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Would You Switch to Bing for $3 to a Good Cause?

"Google has become the standard search engine of choice around the world, but it's not the only one in the game. Microsoft's Bing is a fine alternative, but getting people to switch is hard. Would you switch your search engine if Microsoft were to donate $3 to schools in need?

Microsoft has created Search With Purpose, a page that will add Bing as a search provider in Firefox and IE (though the whole donation process will work with Chrome and Safari too) and send you a $3 donation code for you to enter in yourself.

Computex 2010: Day 3, Booth Babes

These booth babes can really work up a crowd when they take the stage. Guys are attracted for obvious reasons, while other girls (yes, other girls) are lured in by the prospect of freebies being given away randomly.

When you have a crowd competing over free giveaways, it can get messy. Our photographer was in fact clocked by an accidental uppercut. The punch was delivered by a girl who desperately lunged upwards to grab a freebie, thrown into the air towards an eager crowd by a nearby booth babe.

VIDEO: Windows Home Server ''Vail'' Beta

Microsoft today showed off a little sneak peek of the next version of Windows Home Server.

Codenamed Vail, Microsoft today showed off a little bit of Windows Home Server along with the announcement that the Beta version is now available for download.

Gaming Is Being Reborn on PC!

While speaking with Switched during SXSW in Austin, Lionhead Studios head-honcho Peter Molyneux said that games are virtually “being reborn" on the PC. The statement follows his claustrophobic-laced comment about developing games for consoles, saying the process initially gave him a sense of being imprisoned in a box.

BitDefender Takes Down Windows 64-bit

Users of BitDefender antivirus sortware for the 64-bit version of Windows have been encountering severe technical difficulties, as the security software is falsely identifying several Windows and BitDefender files as being infected with a Trojan.

BitDefender posted an update on its website acknowledging the flaw and offered resolution for users of its software.

LSI Sampling 1,500MB/s PCIe SSS Cards

LSI looks to provide fast data access for enterprise servers while keeping latency and CPU burdens low.

Zoom LSI announced on Thursday that it is currently sampling to OEMs a PCIe-based solid-state storage solution that has a bandwidth of 1,500 MB/s sustained sequential I/O and 1,200MB/s sustained random I/O, regardless of the read/write mix. Called the LSISSS6200 PCIe SSS, LSI is targeting enterprise servers that require fast data access.

DRM Damages a Game's Value

Those who have been keeping abreast on the events surrounding newly released Ubisoft games, such as Assassin's Creed II, know that the games are protected by a very controversial DRM that requires a constant connection to the internet.

We Didn't Bribe Anyone to Use PhysX

Nvidia fired back at AMD's earlier accusations that it was bribing developers to use its proprietary PhysX technology. Ashutosh Rege, the worldwide director of developer technology at Nvidia, said that the company does provide help to developers who want to implement physics into their games using Nvidia's middleware.

Windows 7 SP1 Release Pushed to Q4'10

Waiting for SP1 before jumping to Windows 7? It could still happen this year.

Now that Windows 7 has settled in inside consumer homes after the considerable marketing push from retail, attention is turning to Microsoft's next step in development – the first Service Pack.

Just to be extra safe, many IT professionals prefer to wait until at least the first Service Pack for a Windows version before implementing a new version of the OS into their departments. The reason is that the first massive wave of users will already have hit the OS to clear out any possible bugs and compatibility issues.

WD Launches SLC-based SSD

This SSD has the SLC for your serious needs.

In addition to Western Digitals launch of its consumer-oriented SiliconEdge Blue SSDs, the storage company yesterday also announced the solid-state solution for industrial uses.

WD calls it the SiliconDrive N1x, a 2.5-inch SSD that uses single-level cell (SLC) memory.

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