Corsair Launches 2625MHz DDR3

Corsair today announced the launch of Dominator® GT GTX6 DDR3 memory, an ultra-high-speed PC3-21000 single-rank 1GB DDR3 DIMM. These modules are among the fastest available in the world today, and are designed for CPU and memory benchmarking as well as for world record attempts.

ASUS Enables Worlds Highest Clocked Memory

Working together with leading accessory and memory manufacturer G.Skill, ASUS proves once more innovation and perfectionist persistence go a long way, this time helping deliver the fastest ever DDR3 memory.

AMD Phenom II X6 High Performance Cooling

CoolIT Systems announced today the full support of AMD’s new Phenom II X6 with the award-winning ECO ALC liquid cooling solution.  Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts on a budget can now combine the raw power of the Phenom II X6 with cutting-edge liquid cooling technology from CoolIT.

Transcend Solid State Drives Now Windows 7 Certified

Transcend Information today announced that all of its solid state drives (SSD) have passed Microsoft Windows 7 WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) testing. Now offering full compatibility with Windows 7, Transcend SSDs are performance-optimized data storage solutions for users of the Microsoft’s new operating system.

GIGABYTE Breaks 3DMark Vantage World Record

GIGABYTE today announces a world record P16877 3DMark Vantage score for a GeForce GTX 260 and an incredible GPU score of 15297 for the global launch of the GPU overclocking competition, Beat Me If You Dare. GIGABYTE’s in-house overclocking team presents an unrivaled GPU clock of 1100 MHz and memory clock of 1400 MHz. The scores have been posted on the Beat Me if You Dare event website and contestants around the world are invited to challenge GIGABYTE’s scores for cash and prizes.

AMD Announces Open Physics Standard

AMD and Pixelux Entertainment announced a joint development agreement that is part of the AMD effort to greatly expand the use of real-time physics with graphics through the open source Bullet Physics engine. By encouraging development of physics middleware built around OpenCL™ and Bullet Physics, AMD and Pixelux offer a route toward physics simulation that spans game consoles, PCs and other hardware platforms.

MSI N275GTX Lightning breaks 3DMark Vantage world records

During MSI-sponsored MOA 2009 overclocking event, 10 teams used MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card and Eclipse mainboard to achieve higher 3DMark Vantage P score than current P16923 world record of the flagship GeForce GTX 285. George Pavlidis and Stelaras from Greece even achieved an outstanding P18763 score, making the MSI N275GTX Lightning the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the world!

After the competition, when things quieted down, all of the contestants gave the N275GTX Lightning a great rating - especially the power supply design, thermal design, Military Class components, and overclocking capabilities. The contestants were able to run all the N275GTX Lightning at a stable -100°C and over 1GHz - the kind of performance usually only achieved by one in ten thousand cards!

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