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This Reverse Printer Strips Ink From Your Papers

"In a concept that is sure to save trees as well as your precious money, designer Kim Su Yeon has created a printer that doesn't exactly perform the typical task you would expect of a regular printer. The Ink Remover Printer utilizes laser technology to burn the ink right off of paper, essentially becoming your own personal paper recyclers. This would allow you to use the same pieces of paper dozens of times, assuming the printer doesn't set it on fire."

$999,999 (Fake) Bid for an iPhone 4 Prototype

"An iPhone 4 prototype is already stuff of legend when one was acquired by Gizmodo and then taken apart for the world to see well before Apple's press event. Recently another one appeared on eBay, which quickly gathered enough attention for the bidding to quickly hit the six-figure range."

MySpace Sold for Just $35 Million to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake

"Once hugely popular, MySpace has been struggling to remain relevant for a long time. Sold to News Corp in 2005 for nearly $600 million dollars, the company's fall from grace has been slow but steady. A recent redesign attempted to revitalize the service but, for the most part, the company can't seem to regain its footing. Still, change could be on the horizon as the social network now has a new owner. Specific Media this week announced that it had purchased MySpace for just $35 million. MySpace's previous owner, News Corp, will hold onto a five percent stake in the company.

Report: MSFT Working on Free-to-Play for Xbox

"Microsoft is reportedly working on a microtransactions service that would allow users to play games for free while charging for additional features. According to Develop, Redmond is calling on developers to discuss possible free-to-play game deals. Under the free-to-play price structure, players can play the game for free and Microsoft will make its money from in game purchases of different objects or upgrades."

Lady Gaga is a Chrome User and YouTube Lover

"In the world of browsers, where they're all free, companies like Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have to find ways of differentiating their offerings. While each browser has its own unique features that attract different types of users, only one can stake claim to Lady Gaga. This is Lady Gaga using Chrome and YouTube to speak to her Little Monsters."

Sony Working to Improve PSN Infrastructure Following ''External Intrusion''

"Users of Sony’s PlayStation Network remain offline for the fifth day running as the company scrambles to strengthen its network infrastructure before switching PSN back on. By close of business on Friday, Sony had yet to offer any explanation as to why PSN was down. However, at around 7:30 p.m. the company updated to say that an ‘external intrusion’ on its system had affected PSN and Qriocity services and that these had been switched off on the evening of April 20 (last Wednesday) pending an investigation into the issue."

Epic: New Unreal Engine Warrants PS4, Xbox 720

"Mark Rein, Vice President at Epic has said that his company’s new DX11 Unreal Engine is a call for hardware developers to come out with next-generation consoles. Word on the street is that we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see the new Xbox 720 -- and the PS4? That’s not exactly set for a holiday release, either. However, it seems Epic is hoping its DirectX11 Unreal Engine demo will make console manufacturers want to pick up the pace.

10 Great Tech Pranks for April 1st

"April Fools’ means mischief. But what if you’re stuck in front of a computer all day? There are plenty of tech-centric pranks to pull on your coworkers or friends..."

Microsoft Confirms March 14 Release Date for IE9

"Microsoft Confirms March 14 Release Date for IE9 Last week there were rumors that Microsoft would release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 at the SXSW conference next Monday. When word got out that Microsoft had it's own SXSW IE party scheduled for March 14, people seemed even more sure of the date. Though the official theme of the party was "Celebrate the Beauty of the Web," it looks like Microsoft was actually hinting at something much more significant.

Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

"The Internet has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, again. ZoomLast year, to the surprise and ridicule of many, the internet was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It lost, however, to a Chinese human rights activist by the name of Liu Xiaobo. Considering the impact that the internet has on the world today, it's no surprise that it has been nominated once again. This year the internet received 241 nominations which beat last year's 237."

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