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L4D 2: PAX Interview

Along with many Shackers, the staff here has been hoping for a theme park campaign for some time. In fact, we even asked Valve writer Chet Faliszek about it at E3. "Are you guys taking pictures from our office or something?" he said in response, laughing. "Um...

Microsoft Forces Valve to Price Left 4 Dead DLC on 360

The decision to charge for the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming "Crash Course" Left 4 Dead DLC was ultimately made by Microsoft, according to Valve's Chet Faliszek. "We own our platform, Steam. Microsoft owns their platform. They wanted to make sure there's an economy of value there," said Faliszek to Eurogamer. The first content release for Left 4 Dead, which included a new Survival mode and extra Versus maps, was free on both platforms.

Halo 3: ODST Live Action Trailer "We Are ODST"

With less than a month to go before Halo 3: ODST hits retailers, Microsoft is stepping up the marketing campaign for the Xbox 360-exclusive shooter with this live-action spot. Due September 22, Bungie's standalone prequel includes an all new campaign, every Halo 3 multiplayer map (plus three new ones) and beta access to Halo Reach.

Left 4 Dead 2 Screenshots Star Zombie Clown

With PAX 09 in full swing, Valve has issued new screenshots and artwork from Left 4 Dead 2, showing off more of the zombie shooter sequel's "Dark Carnival" campaign. Also provided was our first look at the new "Jockey" Boss monster, with Valve explaining that it "lets you attack lone Survivors and wrestle control of their movement away from them-into fire, off ledges, or straight into the middle of a zombie horde." Packing "20-plus new items" and five new campaigns, Left 4 Dead 2 hits PC and Xbox 360 on November 17. In keeping with recent retail trends, Valve noted that some of those new items are "being offered as a pre-sell exclusive with select retailers" and listed the "electric guitar, machete, and the American baseball bat" as examples.

Sony Planning PS3 Reality Show, Winner Becomes Game Tester

Sony has begun casting for a new reality show series to air exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Contestants on the show will compete to earn a job as a Sony game tester. You can't make this stuff up. Dubbed "The Tester," the show will see a group of gamers competing in "a series of elimination challenges designed to test their mental prowess, dexterity, and video game knowledge and compete to win a gamer's ultimate dream job--an official PlayStation game tester." The series, developed by "Rock of Love" and "Flavor of Love" producer 51 Minds, will air this winter. The official website is now accepting applications. But first, you may want to watch the follow video, and ask yourself: "Are you a gamer? Are you the BEST?"

World of Warcraft Launches Paid Faction Changes

No longer will the choice between Horde and Alliance be so daunting, as Blizzard today launched a service to let World of Warcraft players change their character's faction. "Each Faction Change costs $30.00 USD (not including applicable taxes)," the company explained in an FAQ.

Hans Zimmer Composing Modern Warfare 2 Score

Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer has been tapped to provide the score for Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2, Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Zimmer is known for his work on such films as The Dark Knight, Gladiator, The Rock, and Cool Runnings. Since that news is fairly low-key, let's spice this post up with some leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage from a recent GameCrazy conference:

Steam Weekend Deal Slashes THQ Collector's Pack

This week's Steam weekend sale sees the THQ Collector's pack discounted, while being simultaneously bolstered by the addition of Dawn of War II. The pack, which includes 13 THQ games, is on sale for 25% off the usual $100--in other words, $75 total. For just over the price of a console game--or Modern Warfare 2, that is--you'll be playing Company of Heroes, Titan Quest, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Full Spectrum Warrior, and plenty of Warhammer RTS goodness.

Blizzard Plans Region Edits for Diablo 3

Anyone that's seen Diablo III footage knows that Blizzard's putting a little blood in the action-RPG sequel. All of that viscera will likely lead Blizzard to edit the game for certain international regions, according to lead designer Jay Wilson. "Definitely for regions like Germany and Australia, we will have to change blood if we're going to sell there," said Wilson to Wired. "And that's fine.

Mass Effect DLC Arrives on PC

The new "Pinnacle Station" DLC for Mass Effect is now available for owners of the PC version. Interested parties can head to the EA Store, which is selling the DLC for $5. Players must achieve Spectre status in order to play through the 13 missions of combat.

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