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Bionic Eye Implant is World's Smallest Computer

Going bionic is usually depicted in media as haphazardly attaching an unwieldy piece of cyberpunk technology to your squishy bits. That might not be where the real world is headed, as University of Michigan researchers have come up with what's possibly the smallest computer ever built.

Teenage Boy Murders Mother Over PlayStation

"A tragic story hit the news today about a teenage boy who killed his mother after she took away his PlayStation. Last November, the day after Thanksgiving, Rashida Anderson and her son 16-year-old son Kendall had a 90-minute argument. Rashida took away his PlayStation as punishment. After his mother went to bed, Kendall paced for three hours in the South Philadelphia home before he decided to attack his mother in her sleep. He hit her with a claw hammer 20 times.

Catholic Church Approves iOS Confession App

"Next time the Catholic Guilt strikes, you can start the confession process on your iPhone. Senior officials in the Catholic Church have approved a $1.99 iPhone app aimed at helping Catholic users through confession. Approved by representatives in both the UK and the U.S., the app was developed with the help of several priests by a company in Indiana."

VIDEO: PlayStation Phone's 'Thumb Transplant' Ad

"We already know all about the PlayStation phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It’s a marriage of Android and gaming like we’ve never seen before, and judging by Sony’s first commercial for the device, they definitely had to do some tweaking to make it all possible.

Steam Rakes In Almost $1 Billion in 2010

"According to the firm, Steam alone had an estimated revenue of $970 million USD in 2010. Its biggest-selling game for the year was Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops for $98.2 million followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for $39.4 million. Its third largest selling game for the year was Valve's own Left 4 Dead 2 which raked in an impressive $36 million. Steam even took in an estimated $213 million in December alone, probably due to its crazy year-end holiday sale."

Boy Falls onto Train Tracks While Playing PSP

"A 10-year-old boy from Loreto, Milan, got a refresher class in ‘watching where you’re putting your feet 101’ when he accidentally stepped off a subway platform. Absorbed in his PSP game, the boy took one step too far past the yellow line and fell onto the tracks. Luckily for him, policeman Alessandro Micalizzi acted fast and hopped down onto the tracks to return him to safety before he suffered anything worse than a couple of bumps and bruises."

Internet Explorer 9 RC May Arrive in February

"Friday Microsoft reportedly sent out media invites for an Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) event taking place in San Francisco on February 10, indicating that the Release Candidate (RC) of IE9 has been delayed from its previously targeted January 28 launch. Although unconfirmed, the company is expected to reveal IE9 RC during the press event, sporting built-in support for GPUs, HTML 5 and a number of new enhancements including location privacy.

Feeling Emotional? Get an Emoticon Keypad

"If you find yourself constantly filling your emails, instant messages, and work memos with smiley faces :) You may enjoy one of these awesome emoticon keypads, developed by Lavatelli. One of the great features of this keypad, currently in its prototype stages, is that it will be full customizable allowing users to create their own favorite emoticon masterpieces.Although the two to three key strokes it takes to produce one emoticon may not be particularly taxing, Lavatelli's emoticon pad will be a great novelty gift.

The Self-Warming Jacket that Charges via USB

"This looks like a pretty normal Columbia jacket, right? You might even have one that looks just like it. Still, I bet your jacket doesn’t have a built-in battery pack that powers its handy-dandy self-heating feature. Rechargable via USB, the jacket was designed by a former Intel engineer and has a heat-conductive carbon fiber mesh running through it. That battery pack we mentioned earlier is good for five hours."

Sensitive Nanowire Skin Can Feel Your Touch

"If you prick it, does it bleed? Not really, but it'll definitely feel the sting. While advances in science and special effects have resulted in prosthetic limbs and latex masks that look realistic, there's always been the problem of simulating the sensitivity of skin. Well it looks like that little problem has just been solved, thanks to Ali Javey from University of California. The electrical engineering and computer science professor has developed a method for creating nanowire electronics that has as much sensors as you have nerve endings."

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