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Scientists try to store porn for a million years

"Researchers are developing a technique for recording up to 360TB of data on a glass disk that should be readable in a million years. The move, which works a bit like Superman’s data crystal, will probably be used to make sure that you never lose that valuable porn collection."

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Remembering Computex 2013: The Booth Babes

"We wrapped up our Computex 2013 coverage last week, summarizing our meeting with 19 of the 33 companies we sat down with at the show. But booth babes never get old. So, here are some more fond memories to remember Taipei's most popular trade show by." ->Look Here<-

Man views porn using Safari, files lawsuit against Apple

"Sevier is seeking damages and injunctive relief against Apple because they make products that can display porn ("or as the rest of us call it, the Internet," AboveTheLaw notes). So Sevier legally requests that Apple enables a porn-filtering "safe mode" by default on its devices. His complaint notes that "If Apple agrees to sell its devices 'on safe mode' before trial, the Plaintiff will terminate this litigation."

Video Review #1483: SilverStone Milo ML04 HTPC Case

The SilverStone Milo ML04 HTPC Case might be entry level, but it's big on looks and has lots of features. It fits up to three 3.5" & five 2.5" drives, four optional 80mm fans can be installed, lockable front door & power button, LEDs have a dimmer, fits most audio/video setups and it's affordable. If you're on a budget and need an outstanding HTPC, this is a perfect option.

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Video Review #1482: Thermaltake Bahamut External Sound Card

The Thermaltake Bahamut External Sound Card is a perfect option if you have a laptop or an all-in-one computer with a poor sound card. It capable of 44.1/48KHZ sampling rates, 8/16-bit DAC, 5.1 channels, looks great with LEDs and is affordable.

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Video Review #1481: Tesoro Gungnir H5 Optical Gaming Mouse

The Tesoro Gungnir H5 Gaming Mouse has a 3,500 dpi optical sensor, 6400 FPS, 60 IPS, 20 G, 2mm lift off distance. LEDs, 7 programmable, and much more. So it's a very capable mouse that looks great and is affordable.

Video Review #1480: Ozone Oxygen In-Ear Pro Gaming Headset

The Ozone Oxygen Headset is a unique product in that they're in-ear. Most other pro gaming headsets are the traditional kind, which are much bulkier. So these are perfect for LAN parties or if you need something compact. Considering their size these offer excellent sound and a quality mic. Also, the overall build quality and design is excellent.

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Video Review #1479: Wicked Audio Evac Headphones

The Wicked Audio Evac Headphones have 40mm drivers, sensitivity is 103dB, frequency response is 20Hz-20,000Hz, impedance is 32 Ohms and they're available in white, green and black. These headphones are lightweight, compact, offer decent sound quality and are affordable.

Video Review #1478: Cooler Master Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse looks great, has LEDs, an Avago 9800 laser sensor capable of 100-8200 DPI, Omron micro switches, 8 programmable buttons, 128KB onboard memory, 1.8 meter braided cable and more. It's designed for a small to medium size hand, comfortable to hold and affordable.

Video Review #1477: Tesoro Shrike H2L Laser Gaming Mouse

The Tesoro Shrike H2L Laser Gaming Mouse looks amazing, has 5 Mapping/40 Macros/Game Script Setting, 8 buttons, adjustable weights, 128KB Memory, 5600 dpi laser sensor, Full Colors LED Illumination, 1000Hz Polling Rate and more. It's comfortable to hold for medium to large size hand, comes with rubber grips, braided cable and a gold plated USB connector.

Video Review #1476: Tesoro Durandal G1NL eSport Edition Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tesoro Durandal Ultimate G1NL LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has Cherry MX Key switches, 128KB onboard memory, 5 profiles keys, 50 programmable macro keys, backlight, 2 USB ports, mic/headphone jacks, wrist rest, anti-slip rubber feet and more. An outstanding keyboard!

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Video Review #1475: Noctua NH-U12S CPU Air Cooler

The Noctua NH-U12S CPU Air Cooler is one of the better smaller CPU coolers around. It has a copper baseplate, many copper heatpipes, lots aluminum fins and one large fan, but another can be added. Also, it's well constructed, they include full tube of thermal compound, low noise adapter & comes with a 6 year warranty.