Are you purchasing an AMD (ATI) 6000 Series Video Card?

Are you purchasing an AMD (ATI) 6000 Series Video Card?




I already bought the XFX 6870. I hope I like it.



I am certainly impressed with these cards, but It has AMD written all over it.....Would it behave naughty with an Intel Processor and give it a hard time, or would it play nice with the Intel Processor?

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Ill probably get this series of cards if theres not a new one when i build my system


I will be be getting it if it is cheap and if the manufacture has a good pre-configured stock overclock
since it has UVD and DispalyPort core, which i really like. I'm a fan of dual-gpu SLI/Crossfire or 3 graphic card or hybrid. Really wish that ATI Xpress Chipset is revived and Gigabyte and MSI are in the game with AMD.


gtx 470 all the way woooo!


i know that the 6870 is 3d capable but will my acer 3d monitor work its nvidia 3d can some one tell me

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Maybe a...... 6990 :)


Seeing as AMD/ATi has really shitty drivers I won't buy one even if they were to be dirt cheap. I used to run 3 5870 in Crossfire earlier this year, sold them and bought 2 GTX480 instead, haven't looked back ever since.


5870 here so no need, but the second pc (lan games) should have its 3870 replaced :) - so saving up for a 6850

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id love one but yeah haha no moolah

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This card looks good and it seems to have great performance for its price. I think NV still has the upper hand on tessellation though. Something I was hoping AMD Radeon to heavily implement, but they haven't even touched it.

With the new release of the 6xxx series its going to get competitive.
I think this is the time to watch the market closely.


I'll buy the 6850 since it doesn't require that much power. You would be surprised too Rodney, this has great graphics power for only little power consumption.


I ordered a 6870 to replace my 4890. My 4890 has handled everything I threw at it, still does. However, I felt it was a good time to future proof myself and buy a modern video card with dx11. Especially since I have the money now. So hoping to sell my 4890 for about $100 then a 6870 for $140 isn't bad. :)

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Still 'Umming and Arrring' between a 5770 (budget gaming system) or 5850/6850

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I'm gunna wait until the next series, my 5870's will be fine until then.

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Yeah, been waiting for this for a while, should be a good replacement for my 9400 gt.


Meaby becouse of im building my new gaming Computer, and i need something way better than gtx 460. Gtx 460 got cheap price and good performance, but new 6000 series got better performance and cheap price, i hope some of new 6000 series got cheaper price than gtx 460, ps. i love your how to videous and unboxing videos, they are great!.


Running dual 5970's right now, well one at this very moment as one of them is been rma'd. But hell yer I'm going to 6k series gpu's, for all the problems I've had with the 5970 I'll be more than happy to upgrade.

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Oh I would really like to replace my old 3850 with something faster, but I'm not sure how well or if at all it would work on Gigabyte's P35-DS4 motherboard.


Yeh of course I am, I am not a fanboy infact I have nv card atm, and I just want something much better than a gtx 460 for around the same price :)


well nvidia has way better cards than amd look 2 480 destroy 2 5970s in sli vs x-fire i do have an amd/ati card and i realy regret buying it over an nvidia card im runing 2 5870s in sli go nvidia look at the benchmarks plz

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Wow youve got 2 5870s in SLI!? How did you manage that?


wow you dont know anything 1 5970 is only slightly less powerful than 2 480s in sli, and 2 5970's? way more powerful, your a huge noob


maybe ill get one, it depends. hopefully therll be price drops on 5000 series cards so we can snag a bargain


Nope I won't be well not for awhile. But I will be getting another second hand 5970 and Xfire mine with a GTS 450 for dedicated physX


how are r u going to do that sli and x-fire are 2 different things unless you get one of those mobos where you can run both but i havent seen any on the market i think its called saber tooth or something like that you cant use an nvidia card with an ati card sorry


its called a physx hack, read:

theres also a sli hack allowing sli on amd chipsets

Correcting I f I'm wrong but I think the name of the chip allowing ati+nvidia is lucid. And a board with the capability is the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme, not to be confused with the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula

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no im not a ati fanboy i like amd just not ati so for me its amd and nvidia all the way

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Well if the 6770 or 6830 (if they're going to be named like this) is better than the Nvidia GTX 460 than yes I will buy it, I have a HD 5670 it runs most games at decent settings but it just doesn't match the performance of the GIX 460, I have been delaying my purchase because of the new generation I just hope that Nvidia lunches there new generation soon, not 6 months after ATI like the previous generation.


is pci 2.1


Well, let's see if I get one.
I'm going to get a HD 5870 in a week or so. Even I would like to I just don't have the money to spend it right away when the product comes out.
Since I'm a gamer I need a high end video card to play the games at a propper resolution with proper graphics setting. I played Crysis on my nvidia 8400 GS. I'll tell you, there is now point in doing this. A part of Crysis is the graphics. And there is no fun in playing the game on like 800 x 600 on low seetings and the game still crashes.
But if the price of the new 6000 series will drop in price I'll get the best single core video card :D


Same here, I am hoping to get one for about $300


Once the beasts starts coming out hopefully outrunning the 5970, then most certainly.

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No. I think that it would be better to buy another 5870 and put them in cross until DX12

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This depends on:
1) Support 3D visuals and 3 screens (3D Surround) this is because I aim for my next rig to be a high end 3d gaming rig.
2) Support the ability of dual video cards (it should)
3) Pricing

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My 4870x2 is still a champ and I can't afford to buy a new system anyway ;P

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Message below me was from me (forgot to login)


I am waiting for the 6970 (atleast the caymen xt chip)
And then 2 in cfx and the whole bunch under watercooling (A)

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waiting for a high end HD 6000

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lol not true i met my wife in a cod server on pc lol 4 kids later and still going strong lol


no i wont be getting one because i just purchased an ATI 5970 which should be good for now ;)

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If i can get some money, so yeah :D

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no not till they have better driver support


I wanted to get a 6000 series but I recently purchased 2 5870 and I think in CF it will took for about 1-2 years before I upgrade again.

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I voted "other" cause my answer is simply not anytime soon. Im very happy with my 5850 which cost me more than what I've spent on ANY pc part ever and unless I see a REAL need for it I'm not gonna bother with the 6000 series till maybe late next year or even later.

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No, I prefer nvidia. I will be getting a second GTX 480 though.


umm , no
coz i still use my HD 5850
and i only use 22" monitor
so i don't think i needed
a new graphic card.

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I should be good for awhile, just got a XXX Edition HD5870


If I see a 6970? Most certainly.

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Maybe seems to be the big winner here. I am currently looking for new video cards for my new system, but I think it is a good idea to wait and see how the new series performs. I am still leaning toward dual 460's but if they 6000 series is shown to be better I may lean the other way. So far: Cost+Performance = 460 cant be beat.

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