Do you wait for a game to go on special?

Do you wait for a game to go on special?



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Depends on the game...
i bought the Battlefield Bad Company 2 at full price , and it's still good... worth the money...
Now im thinking about Black Ops and Medal of Honor , dunno...
Have to see other reviews... :X

If it's worth doing , it's worth over-doing it :)


Yepper and Nope, if I know it will be a good game I will pre-order it.
if it is already out, I usually try to get the best deal out there or wait for a sale.
But what I have been doing recently in cases of a multi-platform especially since I own a PS3, I will rent the game & see if I like it. If I like it I will buy it full price.

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If I have the money and I know the game is super good I'll buy it full price, but if I'm tight on funds I wait until a good deal. If the games are just OK, not kickass, then I wait for the sale and feed my family first.