Is Spell Check Making Us Stupid?

"Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow us a glimpse into people’s casual bad grammar and spelling habits. Despite having auto-spell checks, bad grammar and poor spelling are so prevalent in these casually-written social areas that most people don’t even notice – or don’t know any better. "

Seagate BlackArmor 500GB USB 3.0

"Today for review I’ve got another USB3.0 enabled product, this time it’s actually a kit from Seagate. This kit includes the new BlackArmor PS110 500gb 2.5” portable hard drive that is equipped with a 7200RPM drive inside and of course a USB 3.0 interface. The kit also includes a USB3.0 ExpressCard so you can have your laptop or netbook USB3.0 enabled. It’s a nice kit overall, it includes everything you need to add USB3.0 to your computer.

32Bit OS Shoot-Out

"So here I am a few months later back with what you could call part 2 of this comparison article. This one is truly all 32bit operating systems, yes I spent many hours installing and testing these operating systems to get a better idea of which really is the better choice. I used the exact same hard drive for each operating system to make sure it was truly comparable, fresh installs each time and of course it’s the exact same hardware for each as well.

Airlive WL-2000CAM Wireless IP Camera

"Today for review I’ve got a nifty little wireless IP camera from the folks at Airlive, it’s called the WL-2000CAM, no special name, none needed really. This camera is wireless and it offers many of the features you’d see in a higher end professional surveillance camera and even a bit more like the ability to see and talk to the person in front of the camera. So read on to learn more… "

Install Windows 7 on a Mac

So you picked up your shiny new copy of Microsoft’s latest OS offering – Windows 7 and want to install it on your (cue dramatic music)…….. Intel based Mac. Mac fans will view this as blasphemy and Windows lovers will probably ask; “why didn’t you get a PC if you wanted to run Windows”. Well there are numerous valid reasons for having Windows 7 installed on one’s Mac and today we will guide you through the set up.

Mionix Keid 20 Gaming Headset

"In the last week I’ve taken a look at regular headphones and earbuds, so today I have a gaming headset to round things off a bit. Mionix is a company based out of Sweden actually, and they’re trying to get into the market on this side of the ocean so they’re not very well known here. They do however make some pretty good products, I’ve got a couple of their mice and like them quite a bit, using one right now actually. They’ve recently released a gaming headset called the Keid 20 and that’s what I’ve got of review for you today.

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