Do you like the live shows?

Do you live the live shows?




the chat box is a really bad idea for asking questions couldn't you have a little question line where people send it in.

if you like the idea theres alot of ways to do so.

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the only thing i would say is if you could possibly do the shows earlier because they on at 2am in my time zone :(

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i understand and think you should do live shows.
You have all the character.:))))
I hate to be be shallow. but love to be short, so please dont get the wrong idea,

i will adress myself as a live tech viewer.
and would try to put a few pointers about live show hosting and hope you take interest in several of my points of view.

am talking as a viewer and not a host in any of my remarks.

First.Try to post a topic of interest/yet flexible for all viewers.
best to start with would be generic stuff like addressing your GPU benches and supporting them e.t.c.

In Live-Tech Shows you have you sadly you have to be at-leased one sided to a certain bench or product. in any case.
you can never be natural like on your reviews, which may be sad in many cases.

Thirdly if you try to invite a live calling system, Were by even the call is not in real-time you win the croud by a huge %.

I will join this saterday

Kind regards

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The only suggestion I have would be to increase the shows to 1 hour because 30 minutes goes by way too quickly lol

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Loved the show, but I can't see it every Sunday from 4:30 to 5 AM...
I'd love to though. Voting 'Yes'

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I like live shows if the content is interesting and there is a good speaker.

You have improved over the years with your dialog and speech but I have never seen a live video from you so I cannot judge that.

If the live show were to have lots of tech news then I would definitely be interested.
I used to watch a live tech show hosted by Leo Laporte and I enjoyed it a lot.
If the format is similar to his show then it would be great.


Im really pissed i missed it, i didnt see it was eastern time, and im central, so :(


I watched it on ustream, which made up for that (kinda)

I really liked the live q and a also.

I think it would be cool if you had contests with prizes and also guests or maybe just guest viewers, now, idk how you would incorporate that into the video with ustream, but still its just an idea.

i also agree with the number 2 poster, about the user interactivity.
idk what you would do, but still its a great idea.

And maybe we could do some sort of "gaming night" with a game of your choice or something, since you ARE 3d game man, i hope your into some pretty big games.

cheers !


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I really liked the show Rod! I was defiantly better than the first one you did last year. You seem a lot more comfortable this time around. I don't really have any suggestions actually. I like the show the way it is! Maybe some very short "mini reviews" in the future? I'm talking 2-3 minutes. That would be interesting!


Hey Rodney, I think the show was good, but i think there needs to be more than just questions. Maybe, plan out an activity for the viewers to follow along with or give a tutorial or something :)

Keep up the good work!

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Remember, please post your comments/suggestions/recommendation and other ideas about live shows.


Yes, but I can't work out how to vote.
I feel so noob


I need to remember to see them, I forget.