Do you pirate software?

Do you pirate software?




I specified "Other" because as a Vintage Computer Enthusiast the only software I will generally pirate is software for computers of the pre-1995 era.

Randall Lind
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Windows cost too much really. Back in the day when Win 95 was $80 that was okay.

Then they went to this 5x install crap then you have to call India. This is when I started looking for Windows online. Also for the top version of Windows Windows 7 Ultimate they want $305 on Amazon!!! Are they kidding?

I can buy a laptop for $400. Also you get a upgrade nag icon if you have anything but Windows Ultimate it's like they are not happy you brought any other edition.

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I am technically pirating my OS... I bought a retail copy of OSX, but since i didn't install it on an official Apple computer, piracy.


pirate my os's because i dont want to pay $1000 for all my computers operating systems. i pirate games that aren't multiplayer becuase im not going to pay $50 to play a game and realize i hate it. and all my other software is free like avg and power iso. only thing i dont pirate is multiplayer games that i love, like the battlefield series and the call of duty series.


Thank God for torrent trackers ;] People's income is not as high as the prices of all the necessary software that a man's PC requires. And, alternatively, I use Linux and free software as well :)


I copy software that i own just as a backup.


I Pirate some games and software and some times a movie. But when I get the money I delete them and buy them. Promise. And of course way I buy them is because I got a job now.


ACTA got Rodney to do this poll, then he gives ACTA everyone's IP address that admitted to piracy for a hefty price. Well played.


I used to pirate everying because I am from a low income family, but I have seen the light and I am willing to pay for music, movies, applications, but not all applications if they are <$200 I'm am not willing to pay for them

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i buy everything .

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Circle of life, ye matey

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It's hard to say i download e.g. a HL2 game i have it like i dunno 1 year then i buy the game. But usually i download a pirate verson of game if this game don't have demo or beta or i just don't know if will be good. Oh and some time i use pirate version to play but with legal CD-KEY (becoz i like english version of program/game and not my polish version i HATE when game don't give me a choose >:[)

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I pirate movies, music & some programs

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i used to pirate movies, music and games but only do music ocasionally now...mainly cause there's a new anti-piracy law in france now, need to buy the games to be able to play multiplayer and movies look so nice on blurays that i gotta buy them

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A LOT of malware spreads through pirated software. So nope I don't take the risk, AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!

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At about 0:05 "Arr" hahaha 'priceless' =P

I haven't and I'm not going to pirate anything BUT, I bought Splinter Cell Conviction for PC and I couldn't play through it without a 'crack' file because of the dumb 'anti piracy thing' that you needed to be constantly connected to the internet even for single player.

So honestly Ubisoft you've been warned, keep using that and I'll be pirating the PC games I would usually be buying from you hahaha =D

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Arrrr.... Next t-shirt design ;) j/k


I pirate everything but games.

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I don't, it isn't worth it to me to pirate anything. If I'm not sure about something I ask around or read reviews of it. If I think I like it I will buy it. If I don't like it, I will try to pawn it off to someone else or sell it.
As for Win 7, I jumped in feet first. I did however use the RC of it first for about a year (installed it the day the RC was released, and haven't looked back since).


I'll pirate most things but some games I'll buy. To be honest it's mostly because my parents won't spend money on games, not because I'm a person who likes pirating. Instead of spending money on music for example, I'd support em more by spending 10x the price to attend a concert or something.


i pirate OS, applications and music. Especially after i bought vista i felt i got ripped off terribly bad so i will support windows through piracy only :) i dont pirate so much games anymore because most games are online nowadays and i dont really want to spend al the time trying to figure out how to get a crack or hack to work rather than buy it and play it. However i only buy the games that i think its worth my money, such as pretty much anything made by valve, mw2 and sc2. Since most of the games that i bought i end up playing them for real long time.


I pirate everything. Except if its an extremely good deal for example, I bought Counter Strike: Source for $5 on Steam last year. Best money spent.


Just TV shows for me. I don't like to see TV shows a year later and in bad quality with the stupid commercial that I never watch any way. Also it is not fun to be spoiled of what is going to happen.


I used to pirate pretty much everything, then i started working as a programmer, that made me stop pirating pretty fast when i saw the work being put into something. :) Now a days the only "pirating" i do is stream tv shows that are not available over here, alltho i end up buying most of the ones i watch on a regular basis on dvd and blu ray anyways lol


MC double def Disc protector will get you all!
Haha, I get sometimes some pirated games but then delete them, and sometimes i like to get my old games back from a pirating site, but not for long. I'd like to get original copy of 2 of my favourite games but they're hard to find. Currently, i only have games and music (as a whole we have more). Speciffically console roms and homebrew.


Mainly I look for cheap games, Although if the title is good enough I might pay the full price.

I haven't purchased a single program like fraps etc in my entire life , I generally don't have much use of them so they're not worth the money for me personally.
I really enjoy these polls Rodney but I sure wish that we could post comments once again on Youtube :)

Thanks :)


I pirate everything because i don,t want to buy a game for 60€. Adobe Photoshop for 1000€ or more i don,t know. I am a god damn Cyber Robin Hood i steel from the rich people and give it to people who don,t have so much money.

Sorry for bad English i,m come from Germany


I download a lot. But in Switzerland it isn't pirating, cause its kind of legal. It's in a grey-zone :)

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I pirate:

That's it!

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I am trying to find free alternatives for applications but generally speaking I pirate everything. That doesn't mean I never buy games or albums though.
I was going to buy starcraft 2 for the pc but then I saw it was 59 euros.. We are in a recession goddammit have some mercy on us!

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Everything...because quite frankly, I like to know the quality of things before I buy and you shouldn't go by other people's reviews.

Pirated the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM when it was the OS on release date because I genuinely thought Microsoft did a good job with the operating system and deserved the money.

Pirated MW2, played online using cracked servers and then bought the game after playing for a while.

The list goes on...

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I pirate pretty much everything. at least in my young age.
Now I don't pirate much software because I try to find the free software instead, like Paint.NET or GIMP for photo editing.

I buy some games that I really like it but still pirate it a lot :P
same apply to the movie, music.
I also download many think that is not avaliable in my country like cartoon, animation, TV-show, etc.


arrr.... I love your Rodney!


I used to download pretty much everything. Now it's mostly tv-shows.
I also like to download games as a demo, if I think it's worth spending €50+ on I'll buy it.

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Well i dont really like to download pirated software but at times i dont have any money to pay for the overpriced software.i have and will now and then download certain softwares that i really really need to get by.... One thing for sure i Do always download movies and music..... Funny I never stoled anything but in the cyber world i do =( too much temptation like porn


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well i pirate everything too cuz here in Romania they inflate prices on everything sometime double or half price of the normal retail i usually pirate the game first play the single player if i ilke the game/program i'll buy it recently i pirated F1 2010 but whern the prices drop or i find it somewhere cheap ill defenetly buy it if it will be like 20-30 $


Wow, it's incredibly sad to see so many people with utterly no respect for intellectual property . . . It's sickening.


There is NO SUCH THING as "Intellectual Property" You cannot own ideas.


Well actually you can.
Proven by, the MANY intellectual property Lawyers and Specialists out there.
If, your idea is making you money. What gives everyone else the right to make money of that same idea?

Having said that. I can't afford $1000 on software, once I've spend $1000s on hardware...

So unless I want to play a game online on legit servers etc. Shiver-me-timbers.


Why would you admit to this?



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The only thing I will not pirate are online games because you can't, they require a CD Key. As well as big games with a lot of GB such as GTA4, sometimes I buy those games if their usually cheap. (GTA4 was $20)

But am a cheap person, I don't make a lot of money... why spend $150 on software when I can get it for free? Avoiding morale issues, its just common sense.

(Shame bandwidth limit is limiting my pirating)

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LOL over 50% Pirate everything.. funny and sad at the same time.

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everything but valve games, my internet security, and games i want to play online.


Everything but games

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I said i dont pirate but does using a youtube to mp3 converter count as pirating music?



Though i don't pirate a lot, i have pirated a game in the past mainly due to the lack of a demo. So of course, im not going to drop money down on a game that might be crap.

I think it depends on the circumstance though, for me, i don't pirate a game unless:

1.I'm not sure if the game suits me, and i don't to waste money on it if it doesn't.

2. There's no demo for the game and i really want to give it a try without putting money down.

3. I'm dead broke and can't spend money on games.

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Well, see you guys in jail.

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you won't get arrested for downloading pirated software, it's the people hosting the file(s) that can get in trouble. there's so many people downloading pirated software they don't even bother.


i pirate everything except the antivirus software.