The science of fanboyism

"We've all encountered them. They lurk in Internet message boards, comment threads, and chatrooms. Addressing anyone and everyone, they type up lengthy tirades with Cheeto-stained fingers, extolling the virtues of their product or brand of choice. They angrily accuse even the most impartial reviewers of taking handouts from reviled competitors of a beloved company, and they casually and systematically dismiss any evidence that might conflict with their worldview. They're known in our parlance as fanboys..."

RevoDrive Hybrid combines SSD, HDD on a single PCIe card

"Computex — With OCZ now out of the memory business, we weren't surprised to see the company's Computex showcase dominated by solid-state drives. However, we didn't expect to see a mechanical hard drive included in the mix. The 2.5" drive isn't made by OCZ, but it does ride shotgun on a new PCI Express x4 card dubbed the RevoDrive Hybrid."

Cyborg's Rat 7 Adjustable Gaming Mouse

"So, how much time do you spend with a mouse in hand? If you're a PC enthusiast, probably quite a lot—if not at work, then certainly at home. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mouse with a custom fit? That's what Cyborg Gaming, a subsidiary of Mad Catz, has created with its Rat 7 gaming rodent.

60GHz wireless PCIe

Exciting things are afoot in wireless networking. Based on the work of the WiGig Alliance (which we've already told you all about), Atheros and Wilocity plan to make devices that use 60GHz wireless technology not just for ultra-high-speed networking, but also for wireless PCI Express connectivity.

New Radeon HD 5670 in the works

AMD is on the verge of introducing a quicker version of its $99 Radeon HD 5670 based on different silicon, according to a report by Inpai. The Chinese website claims the new version will be out this month with 50% more stream processors and a slightly lower core clock speed than its predecessor.

EA shows trailer for new Medal of Honor game

Another war-themed first-person shooter series has traded the perennial World War II setting for a present-day one. Electronic Arts recently announced a new Medal of Honor game set in the ongoing Afghan war. A short teaser video showing a few brief action clips has now made its way onto the web:
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