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SilverStone Strider Platinum & Titanium series PSUs now come with a 5 year warranty worldwide

The Strider Platinum and Titanium series PSUs now come with a 5 year warranty worldwide. Before they came with a 3 year warranty which was a little short considering they are expensive top of the line products. This is great news as many high-end PSUs from other companies and offering a long warranty. These PSUs are now on par with other top notch PSUs on the market both in performance, features and warranty.

SilverStone HDDBoost

"HDDBOOST is a unique product that combines the best qualities of traditional hard drive and solid state disk (SSD) into one virtual super storage solution. Depending on the speed of the SSD added, the HDDBOOST can increase the performance of an existing host hard drive up to 70%(*)! This speed increase is very noticeable and significant for any PC users that have not experienced using SSD drives before.

SilverStone announces ultimate HTPC surround sound combo!

October 29, 2009 [Taipei, Taiwan] SilverStone Technology, one of the premier companies in computer chassis design, in collaboration with ASUSTek

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