Mass Availability of WD’s Solid-State Hybrid Drive Slips to 2014

"Western Digital announced its solid-state hybrid drives (SSHD), storage devices that combine high-speed NAND flash memory and high-capacity rotating media, last September, but since the products are still in development, they will likely miss window of opportunity this year and will only become available in new notebook PCs in 2014."

AMD: GPGPU Accelerators in CPU Sockets Make No Sense

"Advanced Micro Devices said that making special-purpose GPU-based accelerators compatible with CPU sockets makes no sense. The approach proposed by AMD is vastly different from the one that is allegedly offered by its arch-rival, Intel Corp., which recently demonstrated its Knights Corner accelerator in an LGA form-factor that is used for microprocessors.

Hybrid Drives Will Outlive Solid-State Drives - Seagate.

"Seagate, one of the world's largest maker of hard disk drives, said that solid-state drives (SSDs) will be survived by hybrid drives that feature both flash memory and traditional magnetic media. Moreover, according to Seagate, only a fraction of expensive computers feature SSDs." | more

Tessellation: The Best Line Between Points Is a Curve

"Evolution or revolution? Some say that hardware tessellation is just another PR technology that is not going to bring anything new to the table. Others are convinced that tessellation implementation is as much of a deal as an introduction of high dynamic range lighting.

Ready for Summer Heat: Liquid-Cooling Components from Swiftech

"When summer gets really hot, the problem of cooling arises before every computer user. The global warming and the incessant growth of heat dissipation of modern processors and graphics cards make this problem more and more acute. Surely, this is much more of a problem for computer enthusiasts who never run their hardware in its normal operation mode. Many of them don’t like the performance and noise even of the most expensive of air coolers. Some overclockers have already transitioned to liquid cooling systems and others are considering such a move.

System Worthy of a King

"System Worthy of a King: Four Radeon HD 5870, Three GeForce GTX 480 and Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 Super-Mainboard.

We are going to test four Radeon HD 5870 graphics cards in CrossFireX configuration and compare them to a 3-way SLI configuration of three GeForce GTX 480 cards using the newest super-expensive mainboard with seven PCI Express slots onboard, four of which work in 16x mode.

AMD Tapes Out First Bulldozer Microprocessors

Advanced Micro Devices, the world's second largest supplier of microprocessors, said that it had taped out the first central processing units (CPUs) based on the code-named Bulldozer core. The company hopes to begin sampling of the chips with customers shortly and initiate mass production sometimes in 2011.

ATI Radeon HD 6000 Will Be Announced

A senior marketing officer from Hightech Information System, a well-known add-in-card partner of ATI (graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices), said in an interview that the company expects its graphics chip partner to announce its next-generation Radeon HD 6000-series graphics processing units (GPUs) in Q4 2010.

Nokia Sues Apple for Patent Infringement Again

Nokia, the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, announced on Friday that it had filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin, alleging that Apple iPhone and iPad 3G products infringe five important Nokia patents.

AMD Ontario: Monolithic System-on-Chip

Advanced Micro Devices recently confirmed that it had received the first samples of its second Fusion design code-named Ontario that is aimed at netbooks, tablets and other low-power devices. But while AMD pins quite a lot of hopes onto Ontario, the company has so far been tight-lipped about its peculiarities, which seem to be pretty interesting.

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