Should computer games contain explicit sexual acts?

Poll: Should games contain explicit sexual acts?



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Only if it's part of the plot or story, other than just being chucked in there for the hell of it. :D


Of course it isn't necessary, but why not? Game developers should do whatever the fuck they want.

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sex i not realy nessesary in games


They can implement the theme into the game, although I don't think it helps sell the games, nor do I think even if over 18 it matters - what are you playing the game for? - the game!
If people want to view adult content, they'll be watching adult content. It's as simple of a matter as that.
Quite simply, adult content in the games isn't a necessary addition to the game, we'd rather those 10 hours of work used on sex scenes, instead used on making the story line better, or improving the game engine etcetera.

Frankly, I'm 16.

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well we know already some japanese games that are good at showing big breasts *whistle*
ahem...lara croft XD
I think sex depends on the kind of game, for example Call of duty = nope
Duke nukem wouldn't be duke nukem without the sexual stuff

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Andreas Hofer
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I would not make a habit of it, putting scenes like that into games all the time but if there is a game with a story and if it is part of that, why not. I see no reason why we should censor it out if the game is already rated for violence like the GTA series. In the end the decision should rest with the developers and what they think is best for their project. In fact I would probably not even care because I have the habit of looking at the details in video games like reflections in mirrors and stuff you can turn on and off like radios and how much work went into model and level-design and not care about the rest so much.

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I don't care but no if this is a part of a story ? ok, but c'mon :S


I voted other because I think it heavily depends on the game for example in duke nukem I think it correctly defines his character better and in GTA it provides more realism now in other games where it is absolutely unnecessary I would rather the developers spend that time on improving the game.

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Rodney Reynolds,


I dont think they should necesarry contain that type of stuff. Hower i think the creator should use it if it fits the story. I mean games like GTA arent complete without this stuff. I wouldn't miss it in certain games, but in some i would. It all depends on the game and the story of the game.



I think games should have anything the developer puts in it because its freedom of speech and they can put whatever rating they want to on it but as soon as they say 'you cant do that' and everyone agrees to ban a certain game... it makes everyone look like they dont care about their freedoms.


WHY it's there is far more important to me that what exactly is there in terms of explicitness.

If it's just there to sell games, no. If there's a real reason for it, fine.


Developers should be able to do what ever the hell they like. People can choose whether they want to see it or not. If people don't like it then don't buy the damn game.


Maybe when it makes sense :P

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If it's done in a way that makes sense in the game and not as a way to get more buyers(buy our game because it has boobs etc), then why not? Sex and nudity is normal and natural.