1TB optical discs are coming, but you'll have to wait until 2015

"These days, I don't use optical discs - period. Nearly everything I use is online, or on my QNAP NAS - but that hasn't stopped the world of optical discs from moving forward. We're now staring down the barrel of 1TB of data on a single optical disc. Fujifilm have developed a new recording method which is reportedly capable of delivering up to 1TB per disc. This is done through 25GB per layer, which is the same amount of data a single-layer Blu-ray disc holds. But Fujifilm's new tech can cram in up to 20 layer of 25GB, amounting to 1TB in total.

ATI Catalyst 10.7 Windows 7 Driver Analysis

"The 29th of July, how scary is that? - One month already down into the second half of the year and what a start to the back end of the year it's been. Really, out of nowhere we've seen NVIDIA bounce back with a model that everyone wants to get their hands on and while ATI at the moment continue to hold the value for money cards, when it comes to the high budget folks it looks like NVIDIA may have taken it in the most important category, the $200 bracket.

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Preview

"With a company like Thermaltake we are used to seeing a unique take on things and normally at very affordable hits to our wallets. In our preview of their new cooler, the Jing, we are going to see yet another product from them that is both unique and budget friendly, but also accomplishes them with very little noise, hence the name of the cooler. For those not so brushed up on their Chinese to English translation, the word Jing means Silent. Along with this silence is the overall theme of being “green”.

Four-way GTX 480 pretesting with Liquid Nitrogen

"Epic.... That’s a word I’ll be using a lot over the next week.

ATI Radeon HD 5870 & 5970 with NVIDIA PhysX

"I look at the GTX 465 and see a real opportunity for NVIDIA to do something big; giving people the chance to use this card as a PhsyX card in ATI based systems would be a simply fantastic idea.

If you haven't heard already, the 257.15 Beta ForceWare driver set from NVIDIA accidently had the ability for ATI users to again use an NVIDIA card as a second to do PhysX. The whole ordeal created a bit of drama around the web; as soon as it was discovered by NVIDIA they yanked the driver and put another one up that disabled the ability.

Intel Core i7-875K (Socket 1156) Unlocked CPU

The Intel Core architecture is one that has not always been a performance leader. The original Core CPUs were decent, but not that great. Starting with the Conroe based Core 2, things changed. We saw Intel push the limits on performance at both stock speed and also for overclockers. With the launch of the Nehalem and Lynnfield CPUs we saw Intel greatly improve stock performance, but overclocking, while still pretty good, was not the same as it had been, especially for the top of the line CPUs.

Four-way Gaming Mouse Roundup

G9X, XAI, Abyssus and SideWinder X8

"CPU? Check. Memory, mainboard and video card? Check. Oh, I had better also budget for a quality PSU, case and a HDD large enough to last me a while before I can call it a system.

Crap, did I forget the monitor? Hrmm, I did. Well, ok, the budget can stretch a little bit more I suppose (don't look at me like that Mr. Power Bill, I'll get to you soon enough).

Where does AMD fit in today?

A few days after our review of the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, we received a call from AMD. The call was some commentary on the actual review (okay, really it was of complaints).


There is no doubt that the hottest solid state drives on the market right now are those that use the new SandForce SF-1200 controller. Back in January we were starting to get our first look at SandForce products and were even lead to believe those products were the real deal, retail ready, but those claims were later retracted. At the time it looked like SandForce SSDs were going to be faster than anything else on the market, but most attention and anticipation rested on a very well marketed controller from Marvell that Crucial later used in their RealSSD C300 line.

Thecus N4200 4-Bay NAS Server

"When Thecus asked me to take a look at their new N4200 small office NAS, I wasted no time agreeing to get the unit in for review. I had seen the press release and the email announcements and upon glancing over them could see right from the start that it was a little different than some of the other NAS appliances I reviewed in the past, but it was just another day at the office so to speak.

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