AMD throws down the GPU gauntlet with Radeon HD 6990M

"AMD has upped the stakes in the mobile GPU game for notebooks my tossing the new HD 6990M onto the market. The new mobile GPU is the fastest single mobile graphics processor in the world according to AMD. The 6990M was measures at 25% faster than other enthusiast level notebook GPUs according to AMD. The GPU also supports CrossFireX technology. The GPU also supports dual Graphics with a combination of multiple Radeon GPUs or a Radeon GPU and an AMD APU."

Razer Lachesis gaming mouse gets update

The Razer Lachesis mouse was first unveiled long ago and it was one of the better gaming mice to hit the market me thinks. I had one and spent many an hour playing games with it. Razer has unveiled an updated Lachesis gaming mouse this week.

lachesis sg


NVIDIA CUDA & PhysX VP jumps ship for AMD

It’s not uncommon at all in the technology industry for workers and executives to move from one firm within the industry to another that is a direct competitor. Typically we see this when companies start looking for engineers and other folks to help it better compete in the market. On occasion, we see executives leave and head to a competitor of their former employer.

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