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Q&A Video: Notebook HDD Upgrade/Installation

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EVE Online unleashes "Unholy Rage" on its user base

EVE Online's Unholy Rage EffectsFor the better part of 2009, we here at CCP have been formulating new strategies to address the issue that all persistent services on the Internet ultimately face, i.e. the data persisted in our systems has meaning to people and everything that has meaning has value. Frankly speaking this has been something that we have been strategizing about since 2004.

Bing vs. Google results compared in blind search test

With the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo, which sees Bing become the search solution for both companies, sights can now be set firmly on Google. But all the behind-the-scenes work counts for nothing if Google is quite simply a lot better at delivering results than Bing. But does it? A blind search should solve the riddle and settle the Bing vs. Google argument.

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Preview Guild Wars 2 Impressions

Fans of Guild Wars have been patiently waiting for a full-blown sequel to the free-to-subscribe massively-multiplayer online role playing game, and from what we saw in its debut trailer, it certainly looks worth the wait. Guild Wars 2 takes fans back to the fantasy world of Tyria and takes place 250 years after the events in Guild Wars, following the awakening of the powerful elder dragons, described by NCSoft as pure "engines of destruction" in the game. If that's not daunting enough, the dragons have also enslaved an undead army to help them in their quest to corrupt and consume Tyria.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online Screenshots

Prefer your characters to have spiky, yellow hair? Then check out the latest batch of Final Fantasy XIV Online screenshots:

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Starcraft II to take online game service into age of social networking

At Blizzcon, the company’s annual event for the Blizzard fans, the company did its best to explain that is undergoing a major overhaul. The service has 12 million members who play older games such as the original Starcraft and Diablo II on it. But it hasn’t been overhauled since 2003. That means it has to be remade for the age of social networking. The features behind the new explain why Blizzard is taking a long time with the new game. The original Starcraft launched in 1998 and it has sold more than 11 million copies.

Google Adds Option to Email Task List in Gmail

Today Google introduced a feature to Gmail, which allows users to email their task lists. This can be done by simply choosing the new "email task list" option found in the actions menu. When a user clicks on this option, Gmail will open a new compose window with the contents of your current task list. It works in each task list view - My Order, Sort by Date, and Completed.

The Strangest Things Pulled Out of Peat Bogs

A few thousand years ago, someone living in what is now Ireland made some butter, stuck it into an oak barrel, wandered out into a bog about 25 miles west of Dublin, and buried it. Somehow, that someone lost track of it, which two lucky archaeologists discovered when they dug up the stashed loot earlier this year in the Gilltown bog, between the Irish towns of Timahoe and Staplestown. But that wasn’t the first keg of butter that’s been preserved by the strange chemistry of the bog. Or the 10th.

Star Wars Force Trainer Already Shipping

On of the hottest toy trends for the upcoming Holiday shopping season will be brainwave toys. The Mattel Mindflex Game is as reported shipping on October 1st. Another Brainwave toy that got unveiled at the Toy Fair 2009 earlier this year is the cool Star Wars Force Trainer. The Star Wars Force Trainer offered by Uncle Milton Industries uses a headset that measures brainwave that get translated into a airstream produced by a fan inside the Force Trainer base.

World's Toughest Phone Goes On Sale

We dropped it, we dragged it behind a car, we even hammered nails with it. The Sonim XP3.20 Quest is the world's toughest phone. I'm very happy it say it's finally going on sale in the US today, at and at some Best Buy Mobile stores in the US.

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Gateway's CULV notebook shows in Canada

Canadians have been receiving an early North American look at the first 11.6-inch Acer and Gateway notebooks to use Intel's CULV platform thanks to a model that has been spotted this week by an Electronista tipster at Future Shop stores in the country. Known as the Gateway EC1803h, the PC seems to be a rebranding and mild respecification of the Acer Timeline 1810T (Aspire 1410 in the US) that isn't yet on sale in North America and shares much of its design language with Gateway's own LT3100.

Careful, this is not an MP3 player (it’s JT’s fragrance)

Consider this a PSA. The object above is not, I repeat, not an MP3 player. Oh no, it’s Justin Timberlake’s new men’s fragrance from Givenchy called Play. I just want to make sure everyone knows that so when you’re cruising through Sears or JCPennys, you don’t accidentally buy it. Because, well, chances are that if you read this blog, you probably aren’t the target market for JT’s fragrance.