Intel’s 6-Core Desktop Chip Pre-Order

Intel Corp.’s forthcoming six-core chip for desktops is now available for pre-order in at least one online store in Europe. The listing may point to availability of the Intel Core i7-980X chip code-named Gulftown in the short-term future.

At present Germany-based retailer Alternate is listing Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition microprocessors for sale at €1099 ($1501) for sale. The company even does not provide shipments dates, which, in fact, may point to intention to advertize itself for free, but not to offer exact products to end-users.

Panasonic Licenses exFAT from Microsoft.

Microsoft Corp. has entered into an intellectual property licensing agreement with Panasonic Corp. to provide it with access to Microsoft’s Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology, the latest generation of Microsoft’s file system. This will allow Panasonic to place large files onto flash or other storage.

exFAT is a modern file system improving on its predecessor, the FAT system, and greatly expands the size of files that flash memory devices can handle.

Intel Invests $3.5 Billion into U.S. Tech Companies.

Intel president and chief executive officer Paul Otellini on Tuesday announced a $3.5 billion initiative to support investment in U.S.-based growth-oriented industries and detailed a commitment to significantly increase jobs available this year for recent college graduates. Mr.

LCD Monitor Buyer’s Guide

"We all of us buy stuff. We buy this and that and we have to face the unavoidable problem of choice. We are offered various products with enticing labels and new-fangled technologies – sometimes lots of them in a single product – and the two opposing desires to get a good one and not to overpay are struggling in our heads.

This article is focused on the problem of choice of a computer monitor and consists of two parts. The first part covers the new trends that emerged or came to full force in 2009.

Nvidia Fermi Products Delayed Till Q2

Nvidia Corp. will finally start selling its highly-anticipated GeForce GTX 400-series graphics cards as well as other products based on the code-named Fermi architecture and GF100 (NV60, G300, GT300) graphics processing unit (GPU) in the first quarter of fiscal 2011, it looks like mass availability of appropriate products is only expected in Q2 of FY 2011.

“Q2 [of FY 2011] is going to be the quarter when Fermi is hitting the full stride.

AMD’s 12-Core Microprocessors Available

Oakville Mehlville Computers, a maker of custom servers and workstations from Missouri, has started to sell twelve-core AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors for servers at an Ebay auction. The chips are not officially launched yet, even though the processors do not look like engineering samples and may belong to the first mass-production batch of twelve-core chips.

The manufacturer of custom high-end machines sells a set of four AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors with 2.20GHz clock-speed, 12MB of unified level-three cache and 6MB level-two cache (512KB of cache per core). The central processing units code-named Magny-Cours have quad-channel PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333MHz) memory controller and are designed for socket G34 platform.

Pentium – Intel’s Most Popular Processor

Intel Corp. introduced the very first Pentium processor on the 22nd of March, 1993, almost seventeen years ago. Since then Intel has introduced Atom, Celeron and Core brands for desktop central processing units (CPUs); nevertheless, Pentium-branded chips are still the most popular microprocessors for desktops from Intel.

According to documents seen by X-bit labs, Intel Pentium-branded processors will account for roughly 42% - 43% of Intel’s desktop chips volume in 2010.

AMD: GPU to Accelerate Servers

The talks about graphics processors powering servers have been around for the last three years, but so far only a number of special-purpose supercomputers take advantage of graphics processing units (GPUs) and their extreme amount of cores.

ATI’s New-Generation GPU

Chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices said during a conference call with financial analysts that the company’s graphics division ATI was on-track to refresh its lineup of graphics cards in the second half of calendar 2010.

First Images of Nvidia GeForce “Fermi” Show Up

Nvidia Corp. has demonstrated one of the first products based on its newly-announced Fermi architecture. The first card, which pictures appeared on Japanese PC Watch web-site, based on the graphics processing unit (GPU) known as G300, GT300 or NV60 is apparently not a GeForce, but Tesla, which is designer for high-performance computing or simulation market.
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