers, this means you NVIDIA and AMD, need to work on standardizing processing of the content. The content (movies, games, and pictures) must get standardized formats for 3D; whether it is new, video/image formats or extensions of current ones, it needs to happen. Little thanks go out to those who are making the effort to popularize what 3D should be and will inevitably become: Nintendo, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, and HDMI Group to name a few.
This is only the tip of the iceberg for what the 3D market must go through to become a success. To save readers and myself time, I tried to keep this as short as possible. I am not just ranting about the current market because I want 3D but want to see everyone have the opportunity to have this cool technology. Being someone who works for a large electronic retail store, I get to talk to people all day and know what they want. It simply comes down to make it cheaper and get rid of those stupid glasses. For this to happen, the industry must take some of these recommendations into consideration soon. I challenge these companies to get it done within the next two years, or I fear that this industry will go nowhere and may even die. I have hopes for this industry and contrary to what it looks like, I do not have any personal stake in what happens, nor do I really care. I just want everyone to enjoy the best of what technology offers in any field and this is just another one of them. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I voted other. I can't see it becoming standard but in my opinion it will remain as an expensive, high end product only for enthusiasts.

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for now 3d with glasses BIG FAIL without i may try.


3d.. no. 4d... YES


I wouldn't say it will fail as a whole.
If the cost of running a 3D system doesn't drop by at least 30-40% in the next couple of years then it'll fail as a widespread system but will stay as great a success in a niche market (much like the market for multi-display setups using high-end monitors, it's only an option for a fraction of the market but that fraction is worth a lot).
In terms of use, 3D is definitely building up to be a major success, as developments are constantly unfolding at a fairly rapid progress rate.

I've used 3D at a friend's place and it was a great experience, I just couldn't justify the cost at present as it wasn't too long ago that I threw a large sum into professional IPS panel monitors.

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People who say Fail have never tried out how 3d looks like in Gaming. I have played Bad Company 2 and i can easily say its the next big thing i really want to buy. The depth of it can't be expressed by words. I felt like bullets in the screen,plants,the sun effect and almost everything out of the screen. The experience was so EPIC. The only drawback is that its expensive. I tried Nvidia's 3d which uses Active shutter method. Don't know how Passive 3d(ones used for Avatar movie) looks like but i know its worse and active 3d is the best!

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it needs a price drop promptly, the kit's and monitors have been selling for way to much for the average gamer to afford.


i think it can succeed. it wont take long before the prices on 120htz monitors to drop dramatically. i paid like 400dollars for my 24" lcd screen a few years back and now you get a 24" for like 150bucks if not less. if the 3d vision thing really works as well as they say it does i think once prices drop on 3d monitors it will be something more people will look into

also as hardware gets better you can play in 3d with cheaper parts. with current prices it wont be popular but i think prices are gonna drop fast


i hope it fails or at least drops in price soon.

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i have chosen others because i think it is far to early to tell maybe 3 d gaming will become something whit a helmet(more matrix like) maybe it will just be made by a screen without glasses i'm just saying it is in its first stage wait till better and real 3 d exist and when games support it like in 5 or 10 years i dunno because i don't know if it is mentioned in mores law

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Fail, for now.
I came close to voting unsure, but I think 3d has a ways to go before it's a standard. Expense, uncomfortable glasses, and really how "real" or 3D do things have to look to be fun anyway.
Over the weekend on the local Kijiji I noticed someone selling a pair of 3D goggles and video card from about (the year) '98, 2000. So the ideas been around for a while and probably will continue to be.

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The glasses kills it for me. They are too expensive and uncomfortable. Plus I'm not willing to pay $500 - $1000 more for 3D capability in a new HDTV. My current plasma is 5 years old and still runs and looks great.

I'm sure over time 3D will be standard on HDTVs just as when 1080p overtook 720p a few years ago. There are some glasses-free 3D now, but the tech requires limited viewing/seating positions. Truly market acceptable glasses-free 3D is probably still some years away.

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Fail. 3D technology in general is a gimmick. I have never watched a 3D movie or game and felt completely immersed in the experience. There was a story recently about a research team at ASU having success with hologram technology, so it makes me wonder if the push of 3D technology is just to bait consumers along until hologram technology matures.

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As Rodney said I think in its current state it will be a big failure. Thats why I voted other.

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I think it will succeed in some form. Too be honest it will more likely fail in the form it is in now... I have purchased a 3D monitor around 2 weeks ago. I still have not unboxed it and will not be using the 3D feature until another month or so until I have time to pick up the glasses. The main reason I got the monitor was for the refresh rate. The 3D was just a bonus that came alone with it. I think this 3D idea should have started off small and found ways to improve it slowly over time. But I guess that is just the way somethings need to develop, just like cars. I thought this was an interesting poll. Thanks for posting this poll Rodney.


3D is a very good technology, but the need to use glasses + have monitors/tv's that support it being at a relatively high price, leave me at a very unsure position. Maybe, if they find a way for us not to have the need to use glasses to enjoy the experience, it would probably be a lot more successful. It's kind of awkward putting those glasses on top of my glasses.

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The biggest thing that concerns me is how much this is going to hurt our vision. Being close to a computer screen all day can already do damage to your eyes. This isn't true with all people but with most it has some effect. I use to not need glasses before when I use to be outside a lot. But now me being on the computer all the time my vision has gotten bad. 3D puts even more strain on the eye that's why they say only use it in moderation, but a lot of people that use the computer a lot I doubt that they would turn it off so your vision would get pretty bad. I am no doctor but that's just my mind on it lol


If done properly, like the nvidia 3d setup with the shutter glasses yes and made the price ALOT cheaper.