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Video Review #765: SteelSeries SteelSound 3H & 4H Headsets

Both the SteelSound 3H and 4H headsets offer great bang for the buck. The 3H headset is targeted at the budget market, but great if you need an inexpensive, small, foldable headset for a LAN party. The 4H has a little better sound quality, larger earcups, and is more comfortable, but it's not foldable like the 3H. Watch the Video to find out more...

Video Review #767: Etasis ET850 850W Power Supply

The Etasis ET850 850W Power Supply performs very well, has lots of leads, is 80% efficient, and has Active PFC. These are very important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a power supply. It's also dual NVIDIA 8800 Video Card certified, which is fantastic. This power supply doesn't have any modular leads though, but that's common for a power supply of this wattage. Watch the Video to find out more..

Video Review #768: Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Water Cooled Case

Swiftech has done a fantastic job at selecting and installing their water cooling components into the Antec P180 Case. The case have plenty of drive bays, fans, air filers, and sound proof side panels and front. Swiftech has used an improved version of the H20-120 premium water cooling kit. Included is the Apogee CPU waterblock, MCP350 Pump, MCR120-QP Radiator, MCRes Micro Reservoir, 3/8" A-60 Norprene™ tubing and Hydrx™ coolant. An excellent product that performs very well. It's a no brainer! Watch the Video to find out more..

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Video Review #769: CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooler (TEC)

This is CoolIT's second Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC); the first one was the Freezone. I've video reviewed the Freezone and thought it was excellent, but I like the Eliminator even more. They've incorporated everything into one unit, which makes it easier to install than the Freezone. You can also manually adjust the fan speed to suit your needs. It's definitely a great alternative to some complicated water cooling setups. Watch the Video to find out more...

Video Review #770: Antec Nine Hundred Case

If you're in the market for a new chassis, I would strongly recommend checking out the Antec Nine Hundred Case. It has most of the ingredients you should look for when purchasing a case. There are lots of fans and one massive 200mm fan at the top of the case, which provide excellent air circulation inside the case. There are many drive bays and modular HDD cages, which can be configured for your particular drive setup. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #773: HIS X1950Pro 256MB AGP Video Card

The HIS X1950Pro 256MB AGP Video Card is a welcome addition for anybody who still has an AGP setup. The new standard is PCI Express, but that would mean replacing motherboard, memory, and other computer hardware. This can be very expensive and certainly is not within everyone's budget. The cheaperst option is simply replace the video card. This product has all the current technologies and will support the very latest games. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #774: Nintendo Wii Game Console

The Nintendo Wii Game Console is all the rage, but it's not about the high definition graphics. What everyone is getting so excited about is the gameplay. This game console literally puts you in the game. It's a tremendous amount of fun, especially with two or more players. It's really something you have to experience yourself to appreciate! Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #775: Ultra 800W X-Finity & X-Pro Power Supplies

The Ultra X-Finity 800W and X-Pro 800W power supplies are pretty much on equal ground when it comes to performance. The only real difference between them is; the X-Finity is black and comes with FlexForce cables, the X-Pro is silver and has sleeved cables. Both have plenty of leads, two 80mm fans and thick aluminum housing. Either one of these power supplies is well suited for a hardcore gaming rig. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #777: NZXT Adamas Aluminum Case

The NZXT Adamas Aluminum Case has quality written all over it. It's great to see another exceptional aluminum case on market, because there are very few to choose from. With a 3mm thick aluminum frame and a 2mm aluminum interior, it can support well over 300lbs. Now that's what I call a sturdy case! This product also has plenty of drive bays, excellent air circulation and looks great. It even has a brilliant front bezel release system and side panels that are a dream to remove. Overall, this is an outstanding product. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #778: Antec Fusion HTPC Case

There's no mistaking that the Antec Fusion Case has a very sleek design. It fits a micro ATX motherboard, has two 120mm fans, two hard drive bays and one external 5.25" drive bay. They also include a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and an Active PFC, efficient 430W power supply. It even uses a three chamber thermal design that facilitates cooling and will result in lower case temperatures than a traditional desktop case. This design also means it will be quieter. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Video Review #780: Cooler Master CM Media 280/281 HTPC/Mid-Tower Case

The Cooler Master CM Media 280/281 Case is one of a kind, because it can be transformed from a mid-tower case into a HTPC. There are two different versions of this case, the 280 and 281. The only difference is, the 280 comes with a remote and media center with VFD, the 281 doesn't. This case is available in a black color and is mostly constructed from steel, except for an aluminum/plastic front bezel. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end

Video Review #782: Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champ1on Case

If you're looking for a thick aluminum mid-tower ATX case, than the Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Champ1on case might fit the bill. It is not for everyone though, since is has excess branding, cautionary warnings and instructions printed all over it. It comes with four external 5.25" drive bays, one external 3.5", and three internal 3.5" drive bays. There are three fans; two 92mm fans at the front and one 120mm at the back. It also has a window and a hinged door on the left side. Unfortunately, all this comes at a very high price.