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Nanobots Communicate Through Bacteria

"Scientists just love E. coli, don't they? First, they have the little gut microbes solve a game of sudoku. Now, two researchers at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia want to use the little pathogenic packets for transmitting information between nanobots." | more

Guy Drops 100lbs After Seeing Himself on Google

"One such man horrified by his picture appearing on Street View was 56-year-old Bob Mewse. Bob saw his picture and was immediately embarrassed. No, Street View hadn't caught him falling asleep on the side of the road, or peeing against a wall, or with a woman who wasn't his wife. Mr. Mewse was horrified because he realised he'd gained a lot of weight. "I was horrified when I saw that photo. I was massive.

Samsung Shows Off Flexible AMOLED Display

"At FPD International 2010 this week, Samsung demoed a 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED display. SlashGear reports Samsung's display is possible because the company has developed a manufacturing process that allows the plastic substrate to withstand the 350-400 degree temperatures involved when assembling the various AMOLED layers." | more

Google TV Rumored for PS3, Hulu Plus Next Week

"Wednesday brought rumors that Google TV was heading to the PlayStation 3. The news arrived shortly after the disc-free version of Netflix became available for the Sony console and prior to Sony's confirmation that Hulu Plus was heading to all Sony devices, including the PlayStation 3." | more

Google Invested $3 Million in Cree LED Lightbulbs

"The one that's closest to being here today is a new LED lightbulb that features lighting technology created by Cree, and produces 450 lumens from a power draw of just 7 watts. It'll retail for $25 and be sold door-to-door through Kamen's FIRST youth program." | more

Woman Kills Child for Interrupting Farmville Game

"A woman from Jacksonville, Florida may face life in prison for killing her baby after his crying interrupted her Farmville gaming session..." | more

MySpace Gets Facelift, New Focus

"Wednesday MySpace finally bowed down to Facebook by officially re-branded itself and launching a new beta website focused on serving the "Gen Y" user as a social entertainment destination. Rather than provide a website for users to generate pages solely focused on themselves, MySpace now allows members to discover content and connect with other fans with similar interests based on music, celebrities, movies, television, and games." | more

NY Teachers Fired for Inappropriate Facebooking

"According to the New York Post the Department of Education in New York City has fired three teachers in the last six months for acting inappropriately towards students on Facebook. One teacher, former Bronx teacher, Chadwin Reynolds, is said to have "friended" about six female students. He wrote comments like, "This is sexy," under some of their photos and asked one girl for her phone number.

Microsoft DNS Hijacked by Spammers

"Late last week Ronald Guilmette, the managing member of network security software vendor Infinite Monkeys, told The Register that he discovered two hacked Microsoft servers handling the DNS of fraudulent websites--including,, and "at least" September 22. The hack was reportedly done by a notorious group of Russian criminals who have hijacked other machines across the globe." | more

Teen Jailed for Refusing to Give Up His Password

"Oliver Drage was arrested in May 2009 in Blackpool as part of a crackdown on child sexual exploitation. Police seized Drage's computer, but wasn't able to crack the encryption on the data stored on his drives. The Daily Mail characterizes Drage's 50-character encryption as "sophisticated," which probably isn't untrue given that UK authorities has still yet to crack his password after 17 months of trying." | more

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