Latest Mozilla Firefox browser offers glimpse of world without Flash

"Yet another service removing support for Adobe Flash after Mozilla began implementing a tool in its Firefox browser that allows sites to run Flash videos without the need for the plugin. Adobe Flash's days were already numbered before Shumway was included as a part of the latest Firefox nightly build and, although it currently only works for product tour videos on Windows and Mac OS X, there are plans to roll it out further in future.

10 tech demos that went horribly wrong

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Cloud computing is fundamentally disruptive

Google's president of enterprise Dave Girouard has described cloud computing as 'fundamentally disruptive' to how things are done.

Speaking at the Amosphere cloud computing event, Girouard said that the arrival of cloud based services and storage "pushes buttons on people almost more than any other technology transition in history."

"I'm not sure there's ever been one that has this amount of strident discussion and debate because it is so fundamentally disruptive to how things are done," said Girouard.

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