Breakthrough nanotape tech promises cooler chips

"A team of researchers comprised of members from the Semiconductor Research Corporation and Stanford University has developed a new thermal nanotape which it claims will lead to chips that run cooler and last longer. The thermal nanotape, constructed of binder materials surrounding carbon nanotubes, promises to lead to the creation of semiconductors - including CPUs and GPUs - that don't suffer from the rigours of frequent temperature changes, known as thermal cycling."

Android Trojan captures credit card details

"A team of security researchers has created a proof-of-concept Trojan for Android handsets that is capable of listening out for credit card numbers - typed or spoken - and relaying them back to the application's creator." | more

Over a third of the Internet is pornographic

Pornography makes up 37 per cent of the total number of Web pages online, according to a new study published by Optenet, a SaaS provider which delivers "on-premise" security. Yes, we think we spelled that right.

According to the report, which looked at a representative sample of around four million extracted URLs, adult content on the Internet increased by 17 per cent in the first quarter of 2010, as compared to the same period in 2009.

BIOS will be dead in three years

It's the one major part of the PC that's still reminiscent of the PC's primordial, text-based beginnings, but the familiarly-clunky BIOS could soon be on its deathbed, according to MSI. The motherboard maker says it's now making a big shift towards point and click UEFI systems, and it's all going to kick off at the end of this year.

Nvidia: Moore’s law will die without GPUs

Nvidia’s chief scientist, Bill Dally, has warned that the long-established Moore’s Law is in danger of joining phlogiston theory on the list of superseded laws, unless the CPU business embraces parallel processing on a much broader scale.

Sony being sued over Other OS removal

A Californian Playstation 3 user has filed a class action lawsuit against Sony over removal of the Install Other OS function.

Anthony Ventura filed the suit at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on April 27th.

The action - which is being fought by law firm Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton and Eberz - seeks to redress Sony's "intentional disablement of the valuable functionalities originally advertised as available with the Sony Playstation 3 video game console."

Brain training games don't train your brain

Millions of people who have been prodding away at their Nintendo DS portable consoles, smug in the knowledge that they are giving their brains a proper work-out, might have to rethink how they are going to stop the contents of their skulls turning into mush.

Game devs only use PhysX for the cash

As AMD announced the next step of its Open Physics Initiative today, the company also hit out at Nvidia’s PhysX technology, saying that most game developers only use it for the money.

Speaking to THINQ, AMD’s senior manager of developer relations, Richard Huddy, said: “What I’ve seen with physics, or PhysX rather, is that Nvidia create a marketing deal with a title, and then as part of that marketing deal, they have the right to go in and implement PhysX in the game.”  

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